Communication Barriers in the Workplace Sample Essay

The workplace changed while we weren’t looking. No thirster is it dominated by white in-between category work forces. With alterations. increased minorities Numberss and the motion of adult females in the workplace. companies need to turn to issues of diverseness in the workplace. The field of diverseness has gone beyond even civilization and gender but besides recognizes that different manners and attacks can be utile to hold in any workplace. “In an ideal universe. every individual is treated every bit when it comes to acquiring a occupation. progressing in their calling. and being treated reasonably in the workplace. In world. we know this is non the instance. Racial favoritism does still be in engaging. fire. and promotions” ( Ethnic Majority ) .

Companies can enroll and engage employees to make a diverse work force. Directors can construct squads with diverseness in head. However. organisations can’t thrive on diverseness if employees don’t cognize how to pass on with one another. Some surveies suggest that we spend more clip communication in the workplace than making other things. Every clip you speak. people formulate sentiments of you and judge you by what you say. State the incorrect things. and people will organize bad judgements and sentiments of you. State the right things. and people will esteem you. look up to you. and Windowss of chance will swing open up for you. Effective squads in the workplace are created and execute to due an effectual agencies of communicating and the ability to set personal penchants aside to work on a common end.

Race and Ethnic Origin

Diverseness in the workplace ensures that all members of the work force are working towards the common end and mission of the organisation. In a diverse work force race and cultural beginning are an after idea. “our society is diverse and is going more so by the twenty-four hours. We are at a critical point in our history because the complex societal and environmental issues we face can merely be efficaciously dealt with by admiting the diverseness in category. values. life style. race. ethnicity. faith. and sexual orientation that make up our cultural mosaic” ( Stewart 1995 ) .


It’s highly obvious that adult females have come a long manner as successful professionals. Life in the workplace has become much more diversified as an increased figure of adult females have made their presence felt in many industries and professions. The female undertaking force has expanded with exponential strength. and therefore has its dire importance in the professional universe. In retrospect. adult females were put on the backburner in the workplace for many old ages and it was believed that the lone occupations that they could manage were those of instructors or secretaries. but lo and behold. today’s adult female can non merely keep her ain in the workplace. but she besides has the double undertaking of raising a household.


The current work force the United States is reflecting the altering demographics of our state in many ways. Older Americans. peculiarly those age 65 and beyond. are staying in the occupation market for a assortment of grounds including economic necessity. personal pick and as a critical constituent in our nation’s voluntary force. The major issues for maintaining a feasible topographic point for older workers in today’s libraries seem to be turn toing concerns about wellness attention costs. investings in preparation and instruction. and assisting them adjust to alterations in organisational construction. “Karl Gustafson was in his mid-50s and had Florida on his head. But unlike some older workers whose callings are weaving down and who see the Sunshine State as a land of golf and early-bird specials. Gustafson headed south to work–not to retire. For him. Florida meant accepting a new challenge as frailty president of HR for Baptist Hospital in Coral Gables. Now called Baptist Health South Florida. the organisation is the state’s largest not-for-profit wellness attention supplier. with 8. 900 employees” ( Grossman 2003 ) .

Bilingual speech production work force

Over the past several old ages. the U. S. has seen a dramatic addition in its population of Hispanic. Spanish-speaking people. and other aliens that speak small or no English. While the diverseness of the work force continues to be impressive. there has been an addition in the figure of Spanish-and or non English speech production citizens who are come ining the fabrication work force.

Employers have taken a acute expression at the safety in the workplace as a consequence of these of all time altering demographics. Having employees who speak limited or no English nowadayss new challenges for those seeking to keep corporate safety plans. Specific issues sing workplace safety demand to be considered as we began to use more and more Spanish-speaking and non English speech production workers. It is of import that all employees read and understand all information they receive sing safety. Corporations have a common end – to supply a safe workplace for all employees so that at the terminal of the twenty-four hours they can return place to their households safely.

Sexual Orientation

It might look that a person’s sexual orientation or gender individuality has little to make with their occupation or calling. But unluckily. many people who are sapphic. homosexual. bisexual or transgender have experienced favoritism in the workplace in the signifier of dismissal. deficiency of publicity. etc. . as have people from peculiar civilizations. faiths. groups. and communities.

Society and responsible employers are acknowledging diverseness and turn toing prejudiced attitudes and behaviours that are based on misinformation or deficiency of information which can make fright of people who are perceived as different. Communication is critical to good concern and consistent quality. People’s frights and deficiency of cognition. can significantly hinder effectual communicating.

If you are a married straight person. it would likely ne’er occur to you to maintain that information about yourself a secret from the people with whom you work. You might have on a nuptials set and refer to your partner frequently enough that people know his/her first name and what he/she does. If you are bisexual. homosexual. sapphic. or transgender. you may non acquire the same sort of adjustments because you are non lawfully related to your spouse or your partner’s household.

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