College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

lMatt Hagy Speech 1 Every year people scream and complain that college athletes should be “compensated” for their work on the field.

We hear that because college athletes generate money to the university they should get money back. Maybe we should pay high school athletes too, they generate money. College athletes in major universities don’t pay for transportation, tuition or team facilities. On top of a free ride the school should pay them as well? Not a chance. I have some very good reasons why college athletes should not be paid.One of the big reasons why money should not be thrown around at the college level is the impending contract disputes that would go down.

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Football fans think 30 year old NFL players complain a lot? Well they haven’t seen anything yet. Signing bonuses, multi-year deals and salary would be a never ending settlement. Imagine a player not being able to leave college because it’s in his contract? The controversy surrounding 18-22 year olds with contracts and performance would be a game in itself. Seeing a college athlete hold out and not play for his school because of money?No integrity would even be seen. Paying college athletes would also send out a bad message to the growing young athletes out there. I mean is this really what we want elementary and middle school students to see? As soon as they see this they will be demanding pay at the high-school level. The message College Sports would be sending is “its ok to hold out for more money and it’s ok to only pay some athletes but not others.

” Every kid will grow up wanting to join the football team just regardless of talent.The argument we hear constantly is “College athletes should be paid because they generate money for their schools” If that’s the case, then high school athletes should be paid. Now let me just say now and clarify, I don’t believe high school athletes should be paid, I’m just debunking their theory.

There’s thousands of high schools that depend on the athletic program to keep afloat. And the athletes that play these sports in high school generate the revenue to keep these programs functional. If college football (legally) paid their athletes it wouldn’t last.

The recruiting process that has been around since college football was created would be no more. It would result in one dominant conference for each sport and about two hand fulls of dominant teams. The smaller schools in smaller markets would not be able to compete with the big universities resulting in loss of programs for many schools. The smaller conferences would be at a bigger disadvantage than they already are from the power conferences. Most “pay college athletes” groups favor paying Division one athletes. Why not pay division two and three athletes?Why should the one kid getting more money because he plays at West Virginia get more money than a kid playing at Cal U? How about female athletes? Do they get paid as well? How about community college athletes? You can’t pay some but not all, that would be hypocritical. All of those groups generate revenue and just because a different number is next to Division should not change anything.

This is not what playing college sports is about. College is a provided service by each state. College athletes are not professionals and therefore should not be paid. The purpose of going to college is to get the training so you can use it later.That’s what the NCAA provides. Athletes play at the college level and they further use that experience at the professional level where they will be paid, like others. Plus if these players are getting paid and know they want to move on to a higher level of play they will not attend class which I mean come on is the most important aspect of college, academics. Plenty of college students nationwide are not paid for their contribution every day.

The biggest example being internships. Many others must first start off as a non- paid employee to jump start their career.Why should we make exceptions for athletes? And for the record I’m no economist, but it’s pretty much common sense if college athletes get paid costs will go up.

Football players will be paid the most obviously because of popularity. The question then would be, how much? If you’re a college student going to a major university and you’re not an athlete, odds are tuition is going to go through the roof which is not fair to everyone else attending the university. This next reason is easily the biggest dilemma of all and would bring many college protests if college athletes get paid.If the football team gets paid, why not the tennis team or the volleyball team? How about the basketball teams? Their athletes too right? What about the golf players, their all there on athletic scholarship. How about the rugby team as well.? And who could forget about the rowing team? They all work just as hard as everyone else. It would never end because you’ve opened the pandoras box of college sports. Once you pay one athletic program, you would have to pay every program.

Finally why college athletes should not get paid is because well they already do!Major colleges provide the best services to their “student athletes” As athletes they are not held to the same standard as other students. The biggest universities give the athletes the best gyms to workout in, free health insurance for injuries, transportation, food, equipment and most importantly free tuition. That in itself is a payment for three to four years. . When added up, these amenities and luxuries equate to more than $100,000, which is way above an average American’s yearly income — currently less than $60,000 a year. Would college athletes rather not be provided with such great services and be paid a salary? I think not.


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