Comparing two articles that share similar themes Essay

After having read both articles I realize that they were sharing the theme crossing rivers. We can notice that both articles covered the theme in different ways whereby passage (A) gave us the theme in a form of a story as we can see in the phase: “(The men began to talk of the Yellowstone River as if….

.”). While passage (B) had it in a form of an article taken from a website as we can see in the phase: “(the river is broad, 300 to 400 feet across). Further away I will be analyzing the essay by writing about the similarities and differences of both passages referring to the style, and tone used in both passages.Looking at the paragraph above, I wrote that the two passages shared the same theme (crossing rivers), but we can also notice that they also referred to the same example which is the crossing the Yellowstone river. We can notice that in passage (A) when referring to the phase: “(the Yellowstone River was the size of the Mississippi)”, while in passage (B) we can notice that in the information: “(From The National Geographic, Yellowstone National Park Website, 2002). Further ahead in the essay I will be writing about each passage in a separate paragraph.

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Writing about the style we can notice that Larry McMurty (in passage (A)) “described” to us how people in the 1800’s crossed a river (which is using horses). We can notice that from the words (horse, 3000 miles and lard buckets). These days we don’t here about people riding a horse for three thousand miles unless it was an event, and lard buckets these days aren’t used as floaters as mentioned in the phase: “( and had made himself a pair of rude floats from some empty lard buckets,…

). Writing this passage Larry McMurty used third person view as he used the word (The) in a lot of occasions such as in the phase: “( A day and a half later “the” two scouts rode over a grassy bluff and….)”.In passage (B) we notice that the article “described” to us the features of the river it didn’t describe people crossing it as we can see in the sentence: “(Mostly the river is large, deep, gliding stream over a clean gravel bottom.

). We can also notice that its in our time and not in old times from the phase: “(From The National Geographic, Yellowstone National Park Website, 2002). In this passage also we found that the writer of this article wrote it in a third person view as we can see in the phase: “(which offers solitude and superb fishing for “the anglers” willing to walk a bit.)”.In passage (A) we can also notice another style he used which is the use of a conversation, we can see that in the sentence: “(“I didn’t come all this way just to drown in the last dern river” Jasper said)”.

From this conversation that continues in the passage we can understand the character feelings, and especially Jasper’s fear. While in the phase: “(“IT ain’t the last”)” said Augustus, shows us the educational level of the characters and especially from the word (ain’t).So we realize from above that the conversations in passage (A) showed us the emotions (fear) and the educational levels (low unless experienced) of the characters.

Another way that you can find about there educational status is from the phase: “(He heard of something called undercurrents)”, this shows us that most of the things they here not study or know about. Another style Larry McMurty used in this passage was the used foreshadows, we can see that from the number of times he used the word (sucked), which we can say foreshadows a terrible thing that might happen to Jasper who used in this word. We can see the word sucked in the phase: “(the deeper the river, the farther down you could be “sucked”…)”.Passage (B) was an informative article so the style used by the writer of this article didn’t need any conversations. We can see that the writer achieved his goal of giving us an informative article from the information: “(The terrain is not difficult to cross in most areas)” we can see here that the writer “informed” us that the terrain is not hard to cross in some areas.

Also due to being a formal article passage (B) gave us the information straight forward without giving the impression of excitement such as in other article were they may use: “(It will be adventurous with lots of activities….)”.

we can notice from the sentence: “(Below Alum Creek to Chittenden Bridge over the river just above Upper Falls, the bottom is rather featureless.)”, that they gave us the information straight forward.Going back to the style of passage (A) Larry’s passage was eventful as he used some events.

We can see that in the sentence: “(It seemed to him that he had spent half the trip imagining how it would be to be sucked down into a deep river.)”, Jasper was concerned about being sucked down a river which is an event (thinking). This sentence might also be hinting to us a further event about the drowning of Jasper. We can also notice that he used a sense of humor in his conversation which is also part of the style, we notice that in the sentence: “(He might fall off his horse if he gets real nervous) said Augustus)”.Going to the tone we notice that in passage (A) we notice that he used a lot of tones, he used fear, relaxation and sense of humor. We can see that he used fear in the phase: “(Well, I don’t aim to cross its) said Jasper”.

Here we notice that Jasper was afraid of crossing the river. A different tone was used after they arrived to the river, where we can feel they were relaxed to arrive. We can see that in the sentence: “(Augustus leaned down, drinking from his cupped hands. The water was cold.)”, here we notice that they were relaxed to drink some water.

We can here some sense of humor in the phrase: “(Sweet water, but id don’t compare with bourbon whiskey,) he said (Augustus). So we notice at the end of this paragraph that while reading your emotions change from fear to relaxation and then you ended with a sense of humor which off course gives you relaxation.In passage (B) there was only one tone which is a formal tone with fact in information entering your mind. We can see that from the phase: “(In effect, it is and undisturbed, wilderness river close to a major roadway,)”.

Here we notice that the writer gave us a fact that the Yellowstone River is undisturbed and close to the roadway.Ending my essay I realize that passage (A) was more of an eventful passage directed to an audience of people who like to read stories about history, while passage (B) was directed to geographers and adventurous people. In my opinion I was more attracted to passage (B) because I like geography and I am interested in hiking and crossing rivers and all these activities.


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