Compare Contrast V for Vendetta Essay

5th May 3013 V for Vendetta In compare and contrast of the film and the graphic novel of V for Vendetta starts with The voice of fate announcing its curfew to the people of London. A 16 year old girl prostitute herself for money and the guy she tries to sell herself for is a fingermen. The fingermen begin to rape her when a man in a cape walks out of the shadows. The fingerman grabs mans wrist which was pulled off. The man in the mask and cape sprayed tear gas, saves the girl.

The fingermen that had the hand exploded killing the officer. The man with the mask sang the rhyme “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason”. The house of parliament blew up. The fingermen begin to investigate the scene and only have a photo of the man in a mask to go off of.

Fate wants the people who work in the Mouth to tell the people of London the bombing was a plan. The man in the mask then breaks into a moving subway train and kills George and Ted.The fingermen find a circled V painted where the men were killed. The investigators find that the wound on the men killed were made by fingers being inserted into the body. They also find a rose “violet Carson”.

Finally the man in the mask introduces himself to the young girl as V. She then introduces herself as Evey Hammond. Evey then tells her life long story. She described how her parents were involved in a lot of things. Her mother passed away when there wasn’t much food to go around.Her dad was taken by the nosefire and she was put to work in a sweat factory. V costume changes to meet Lewis Prothero at the larkhill resettlement camp.

V recreated the time of the resettlement camp with lewis’s doll collection. Lewis found out that the man behind this mask was the man behind the door cell V. V blew Lewis’s collection up leaving him in complete shock. In the film V for Vendetta it starts with a older women getting dressed and a man putting a mask on.The women is walking outside when the voice of Fate announces curfew and she continues to walk when a fingermen catches her and she told them she was going to visit her uncle. Other fingermen show up and she tries to fight them off when a man in a mask comes out of the shadows and pulls a sword out and fights the fingermen killing them.

He then marks a circled V on the sign with his sword. In the film they blow up bailey and in the book they blow up the house of parliament.The fingermen have pictures of the V and Evey. Evey worked at a television company where V holds the broadcasters as hostages and announces to the public his views. V then has a list of people he kills and then Evey tells V her story.

Her mother and father where taken by nosefire and she was left behind. She is later taken and prisoned for some time. V was testing her and to make her stop fearing which she eventually does. And the fingermen then continue their investigation trying to find V.V dies and was sent in an subway train with explosives and then blows up big Ben. The comments I have for V for Vendetta is that the movie is created a little different from the book but overall they were good changes.

This is by far one of my favorite movies and would not change anything. The movie was very direct I think when they flashed back to V’s past and explained what happened and why his killed those people. It was riddling at first but as the movie continued it was fine.


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