Compare and Contrast: A;P; and Everyday Use Essay

A & A ; P is a short narrative written by American author John Updike. The narrative takes topographic point during the summer in a little New England town where everything seems ordinary and grey. The narrative stars Sammy a nineteen-year-old male child working the check-out procedure line of food market shop by the name of A & A ; P. Sammy is working one twenty-four hours when in walks three adolescent misss.

have oning merely their bathing suits. He is rapidly infatuated by the scene for it is non one he comes across to frequently and begins to watch the misss closely. Sammy pays near attending to the visual aspect of the misss calling each one harmonizing to how he views them. there is “Plaid” the chunky one who got her name due to her swimwear. “Big Tall Goony Goony” who he describes as attractive but falling short to “Queenie” . the miss who Sammy seems to be most enamored with. she is the most dramatic out of the clump acquiring her name due to being the leader of the group.

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Sammy pays near attending to the three misss all the manner to the point where they eventually come to his registry where they are confronted by his director Lengel a really conservative adult male who ask the misss to come with their shoulders covered the following clip they wish to come in his shop. This sparks Sammy to discontinue and to trail the misss outside where to his surprise are gone.Everyday Use is a short narrative written by American writer Alice Walker. The narrative takes topographic point in the late 1900’s in the South in a house that was rebuilt after it was burned down by a fierce fire.

The narrative stars Mama a big-boned adult female with custodies that are unsmooth from old ages of physical labour that is hapless and uneducated due to ne’er being given the chance to interrupt out of her rural life. she is besides the story’s storyteller. Mama and her girl Maggie who is diffident and self scruples due to her being burned and scarred by the fire that took down their house wait outside their place for the reaching of her older girl Dee who is the exact antonym of Maggie being that she is educated and rather confident.Dee arrives at the place of her female parent with non merely a new adult male.

but a new expression. she is really colourful and into her “heritage” . Mama. Maggie. Dee.

and Dee’s male friend have dinner in which Dee tells Mama what she’s been making with herself and ends with Dee desiring to go forth with the butter churn. The butter churn isn’t the lone point which Dee would wish to go forth with. she besides wants two comforters made by her ascendants. but Mama says no for they are promised to her sister Maggie. Dee leaves the house outraged stating her female parent she doesn’t understand her heritage.Two scenes that I feel portion a common message is Sammy’s determination to discontinue A & A ; P and Mama’s determination to non allow Dee hold her manner and give Maggie the comforter. Both characters decided this would be their clip to take a base against something they felt was non right. For Sammy it was a determination driven by his lecherousness for Queenie.

for Mama it was eventually stating no to the girl who she feels unappreciated by. Sammy’s determination ends with him holding no occupation and no adult females. but a better sense of what he wants in life which is a desire to acquire off from the norm that is his occupation and town and travel out and see chances beyond his bound.Mama’s determination had the opposite consequence of what Sammy’s had. she non merely grew closer to her girl Maggie. but she realized that she’s happy being the adult female she is. she doesn’t have to alter herself. Mama is proud of her life and of being a practical hardworking adult female.

Both A & A ; P and Everyday Use are similar in the fact that we have characters fighting to happen out what it is they want from their lives. but are different in the sense of what the characters really realize they want.


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