College Graduation Requirements Sample Essay

Colleges should non necessitate pupils to make 16 hours of community service in order to graduate because most pupils have full clip occupations. households. and they already put so much academic work in for graduation. Harmonizing to a survey done by American Psychological Society it states that pupils who are forced to volunteer will likely be put off from volunteering later in life. ( World Wide Web. calstate. edu ) This shows that being required to make community service may non ever profit.

First. most pupils have full clip occupations to pay for their instruction. It is difficult for them to schedule work around their school agenda. They have to be able to run into all their occupation demands and assignments and happen clip to go to categories. Some pupils have occupations that may hold unexpected meetings or deadlines. They so have to do work responsibilities fit into their school agendas because without a occupation paying for it they can non travel attend school.

Second. holding a household is a full clip occupation in itself. If the pupils are married with kids so they have a batch more duties other than school. They have to be given to their household foremost and school last. They have to happen clip for household assemblages and activities. Furthermore. all pupils have housework responsibilities irrespective if they are married or individual. whether it is laundry or dishes.

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Finally. pupils already put so much work in for graduation. They did all the pre-recs for the grade they are traveling for. They put away so much clip and attempt into analyzing and go throughing the categories that should be plentifulness for graduation non more work and attempt. Most categories require pupils to hold a B or higher in order to go through the category. Therefore. in order to accomplish a B or higher they have to set forth a batch of clip and attempt to successfully go through the categories.

In decision. if Colleges did non necessitate pupils to take part in a community service plan for graduation they would hold more clip for work. household. and academic surveies. On the other manus. some colleges believe pupils benefit more from these services. Furthermore. traveling to college is by pick so making community service should be by pick and non required.


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