Compare Batman to Beowulf Sample Essay

Concentrating narratives of luck. heroism. and gallantry he sort of narrative where this larger so life characters go off on heroic poem escapades in hunt of award and hoarded wealth and besides fight some astonishing enemies along the manner. These narratives can come in many different manners.

subjects. and ways they are told. but one thing all of these narratives have in common is an heroic poem hero. But what is a hero? To me a hero is a individual the bases up for the 1s that cant aid themselves. a individual that no affair the challenge will persist.

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and a individual that will give it all for the people he or she loves. That brings me to my heroes Beowulf and Batman these two characters are perfect illustration of these traits they show this though their selfless workss and shows that they have performed over the old ages. And get downing it off we will speak about the astonishing efforts of Beowulf and his heroic traits in his heroic poem verse form.Beowulf show strength in conflict like no other of his sort he battles with the fiercest of monsters merely for the common good and good.

for hills of hoarded wealth. Beowulf shows one of the heroic traits I have talked about rather early in his narrative he travels across the sea in hunt of the Geats because their Mead hall is being terrorized by a awful monster named Grendel. He shows his willingness to assist others even when no other adult male could contend this animal he took on the challenge and he won excessively. Second. Beowulf shows his finding because after his battle with Grendel he has thought he had won and the Mead hall was safe. but he was proved incorrectly when Grendel’s female parent comes for a visit and putting to deaths Beowulf’s work forces.

This would be a clip where a adult male non as great would of ran with his tail between his articulatio genuss but non Beowulf he took on this challenge and went right to her den and killed her excessively.This adult male merely can non be stopped good at least by these junior-grade monsters. After Beowulf returns place and he becomes a male monarch after many long old ages governing his state he decides he need one last conflict the conflict that will acquire him all the wealths for his people they would of all time necessitate.

so he hear about a firedrake with hosts of hoarded wealth merely waiting to be plundered. He goes into this conflict cognizing he will be doing the ultimate forfeit. He knows that on this trip he will decease but he pushes forth for award and glorification. He does kill the firedrake but non without paying the monetary value he got all of the hoarded wealth but he would non be around to utilize it he gives it to his people and says that his life is done and he is ready to sit on the way that all warriors must take when it is their clip. This shows what a hero Beowulf truly is.

The 2nd hero that I think embodies what a hero base for is The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. but I like to name him Batman. Batman merely as Beowulf is a homo he has no extraordinary powers he it merely a normal adult male with traits that make him larger so life a superhero if you will. Batman besides has the authoritative heroic quality of strength.

Batman single-handedly battles packs of felons on legion occasions in the film “Batman. ” demoing non merely muscular strength. but endurance. much like that of Beowulf.

Batman echoes the epic strength of Beowulf. Batman and Beowulf besides have strong codifications of moralss.Batman frequently releases felons after a fight alternatively of killing them. The felons were non an immediate life menace. so Batman did non experience it was right to kill them. His codification of moralss does non let for slaying. hence Batman kills merely when perfectly necessary. Batman besides shows his forfeit in the film The Dark Knight Rises at the terminal a bomb is about to blow and he takes it into his ain custodies to salvage all of the people in the metropolis by taking the bomb out into sea blowing it up over the H2O somehow he got off.

but he was willing to do the forfeit for the people of his metropolis. In these ways these to characters are really similar. but that does non intend that they do non hold their differences.Last these two work forces on the outside expression really similar but if you take a difficult expression down to their core existences they do hold some minor differences. One manner is Beowulf received wagess for his gallantry. including wealth and being made a male monarch. He was chiefly interested in glorification and in the original verse form it was his chase of glorification that finally led to his decease at the claws of the firedrake. Bruce Wayne is the opposite.

He already has wealth and power. but he doesn’t truly care. His focal point is on making good workss. for which he adopts an anon. character. He gets no glorification or personal wages from his gallantry. Second is the ground that they fight Beowulf is a glorification pig. His primary motive to battle is the prestigiousness of winning.

Beowulf does non kill Grendel or Grendel’s female parent merely because they are wicked. but besides to derive even more. Beowulf besides has an over-developed sense of his ain art as a warrior.He orders his work forces to remain behind and wait while he goes off to single-handedly conflict Grendel’s female parent and fifty old ages subsequently he gives the same order before processing off to contend the treasure-hoarding firedrake. Beowulf accepts aid from his nephew. Wiglaf. merely after the firedrake begins to win.

Beowulf was a great warrior. but excessively full of pride to let others to assist him. Batman’s motive to contend is retaliation.

He wages war on offense to revenge the slaying of his parents. Possibly Bruce Wayne felt responsible for their decease because he could non make anything to halt it and became Batman as a manner to expiate for his sensed failure to protect his parents. In order to make this. Wayne’s superhero alter-ego must frequently work outside the jurisprudence. doing his relationship with the constabulary tenuous.

He is. after all. an fanatic and highly violent vigilance man. Last one of the biggest differences is that Beowulf fight for celebrity and glorification he wants everyone to cognize who he is and for everyone to praise him. Batman on the other manus keeps his individuality a secret he merely wants what is best for the people he does non care about the glorification.Sing these to heroic poem heroes up near and personal salvaging the 1s they love. contending for what they believe in.

and ne’er endorsing down. This is the step of a existent hero and these two work forces have hit the nail on the caput. because they have all the traits necessary to be considered a great hero. Now that these two characters have been looked at in more item and shown that they are rather similar I think it might be clip for them to acquire back out at that place and protect their just metropoliss for award and for Beowulf hills of hoarded wealth.


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