Comparative Paper Essay

The welcome tabular array and state lovers portion the same subject but are adversely different in many ways.

yet in some they are a batch likewise. In this paper I will compare and contrast The Welcome tabular array by Alice Walker and Country lovers by Nadine Gordimer. I will turn to how they both are written in signifier. context. and manner. I will explicate different literary elements the author’s used to give item about the narratives.The two narratives being compared and contrasted are similar in that they both are written around the same subject.

race. and ethnicity. They are besides both written in 3rd individual. The two authors Alice Walker and Nadine Gordimer were both showing narratives of racial inequality. They besides show the reader that when the narrative was written it was non allowed to hold a white individual and black individual in a relationship. They besides express how unequal it was for a white individual compared to a black individual. In “The welcome table” a black adult female came up to the stairss of a white church and the sermonizer of that church stopped her at the anteroom and said “Auntie. you know this is non your church” ( Clangston 2010 ) .

” In the narrative state lovers Thebedi and Paulus. the chief characters. had grown up together and ended up holding a sexual relationship. When Paulus finds out Thebedi had a light skinned kid he kills it because a white and black relationship is non allowed. He is besides ashamed about being in a relationship with her and denies all accusals against him.

In state lovers the narrative is about a white male. Paulus Eysendyck. who is the boy of a husbandman. and Thebedi one of the black female workers on the farm.

The narrative starts off with them as kids playing together along with all the other kids. but Paulus and Thebedi were closer than the others. As they grow up Paulus goes to school and brings Thebedi gifts and tells her narratives about school. They finally end up holding a sexual relationship and Thebedi ends up pregnant. Paulus is off at school when she finds this information out along with happening out she is acquiring married to Njabulo a black male who besides works for the husbandman.

Thebedi gets married and has the babe. Njabulo knows that the kid is non his because it has straight hair and visible radiation colored tegument. but still raises him as his ain. Paulus returns from school and overhears the in house retainers speaking about the visible radiation skinned kid. He so goes out to the life quarters to see it. He finds Thebedi and Njabulo’s house and in secret kills the kid.The writer uses imagination. character.

and 3rd individual point of position ( bookrags. com ) throughout this narrative. The writer paints a really good image for the reader by utilizing really in writing inside informations depicting everything. She uses character to depict the people in the narrative.

Nadine Gordimer writes the narrative in 3rd individual nonsubjective. She merely speaks as an foreigner looking down on the narrative flowering. She does non state the reader what the characters feel throughout the narrative.

Using imagery she makes a ocular image of the characters and puting. “down there hidden by the mesh of old. ant-eaten trees held in topographic point by vigorous 1s. wild Asparagus officinales bushing up between the short pantss. and here and at that place prickly-pear cactus sinken-skinned and bristly. like an old man’s face.

maintaining alive sapless until the following rainy season” . ( Country lovers Nadine Gordimer ) . This is one illustration of what the reader experiences throughout the narrative.In The welcome tabular array the chief subject is besides about racial inequality. This narrative starts out with an old black lady standing on the steps of a church. She walks into the church and the sermonizer says “Auntie. you know this is non your church? ” as if one could take the incorrect 1.

( Clangston 2010 ) . She merely walks past him and sits down in the really back row of the church. All the white people sitting inside near the forepart starred at her in incredulity.

The Ussher came up to her and told her she needed to go forth she merely waved him off and told him to travel off. The white married womans told their hubbies to acquire her out of the church besides. They acted rapidly and went to her and set an arm under hers to pick her up and carried her out. The writer told the reader about the odor the work forces had on their fingers after transporting her out.It was a moldy odor from her under weaponries.

While she was standing on the front stairss she looked up the route and saw Jesus. She was aroused beckoning her weaponries so he did non lose her. She started walking with him and speaking to him explicating everything even singing at times.

At the terminal of the narrative they ne’er saw her once more. Many people speculated that she had died walking along the route. Many people though she had household on the other side of the river. but no one knew for certain. The incident was ne’er spoken of in the church once more.

Alice Walker used 3rd individual. character and imagination like Nadine Gordimer did besides. Alice Walker used 3rd individual all-knowing leting you non merely to detect the action. but to see inside the thought of those involved.

She described the chief character in great item. She described here dressing “the losing buttons down the forepart of her mildewed black frock. ” She described her personal qualities more in deepness. She described her eyes. tegument. and odor.

“Aged blue-brown eyes” . “she was angular and thin and the colour of hapless grey Georgia Earth. beaten by king cotton and the utmost conditions. Her cubituss were wrinkled and thick. the tegument ashen but lasting. like the bark of old pines.

” ( Clangston 2010 ) . She besides used similes throughout her narrative. The writer did paint a image utilizing imagination. but this clip it was of the chief character. non the scene like Nadine Gordimer did.

To compare the two narratives both writers used imagination. character. 3rd individual point of position.

and shared the same subject. The subject of both narratives is about racial inequality.Both narratives involved a black female as chief characters. Life in the yearss these narratives were written was non what it is like now. The narrative The Welcome Table was written in a aggregation of narratives between 1967 and 1973. ( Bradley.

D ) . The narrative Country Lovers was written in 1975 ( Custodio. L ) . This narrative besides won the literary Nobel Prize in 1991. ( nobelprize. org ) . Life in this clip was non equal at all. Blacks were looked at as to be less that white people.

In most topographic points inkinesss and Whites could non eat in the same countries or utilize the same imbibing fountains and in most instances as we see in The Welcome Table could non even travel to the same church. These were called Jim Crow Torahs. ( nps. gov ) In State lovers we see they decidedly could non be in a relationship.Both writers used imagination to allow the reader see what was traveling on in the narrative. They both used describing inside informations. In the welcome tabular array the writer describes to utilize the cold cold outside and inside the church.

She besides tells us about the colour and texture of her vesture. even depicting the oily hair discoloration on the bonnet. She besides tells the odor of the underarms of the old lady after the work forces pick her up to take her from the church. In Country lovers the writer besides uses imagination to give the reader a ocular image of the narrative. She describes how Njabulo has built his house. doing the reader feel as if they were right at that place looking at it.

“Thebedi appeared. coming easy from the hut Njabulo had built in white man’s manner. with a Sn chimney. and a proper window with glass window glasss set in consecutive as walls made of unfired bricks would let. ” ( Clangston 2010 ) . Along with stating the reader how the hut was built the writer besides describes the puting down by the dried up creek with great item. “ It had ever been a good topographic point for children’s games/ down at that place hidden by the mesh of old. ant-eaten trees held in topographic point by vigorous 1s.

wild Asparagus officinales bushing up between the short pantss. and here and at that place prickly-pear cactus sunken- skinned and bristly. like an old man’s face. maintaining alive sapless until the following rainy season.

” ( Clangston 2010 ) .Both writers used character in their narratives. The characters were involved in racial inequality yet neither writer said anything about race or inequality in their narratives. In The Welcome Table the old black lady tried to go to a white church. Three different times she was told that she did non belong foremost by the sermonizer “Auntie. you know this is non your church? ” ( Clangston 2010 ) .

The 2nd. by the Ussher. who had ne’er turned anyone off for church. ne’er thought he would of all time hold to turn anyone off. and besides “whispered that she should leave” ( Clangston 2010 ) . The last clip was when the white married womans told their hubbies to take her and that they did.

They picked her up under her weaponries as set her back exterior.In Country Lovers the chief character Thebedi is a worker on the Paulus’ household farm. She is a hapless black kid whose parents had worked on the farm besides. In the beginning Thebedi and Paulus along with all the other kids played together and it was ok. As they got older and Paulus went to school he brought Thebedi gifts but.

none for the other workers and one time once more that was ok. It’s when they begin their sexual relationship that jobs occur. When Thebedi gets pregnant by Paulus she refuses to state him. It is when the babe is born and Paulus over hears the in-house retainers speaking about it that it became a job for him. Paulus instantly goes down to the hut to see the babe for himself and sees that the babe is light skinned. jealous. and directly haired. He so becomes ashamed and says “I feel like killing myself” ( Clangston 2010 ) .

The writers chose to compose in 3rd individual point of position. which to the reader. in these narratives. lets them see and acquire a better apprehension of what is go oning and besides lets the reader organize their ain sentiment of the state of affairs. If Nadine Gordimer would hold written her narrative in first individual she would hold merely allow the reader see and understand what Thebedi was seeing and experiencing.

This would hold taken the narrative in a wholly different way. At the same clip if Alice Walker would hold told the narrative in first individual the narrative would hold been less “juicy” with inside informations.To contrast the narratives. the narratives are written in different types of 3rd individual. utilizing imagery the writers describe different parts in the narrative and the narratives secret plans were wholly different. In Country lovers the secret plan was a love narrative. In The Welcome Table the secret plan was an old black lady non being allowed in a white person’s church.The type of point of position used in Alice Walker’s narrative is 3rd individual omniscient which allows the reader to see the action but to cognize the feelings of those involved.

She used this to allow the reader feel and cognize what the chief character was believing and feeling. and at the same clip still state what everyone else is making around her. By composing in this version of 3rd individual the narrative was more enlightening.

Had she written the manner Nadine Gordimer wrote her narrative the reader would non to the full understand what the chief character was experiencing.The point of position in which Nadine Gordimer wrote her narrative is first individual aim. First individual aim is “an external storyteller who takes a degage attack to the action and characters. normally to make a dramatic consequence. and does non come in into their heads. ” ( Clangston 2010 ) . By composing this manner she made the narrative more dramatic and kept the audience thinking until the terminal.

If State lovers were written like The Welcome Table Paulus would non hold been as much of an influence in the narrative as he is now.Using imagination the writers went two wholly different ways. One described qualities of the chief character and small about the puting the other described the scene at multiple times. Nadine Gordimer wanted the reader to be standing following to the characters. visual perception and about being able to experience the scene throughout the narrative.

Alice Walker on the other manus. wanted the reader to see the qualities of the old lady. She wanted the reader to be able to visualise every furrow and conditions beaten inch of the old lady’s organic structure.Other points the writers did otherwise were similes and character names. The lone character named in The Welcome Table was Jesus. In state lovers about every character in the narrative was named.

By making this the writer makes the reader create a image of the characters and it helps them understand the narrative line better. The Welcome Table used more similes than State lovers. Nadine Gordimer wrote the narrative as if it were blossoming in forepart of the reader’s eyes. Alice Walker wrote in a past tense type of manner. She put different choices of words in to do it look as if she was at that place and was stating it to a school category seeking to do them believe.Both of the literary plants are short narratives.

The manner they write involves puting and specific inside informations. They do non utilize a batch of duologue between characters. which would be declarative of a drama. Short narratives are close to the being written like a drama would.A drama is written with multiple characters. They all have multiple lines that describe what the narrative is supposed to be bewraying. There are multiple set or scene alterations throughout dramas.

The scene alterations coincide with Acts of the Apostless.Acts break up a drama into many different parts. They will take the audience into the following set of events that is about to go on. Inside each act is a scene. multiple scene makes up one act.

The manner dramas are written compared to the manner short narratives are written are really different yet close in some parts.When a drama is written it about like reading a conversation between the characters with some depicting lines to give a scene. Both The welcome tabular array and State lovers are written in the same signifier as compared to a drama.

They both do non utilize Acts of the Apostless or scenes in the narratives. With that being said Country Lovers could be turned into a drama with the inside informations and characters used throughout it. The deficiency of duologue and puting inside informations in The Welcome Table would do it really hard to be turned into a drama.In Country Lovers the writer describes the scene really good. This helps the reader visualise what is go oning and what the characters are making and how they are moving. In this paper I compared and contrasted many different ways of composing between Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer and The Welcome Table by Alice Walker.

Both authors used the same subject. race and inequality. They besides used many of the same literary footings. Some of which were the same nevertheless most of which were non. They taught us that there is non a specific manner every term or type of composing had to be written.

there are many different ways to compose the same thing.The welcome tabular array and state lovers portion the same subject but are adversely different in many ways. yet in some they are a batch likewise. Some illustrations I explained were imagery. point of position. and character. The subject may be the same but Country lovers and The Welcome Table do non portion the same secret plan or narrative line. Every narrative pigments a image.

yet some pigment in different ways.I besides described how the signifiers of the short narratives are written compared to a drama. State Lovers was written in great item of the characters and the scene. The Welcome tabular array on the other manus lacks the qualities and elements that Country Lovers have. Which would do State lovers much easier to turn into a drama compared to The welcome tabular array.Mentionshypertext transfer protocol: //leecustodio. hubpages. com/hub/Country-Lovers-an-Analysis Explore » Books.

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