Communist Manifesto Essay

In the epoch of modern-day political relations. many new thoughts and school of ideas have emerged that trade with assorted concerns in the society.

These new thoughts may undertake new phenomena that are discernible in the universe nowadays every bit good as pressing concerns that people are sing. However. most of these current thoughts are really mostly grounded and dependent upon the old organic structure of cognition that was developed before in history. This organic structure of cognition is regarded as the foundation in the development of assorted ideas sing a peculiar capable affair.This sort of proverb is greatly applicable in the Communist Manifesto that was written by Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto serves as the primary papers that plays an of import function in the development of the communism and socialism. Since the Communist Manifesto trades with worlds or the happening of state of affairss that people or even the society as a whole have gone through.

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it is non surprising that the major dogmas of the Communist Manifesto is besides applicable in my ain life experiences. The Communist ManifestoThe Communist Manifesto embodies the ends of communism and the effort to explicate the theory underlying this political motion. Its writer. Karl Marx asserted that category struggles or the development of one category is the 1 responsible in all historical developments. The relationship among categories is greatly defined through the agencies of production in a certain period of clip. However. the relationship that is established does non co-occur with the developing forces of production.

During this peculiar state of affairs. a revolution will happen and a new category will exists as the governing one.This procedure pertains to the flow of history that is mostly manipulated and acted upon by larger economic forces ( Marx. 1988 ) . In the modern industrial society. there is an discernible category struggle between the middle class and the labor.

Unfortunately. jobs occur because the productive agencies of capitalist economy no longer coincides with this type of exploitatory relationship. As a consequence. the labor will take a revolution. Nevertheless.

the revolution that will take topographic point has a different character than the revolutions that happen before in history.In old revolutions. the agency or forces of production are simply reallocated to the new opinion category. However. this new type of revolution will make otherwise because of the nature of the proletariat category. The labor has no agencies of allowing belongings.

Bing the instance. when the clip comes that they will hold control of the forces of production they will destruct the construct of private ownership. By making so. the devastation of private belongings will besides eliminate the categories themselves ( Marx. 1988 ) . The Communist Manifesto asserted that the above-named development is inevitable that it will take topographic point Oklahoman or subsequently.

This is grounded in the thought that the present industrial society will non be everlastingly because capitalist economy is in itself unstable. Supporters of Communism want to advance this revolution by giving nutriment to parties and associations that are recommending this thought. They believe that these organisations are really assisting to travel history to its natural decision. Furthermore. they besides argue that the obliteration of societal categories can merely go on through a revolution because reform and alterations in authorities is non plenty to turn to riddance of category constructions ( Marx. 1988 ) .The major dogmas of the Communist Manifesto are seen in four parts.

First. it elaborates upon the history of the Communist theory every bit good as the relationship that is established between the workers and middle class. Second. it discusses the relationship between Communists and workers.

Third. it gives due attending to the failings of socialist literature in the yesteryear. Fourth. it explains the relationship between Communists and other parties ( Marx. 1988 ) . Personal ExperienceThe statements enclosed in the Communist Manifesto are non simply theories or thoughts that are merely applicable in treatments but instead they are so really much evident in existent life. The experiences that I have during the clip that I was working in a fast nutrient concatenation greatly exemplify this. Working in the nutrient concern is really my first experience in fall ining the labour force.

My chief end in using to such sort of business is to gain excess disbursement money. I thought the occupation would be easy since it largely deals with functioning and cleansing.However. the state of affairss that I saw every bit good as the events that I have to see in this occupation changed my whole position about the capitalist industry that we have. The higher-ups that we have in this peculiar nutrient concatenation are really rigorous to the point that they tend to take advantage of their employees already. They require us to work more hours than our displacements required wherein they will non allow us travel place until all the work are done.

They besides give really low compensation as compared with the other nutrient ironss. Furthermore. they do non give our benefits of devouring certain sums of merchandises in the shop.

Due to this. bulk of the employees started to be after a protest against the direction since the amicable method of dialogue did non work out. However. during the clip that we were approximately to carry on the presentation the disposal decided to negociate with us once more and promised that they will give our conditions. We thought that this will be the start of alterations but several months have past but they still have non given us what they have promise.

As a consequence. my old colleagues are already be aftering another measure to turn to the job.In this state of affairs. the statements of the Communist Manifesto that category battle between the middle class and the labor is so taking topographic point. The experience that I have with the fast nutrient concatenation proves that those who have the agencies of production tends to govern over the on the job category and even work them to their ain advantage. It seems that it is true that a revolution is the lone manner to bring down alterations because as what happened to us.

amicable agencies are sometimes non adequate to eliminate a category that has more power and resources.Reference Marx. K. ( 1988 ) . The Communist Manifesto. New York: W.

W. Norton.


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