COM 510 Final Project 2

COM 510 Final Project 2, Milestone One
Building a website is costly and time consuming as the average cost for building a professional website start between $300 – $1,000 a charge which involve the customization of templates only. Such charge depends on what the customer wants to be added to his site. A professional design ranges between a minimum of $5,000 to over $15,000 for a fully customized website. I have chosen to build my website and used a company name which was created by me. My purpose for selecting website builder, was the easy to manipulate templates. This will save an individual time in putting a basic website together without having to code everything in. It is beneficial especially to anyone who is new to building a website. Also cost effective as compared to other sites and has a minimum monthly subscription of $9.00 for a basic site including the option to upgrade. There are other website builders out there too, but it is my firm belief looking at the various navigational buttons and templates available, this should be my preferment. The site also allows you to insert videos backgrounds and the options to style or customize your chosen design is just fabulous. is also compose of design assistant whereas, there are none in GoDaddy, IM Creator, Jimdo and the rest. It has the flexibility, mobile editor and is the 2018 best web builder site by experts among other things. It however, don’t allow you to export your site and don’t provide email service to you. It is a cloud-based site builder and is edible with the drag and drop option. It’s plan ranges from $9.16 for the Connect Domain plan. Combo plan cost around $14.95 a month which include a free domain name. Ecommerce plan cost around $ 26.25 per month also. Given the above prices for building a website, it is preferable to start out with a personal site which can later be upgraded and developed into a professional one depending on my situation.


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