Compare and Contrast of a Two Grand Theories Essay

Virginia Henderson ( 1897-1996 ) is a Nursing Grand Theorist who was frequently referred to as the “first lady of nursing. ” In the article by Nicely ( 2011 ) it depicts how she developed a nursing theoretical account which is based on activities of day-to-day life. She believed that nursing as a profession stood individually from medical specialty. In this article. I was able to decode how Henderson’s theory is applied to the specialised country of organ contribution for organ transplant. It is reflected that although organ coordinators are from different backgrounds such as: allied wellness professions. physicians’ helpers.

and paramedics. most of them are “registered nurses. ” Nicely ( 2011 ) portrays 14 different activities that Henderson identified for patient aid which would let patients to return back to independency: “eating and imbibing. riddance of organic structure waste. desirable posture/sleep and remainder. choose suited vesture: frock and undress.

avoiding dangers in the environment and avoid wounding others. keeping organic structure temperature within normal scope. grooming/protecting the integument. communicating with others. worship harmonizing to one’s religion.

drama and diversion. learn and discover” ( Nicely. 2011. p. 73 ) .Henderson’s activities reflect on how nurses can supply a good foundation in which they can go more adept in their abilities to supply attention for their patients. She stressed the importance for including the patient’s household.

In her theory. Henderson states the “the complexness and quality of the service is limited merely by the imaginativeness and the competency of the nurse who interprets it” ( Nicely. 2011. p.

77 ) . The article extrapolates really good points about how every bit of import it is for the nurse to work with the household. every bit good as the patient. The 2nd article I chose by Merritt and Procter is entitled.

“Conceptualizing the functional function of mental wellness audience affair nurse in multi-morbidity. ” utilizing Peplau’s theory. This article surmises the function of the mental wellness audience affair ( MHCLN ) and how it can be integrated to Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations. In the debut of the article. it focuses on the importance of “mentally ill” patients being involved actively in their intervention and attention planning. This article describes that “it is a planetary consensus that mental wellness attention should be undertaken collaboratively. no affair where the patients live.

and in the least restrictive environment” ( World Psychiatric Association. 2009. p. 159 ) .I agree with the above statement. as I work as a mental wellness adviser and psychiatric nurse.

There is non plenty being done to assist the patients and their households in seeking psychiatric attention and supplying a continuum of attention. It continues to be a “stigma” that needs to be addressed globally. so that the patients who are in extreme demand of attention are able to have it. This includes medicine.

behavioural direction. and psychotherapeutics by specializers in the field. Throughout my many old ages of pattern in the mental wellness field.

I have witnessed so much disregard instilled on the mentally sick patients. Many installations have closed down. and in peculiar one research installation called the “Lafayette Clinic” which was linked to Wayne State University in MI. closed due to the authorities non prioritising mental wellness in their budget. As a consequence.

there are more stateless occupants populating on the streets and non being treated for their mental unwellness until something happens. At times. people who are populating on the streets become loud. argumentative. and contentious. hallucinate.

injure person. or themselves before any action is taken. I steadfastly believe in the base of the MHCLN in assisting to diminish the stigma of mental unwellness. every bit good as cut downing patient’s symptoms by supplying a “means” for intervention.Education and research are a “key source” .

every bit good as support for the above to go on. Merritt’s paper represents a stepping rock in my sentiment to many patients that are out at that place enduring and being belittled by their mental unwellness. The usage of Peplau’s interpersonal dealingss theory if placed to the full into pattern can assist patients set to their mental unwellness. and through instruction they would be able to hold slightly of a appreciation on their unwellness. the importance of taking their medicines. and seeing a head-shrinker and/or psychologist on a regular footing. Once stabilized. the mental wellness patient can harvest the benefits of prosecuting in a more normalized life style and have a better opportunity of seting to the functions that are non ever able to take part in.

This paper provides good penetration into Peplau’s interpersonal dealingss theory. The methodological analysiss utilized provide patients with an avenue to work through their psychological hurt. and accommodation to alterations that occur as a consequence of their unwellness.More research and instruction is necessary to supply the intercessions that are necessary in stabilising the patients who suffer from mental unwellness.

The nurse is of cardinal importance in easing this procedure with the patient and their households. every bit good as the head-shrinker. psychologist. societal worker. recreational healer.

and mental wellness worker. In comparing Henderson’s article to Peplau’s article there is some correlativity as to the importance in working with households. every bit good as the patient who is besides “stressed” . In Nicely’s article. the donor patient is normally deceased. or if non deceased.

the nurse plant with both the patient and the household. Henderson’s theory allows the nurse to be patient every bit good as household focused.In Merritt’s article.

it is both of import for the nurse to work with the patient and household every bit good. In both articles. I feel that the “nurse” serves as an “advocate” in different ways. one from a medical position.

and the other from a psychological position. nevertheless these can be intertwined as the households who lost a loved one due to “brain death” and a organ transplant will happen. besides need emotional support. Nurse-patient relationship encompasses many schemes throughout both articles. In Peplau’s psychodynamic nursing theory four stages of a nurse-patient relationship are identified: orientation. designation. development. and declaration.

By using these stages. it will let a nurse to better place. respond to patient’s demand. and build trust. Both articles stress the importance of “nurses” in different types of functions. one as an “organ contribution coordinator” .

and the other as a “mental wellness affair or consultant” supplying psychological and emotional support to households.Mentions:Merritt. M.

K. & A ; Procter. N. ( 2010 ) . Gestating the functional function of mental wellness consultation-liaison nurse in multi-morbidity. utilizing Peplau’s nursing theory.

Contemporary Nurse 34 ( 2 ) . 158-166. hypertext transfer protocol: //lmscontent. embanet.

com/MVU/NURS600/Readings/W3_Peplau. pdfNicely. B.

. & A ; DeLario. G. T. ( 2011 ) . Virginia Henderson’s rules and pattern of nursing applied to organ contribution after encephalon decease. Advancement in organ transplant. 21 ( 1 ) .

72-77. hypertext transfer protocol: //lmscontent. embanet. com/MVU/NURS600/Readings/W3_Nicely2011. pdf


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