Comment on how the data shown for Lincolnshire indicates a need for regeneration Essay

The data shown for Lincolnshire indicates that there is a need for regeneration. Firstly, Lincolnshire has the second fewest number of people who are employed out of the six counties at 247 people. It also has the high number of people who are self-employed at 12.3%.

This suggests that Lincolnshire few job available, which then forces people to become self-employed if they are unable to find a job working for a company. Furthermore, it only has 332 people who pay tax, which makes it the joint-second county who have the least number of tax payers. This suggests that the people who are employed either work part time, or earn a low wage making them escape the tax bands.Furthermore, the size of Lincolnshire’s industry and its growth rate indicate that it needs regenerating. From data collected in 2002, I have found that Lincolnshire has a large scale industry in agriculture, construction, hotels ; restaurants, public admin and wholesale ; retail and health and social work, but has a small scale in financial intermediation, real estate business, mining ; quarrying and manufacturing. It also has no industry that is growing at what is considered a ‘fast’ rate. This suggests to me that Lincolnshire is in need of regeneration, as it has a large primary industry but has a smaller secondary.

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When looking at the qualifications of people in Lincolnshire from the 2001 census, 32.8% of people out of 100 have no qualifications. This could be a reason why there is a low amount of people who are employed, as they may not have the necessary qualifications or skills required for certain jobs. Therefore, it would appear that Lincolnshire needs regenerating in order to attract more businesses and job opportunities for those unemployed.

It would also be beneficial to those without qualifications for Lincolnshire to widen job opportunities, for those with skills and for those without.Additionally, from the population pyramid for East Lindsey in Figure 10, we can see that there is a large amount of people in this area over the age of 50-70 and a fewer amount of people who are around the ages of 20 – 45. This indicates that Easy Lindsey attracts more mature, older people and doesn’t really appeal to younger people who probably move out of the area once they leave home. This suggests that this area in particular definitely needs regenerating so it appeals to a variety of age groups, not just older people.


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