Communicating Distant Romance: Long Distance Relationships Sample Essay

The universe has changed a great trade over the past 30 old ages. Lifes based on a comfy place in the suburbs. a station waggon. three childs. and 30 old ages of occupation security with one employer have become memories. ( 1 ) Even the manner we view relationships has changed significantly.

Today more people are taking to be in a long distance relationship than of all time before. In a survey late performed by the University of North Carolina. it was shown that there are presently over 85 million people in the U. S entirely are take parting in a long distance relationship ( 1 ) . Sing these statistics. it is sensible to reason that a important figure of people are engaged in some signifier of long distance relationship and/or correspondence. and that the figure will go on to mount. It is for these grounds that I believe that although long distance relationships can show many challenges.

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effectual communicating can assist keep a romantic. long distance relationship.All relationships have challenges and troubles ; nevertheless. long distance relationships frequently present extra 1s. Some complications might include: solitariness. green-eyed monster and insecurity. However. with effectual communicating schemes these jobs can be avoided.

In this paper. I will analyze the types of communicating schemes that can be used in a long distance relationship. In add-on. I will discourse my ain personal experiences and how I applied these communicating techniques to my ain long distance relationship.

It is non uncommon for persons who are no longer populating near the 1s that they love to experience lonely. In a survey conducted in 2003 by Dr. Rebecca Adams.

53 % of college pupils in long distance relationships reported that the biggest challenge with a long distance relationship is being apart from their loved one ( 1 ) . These feelings of solitariness can do the person to withdrawal from his or her equals. They might see a more darkened mentality on life. and can go down as a consequence.I have experienced what it is like to be in a long distance relationship and to fight with the challenges that come with it. Last twelvemonth I entered such a relationship with a adult female named Jocelyn.

Before go forthing for college. Jocelyn and I would pass about every weekend together. However. since go forthing for college we are no longer able to see each other as frequently.

The passage from seeing each other every weekend to seeing each other really seldom has been hard. And although it has gotten better. there are times when I can’t aid but experience lonely as a consequence of life far off from the miss that I love. During these minutes when I feel lonely. I will go down and pessimistic. My mentality on life will go more negative. and my overall personality will go darker. It is during these minutes when I will inquire if traveling to college is truly deserving the unhappiness and solitariness that I endure as a consequence of populating off from my girlfriend.

My roomies are in the same state of affairs as I. and have experienced feelings similar to my ain. For illustration. Ken has been in a relationship with this one adult female for two old ages.

and holding to be in a long distance relationship has been really hard for him. He frequently talks to me about how he will sometimes experience down and lonely as a consequence of being off from her. He besides tells me that when he becomes lonely. he loses involvement in the things that he usually enjoys.

In add-on. he will go quiet and less cheerful.There are many types of communicating techniques that can be used in order to assist those in such a state of affairs. In my experience I have found that speaking to my spouse about how I feel over the phone can do a immense difference in how I feel. Whenever I am lonely.

I will name Jocelyn and speak to her about those feelings. By speaking to Jocelyn on the phone I feel nearer to her. Together. Jocelyn and I would promote each other to non experience sad. We will besides offer advice and emotional support to each other.Similar techniques have been used by other college pupils in similar state of affairss.

In the book “Love Online: Emotions on the Internet” Aaron Ben-Ze’ev interviewed several college pupils who were presently in long distance relationships ( 2 ) . The pupils were asked to discourse schemes that they use to get by with feelings of solitariness and unhappiness. Two of the pupils described how they would compose letters to their fellows back place. They explained that by composing and having letters. they felt less lonely.

Other schemes that were mentioned were speaking on the phone. e-mailing. and even directing and having images ( 2 ) .Although it can be hard.

feelings of solitariness in a long distance relationship can be avoided with the usage of effectual communicating schemes. And for those who do take to utilize these types of communicating schemes. it’s of import remember that they can merely be effectual if both persons in the party are honorable and unfastened with their feelings while pass oning.

An illustration of this is my ain long distance relationship with Jocelyn. When of all time I feel lonely. I will name Jocelyn and state her how I feel.

During these conversations. I try to be honest without keeping anything back. By making this I am able to non merely assist my ego. but our relationship every bit good.

In add-on to loneliness. many people have reported that the biggest challenge that they have encountered while being in a long distance relationship is happening ways to maintain the relationship fresh and exciting during the long periods when they are unable to be with their spouse. Often times the deficiency of freshness and freshness can do a relationship to go stale and tired.

This can take to a phase known as stagnancy which can subsequently ensue in expiration ( 8 ) . It has been estimated that five in 10 long distance relationships end as a consequence of stagnancy ( 4 ) .Stagnation is a job that can happen in any type of relationship. However.

it is more ambitious to work out this job when it occurs in a long distance relationship so any other type of relationship. Those in long distance relationships are really limited to what they can make to work out this job. However. if stagnancy was to happen in a traditional relationship. the twosome could work out this job by making new things together or adding new signifiers of physical familiarity or love affair to the relationship. So although stagnancy can happen in any relationship. it is more ambitious to work out if it occurs in a long distance relationship so a traditional 1.There was a period in my relationship with Jocelyn when it felt as if we had lost a batch of the exhilaration that we foremost felt when we started traveling out.

At first it wasn’t a really large trade. However. over clip our relationship began to experience humdrum and stale. I guess you could state that we had entered that phase in our relationship that is sometimes referred to as the “old married couple” phase. Finally it got to the point where our relationship seemed to be a hollow shell of its former ego.

We would hold the same conversation each twenty-four hours. and follow the same modus operandis without any sense of joy or freshness. For me this was a really frustrating clip in our relationship. I wanted to make something to convey the flicker back. but I had no thought how to accomplish this.This is non an uncommon job for those in long distance relationships.

However. like most things this excessively can be fixed or avoided by utilizing effectual communicating techniques. In my state of affairs I found that the most effectual manner of conveying back the exhilaration was naming my girlfriend at times when I usually didn’t. Normally I would name my girlfriend everyday at 8 autopsy.

Overtime this became a small dull. So alternatively of naming her at 8 autopsy everyday. I would name her at different times of the eventide. So on Monday I might name her at around 6:30 PM. and so on Tuesday I might name her at 8:30 at dark. By making this. I was able to convey some spontaneousness to the times that I called her.

Another alteration that we made to our relationship was the manner that we spoke to each other on the phone when we talked. In the past whenever Jocelyn or I would name each other. we ended up inquiring each other the same inquiries such as. “how are you? ” . “how was your twenty-four hours? ” .

and “what are your programs for this eventide? ” After a twelvemonth of inquiring these same inquiries twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. it became really dull and deadening. So I began stating different things to her whenever I called. I might state something such as “hey sweetheart. what are you believing about? ” or “did you see that film that was being played on Television last dark? ”There are many other types of communicating schemes or alterations that can be performed to assist convey back the exhilaration in a long distance relationship. One scheme that has been found to be really effectual is composing love letters to your spouse ( 4 ) .

Love letters can pass on romantic feelings to your spouse and can add familiarity and love affair to your relationship ( 4 ) . Other communicating schemes include adding revelation to your conversations. and chat uping with your spouse when you communicate with them.

An illustration of this is a conversation that I had the other hebdomad with Jocelyn. During that conversation I told her that my grandma passed off a few yearss ago. After I told her this. we talked about our households and the troubles of losing a loved one.

In this illustration. I began the conversation by stating Jocelyn that my grandma passed off. This type of revelation is called factual revelation ( 10 ) . By making this I was able to do the conversation personal and meaningful.The 3rd most frequent job that arises in a long distance relationship is the challenge of keeping your degree of trust in your spouse. In a study posted online on my web site.

76 % of college pupils reported that one of the most ambitious facets of a long distance relationship is keeping a degree of trust ( 9 ) .Although trust has ne’er been an issue in my relationship with Jocelyn. I have known others who have had this challenge arise in their ain relationships. An illustration is my friend Kimberly. Kimberly has been in a long distance relationship with her fellow for about a twelvemonth. and although they have a great relationship. there are times when Kimberly will hold trouble swearing him. An illustration of this would be if Kimberly’s boyfriend tells her that he will non be able to name because he is traveling to a friend’s house.

Alternatively of swearing that he is being honest. Kimberly will surmise that he is lying to her. This deficiency of trust is frequently the cause of many battles between Kimberly and her fellow.However.

this excessively can be avoided with the usage of effectual communicating schemes. When Kimberly asked me to assist her larn how to swear. I told her that there were three really of import things that she and her fellow needed to make in order to better the degree of trust in their relationship. I explained to Kim that the first thing that she and her fellow demand to be making is excessively keep each other informed of the friendly relationships they have with other people and the events that take topographic point in their personal lives. I explained that by making this. you are maintaining each other involved in what happens in your life.

and leaves really small room for paranoia in the relationship.I so told her that the 2nd type of communicating scheme is to discourse your feelings with your spouse before going leery and acquiring disquieted. Often times what happens is that people will go disquieted with the other individual without taking the clip hear the other person’s side of the narrative ( 5 ) . In Kimberly’s instance. she would go leery of her fellow.

and impeaching him of something before discoursing her feelings with him foremost. I told her that unless she discussed her feelings with her fellow. she was puting her ego up to acquire into a struggle with him.I so told her that the 3rd communicating scheme that she should be utilizing is effectual listening accomplishments. I pointed out that the ground why she might hold problem swearing what he says is because she doesn’t use effectual hearing accomplishments. Whenever her fellow references that he is traveling someplace. she won’t inquire any inquiries about where he is traveling or when he will be coming home. As a consequence.

she is left inquiring where he is traveling and when he will be back. Without cognizing where this information. there is room for intuition. I suggested to Kim that she should be inquiring more inquiries during their conversation. By making this she can derive information and won’t be left inquiring what he is making.

I besides told her that the types of inquiries that she asked are merely as of import. I suggested that she should likely be inquiring sincere inquiries. such as “where will you be traveling? ” and “when will you be coming back? ” . These types of inquiries are meant to derive information. non direct a message ( 8 ) .The following twenty-four hours I listened to Kim talk to her fellow on the phone. As I listened to their conversation.

I heard Kim use the three communicating schemes that we had discussed the twenty-four hours before. Alternatively of going angry with her fellow. Kim calmly asked her fellow where he went the other twenty-four hours. Her fellow explained that he had gone over to his friend’s house that twenty-four hours. I expected Kim to impeach him of lying ; nevertheless Kim merely smiled and made a friendly remark. She so told her fellow that she would wish to acquire to cognize his friends better. and asked courteously if she could chew the fat with them online.

Kim’s fellow said that would be all right and gave her the electronic mail references of his friends.Merely the other dark I received a call from Kim. It had been a month since we last spoke and I was eager to hear how things were traveling with her relationship. Kim informed me that her relationship is making really good. She thanked me for stating her about the three effectual communicating schemes. She explained that since larning about the communicating schemes. she no longer argues with her fellow. I smiled when she said this.

because I knew that it wasn’t I who helped salvage her relationship. it was the usage of effectual communicating that did itLike any relationship ; long distance relationships can present many challenges and troubles. Those in long distance relationships might experience lonely or depressed as a consequence of populating apart from the 1s that they love. Another common job is stagnancy or trouble swearing the other spouse.

But with the right sum of attempt and communicating on both parts. a long distance relationship can last the obstructions it will often be challenged with. Through the usage of effectual communicating schemes a long distance relationship can be highly rewarding and successful.Mentions:1 ) Advice for Pull offing a Long Distance Relationship. Carol Tilley-Williams – 2002 hypertext transfer protocol: //wvwv. essortment.

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