Communication Law in Ecuador Essay

Also, citizens’ opinions were quoted, including entities like social organizations, universities and public and private institutes, which related to the topics brought by this proposal for respecting international law instruments and not to create an own one, to encourage and develop the national talent in artistic and filming production and to take care of public image of underage, including kids and teenagers, to assure the public exercise of communication. Finally, members of Assembly Maria PaulaRoom, Christina Kerosene, Fernando V©leg and Susann Gong¤leg supported the most relevant aspects issued by their co-workers, highlighting the register of media and communication, the regulations of frequency uses, inclusion of educative content and more space to local production on media and the prohibition of publicity that leads to violence, sexual harm or content not able to underage.

Non November 2009, temporary communication commission presented the final report to the Assembly, which was not approved and was rejected to make some modifications, thus, which had to be presented again 45 days after the date given.However, in June 2010 it was finally given to the Assembly again, citing misunderstandings Witt commission president at that time, Betty Cigarillo. *Maria Paula Room, Christina Kerosene, Fernando V©leg, Susann Gonzalez: Members of National Assembly 2008-2012. 2 Beograd,J. (2009, October 13). Eel De Communication¶n. Diary El Commerce.

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Quito. Page 12. *Maria Paula Room, Christina Kerosene, Fernando V©leg, Susann Gonzalez: Members of National Assembly 2008-2012. 2 Beograd, J.

(2009, October 13). Eel De Communication¶n. Diary El Commerce.

Quito. Page 12.After three years since the first pilot was given, finally on June 2013 the President of Ecuador, Rafael Chorea Delegate, introduced the brand new Communication law which started to have effect as of July 2013. People all over the world, including politicians, Journalists, entrepreneurs and people who wanted to give their opinion, started to question the document for the reason that it was intended, according to them, that the law wanted to regularity all public and private way of communication, including media and public acts as parades.Thus, generating a direct harm to private enterprises in the country, giving the idea of a new barrier for enterprises already formed in Ecuador and for those who wanted to begin doing business, cause of the new rules of the game imposed by the Government. 3 Rotor, J. (2013, June 21). Presidents Chorea apron¶ Eel De Communication¶n.

Diary El Universe. Quailing. Page 10. Http://www.

Loneliness. Com/notices/2013/06/21/onto/1053786/ presidents-chorea-probe-eel-communication 4 Opinion¶n. (2009, December 24).Diary El Commerce. Quito. Page 10.

3 Rotor, J. (2013, June 21). Presidents Chorea apron¶ Eel De Communication¶n. Diary El Universe. Quailing. Page 10. Http://www. Loneliness.

Com/notices/2013/06/21/onto/ 1053786/presidents-chorea-probe-eel-communication 4 Opinion¶n. (2009, December 24). Diary El Commerce. Quito. Page 10. Not to mention the little reception had by the country for all its rules against private business and for the encouragement of local production industries which are willing to generate revenues.However, Government did not notice (or did it on purpose) the fact that private enterprises, when giving local production more empowerment for some duties, they would have to change most of their plans to make people consume more of their products because of two main reasons: more than 60% of media project investments are made abroad (most of them produced in Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico for multinational companies), and most important: producing locally is more expensive than producing abroad, not to mention the fact that it does not reach the quality for the final deliverables.Beneath it all, local enterprises had to accept and change the way of promoting their goods and services in the country and taking risks to be observed by the competency.

For example, due to restrictions of produce locally all media content, some TV commercials had to be broadcast after midnight twice per day during June 2013, otherwise they would could never see the light because of the new law. This letting competency know what strategies were going to be launched.This is the case of multinational Milliner with their brand Penguins*, in this case, one month bettor the release to the new commercial tort new package ice cream product they took the decision to come early for avoid legal problems with Ecuadorian law. 5 Constants, S. (2013, mayo 31). Publicized y Eel De Communication¶n. Diary El Commerce. Ingenious.

Page 6. Http://www. Licorice. Com. CE/ ingenious/publicized- HTML *Pingјion: Ice Cream Brand produced and commercialese in Ecuador, owned by multinational Milliner.

**Lipton: Iced Tea Brand produced and commercialese by PepsiCo in Ecuador. 5 Constants, S. 2013, mayo 31). Publicized y Eel De PepsiCo in Ecuador.

Another example was taken from beverage brand Lipton**. This worldwide brand was “pushed to come early’ with all publicity and media even not having the product on retailers. This strategy was taken with risk for PepsiCo, because it is an “in vain investment” publicity a product if the shopper/consumer will not be able to get, thus, not increasing sales. And this can be attributed to communication law. A deeper damage was caused to Criteria National*. All publicity plans for their best seller brand were turned down due to the new law.For instance, it is expected to quit their sponsorship contract to Barcelona Sporting Club soccer team.

According to article No. 94 “Protects¶n De drencher en publicized y propaganda”, alcoholic beverage are not able to be broadcast in any media. This, prohibiting the brand to appear on TV, radio or any public event, making a terrible damage for the enterprise. *Criteria National: Ecuadorian producer and commercialese beverage company, and local brand for Saab Miller multinational. **Barcelona Sporting Club: Local soccer team in Ecuador Barcelona Sporting Club: Local soccer team in Ecuador “Protects¶n De drencher en publicized y propaganda” We have to weigh between publicity and investment made for private enterprises and the moral damage, according to the Government, caused by media for publicizing and inciting people to do cigarettes, drink alcohol and to do all things banned by a society who is backward, not letting to develop and to transcend into a globalizes territory.As conclusion, without any doubt negative aspects dominates this controversial situation, but is it necessary to go for the easiest way for the Government and go banning everything they do not agree with? Is it necessary to be harmful against entities which can give us a faster development in Economy and Administration? Decisions were taken and a new wave of uncertainty has come to Ecuador. We expect this to be the best solution for all problems, and the best way to develop a country which is asking for more growth in no time.

Exhibit 1 Local publicity receives support trot ornament as Communication Law prohibits he creation of pieces abroad.


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