Come to Arrowhead Valley Essay

Looking for speed, excitement and adventure. Then Arrowhead Valley is your destination. There, you will embark on the most exciting journey you have ever imagined.

You will discover the mysteries of Imperial Japan, win the respect of the Wild West, explore the jungles of Amnesia and travel through exotic Africa. How often have you wished for an adventure like this?Few adventures are as action-packed as the ones you will experience on our rides. Challenges like Death Valley, the freefall of Dominator or the speed of The Beast are world-famous rides that are not to be missed. Experience the greatest acceleration in the world of Death Valley. Drag yourself to travel through the 8 loops of the legendary rollercoaster known as The Beast. After having fallen from a height of 100m, nothing will ever be the same for you by experiencing Dominator.

But don’t worry. You’re sure to find rides you love even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie. There is even a kid’s section which includes a mini water park with lots of fun-filled action.

With over 30 rides for both adults and kids, you’re sure not to miss out. Whoever you are, whatever your age and whoever you have come with, it is an experience you will remember for a long time.The shows at Arrowhead Valley Park are the most entertaining way of emerging yourself in the cultures that are represented by each of the lands. Theatre, music, dance, acrobatics, performances and all kinds of amazing feats await you and invite you to mingle with people, get to know their customs, take part in their celebrations and of course, enjoy a host of unforgettable moments. Stunning choreography and acrobatics in the land of Japan.

African dancers offer a traditional dance to invoke the Gods. These are just a few examples of the shows that we have to offer.The restaurants at Arrowhead Valley Park offer unbeatable taste and variety.

A great atmosphere, friendly service and a wide range of food and wine. Its not just about grabbing a quick bite: eating at the park is a delicious way of discovering traditional tastes from across the four lands. Wild West style grills and other tempting dishes, an all you can eat buffet and a taste of Africa are just some of the mouth watering restaurants that we have in our park.Just to make sure you don’t forget anything, why not take your adventures home with you? Choose from photos, clothing, arts and crafts, Japan goods, toys, food and articles from across the four different lands. With so much on offer, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. We bet you’ll never want to forget the face you made when you went on Death Valley or the time you went on The Beast. We’re sure you have a favourite ride, one you always want to go on again. Why not pick up a souvenir to remind you.

Make the most of your time in the Park to do some shopping and pick up some essential fashion items. Buy what you need and treat yourself to something you love. The temptation is all around.Some days at Arrowhead Valley are different on some days. During the year you will discover how Arrowhead Valley changes completely to offer you new adventures inspired by significant dates. At Halloween, you will experience real terror until late in the night.

Terror lurks in every part of Arrowhead Valley, giving you disturbing sensations. Come in October or November and stay until dawn. You will discover the true sense of fear in a highly unusual park. At Christmas the whole park is filled with ornaments and surprises. Christmas fills Arrowhead Valley with happiness. Snow covers the rooftops and joy is felt by old and young alike. Come from November to January to celebrate the most special season of the year with us. Be sure to come again.

You will find there is always a lot to discover at Arrowhead Valley.At Arrowhead Valley Park we are all ready to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Not like in any other parks where the staff are quite poor and not bothered, our staff are quite friendly and efficient providing effective services for your needs. If anything misfortunate was to happen like getting lost, there is an information centre where you can go, where our staff will make an announcement which can be heard all around the park. And like any other amusement park there are toilets all around the park.

We also have public telephones stationed in the four themed areas, at the entrance to almost all the toilets, which I don’t think most parks have.You can experience all of this for an unbelievable price which is worth it if you are looking for a thrill-seeking adventure. The prices are as follows: Adult (16-59)-�16; Junior (4-15) and Senior (Over 60)-�10; Children (0-3)-Free.Our park is very unique and is better than any other parks.

We have the whole works. Nice shops, greater rides and thrills, mouth watering restaurants, shows based on the four lands and we even have special events. The theme and landscape at the park is exceptional.

No other amusement parks even compare or come close. So why don’t you come on down to Arrowhead Valley. Its tons of fun and great for the whole family. But don’t worry.You’re sure to find rides you love at PortAventura Park even if you are not an adrenaline junkie.

Whoever you are, whatever your age and whoever you have come with, it is an experience you will remember for a long time.Here, you will embark on the most exciting journey you have ever imagined.Here, you will embark on the most exciting journey you have ever imagined.


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