Comparison of Tragedies written by Miller and Aristotle Sample Essay

For a narrative to be a calamity it has to follow the rules set by Aristotle. a Grecian philosopher. or those of Arthur Miller who is a 20th century dramatist. A calamity. in Aristotle’s position. normally concerns the autumn of an single whose character is good but non perfect and his bad lucks are brought about by the tragic defect. This defect is the portion of the character that personifies him as being tragic. Miller uses this definition of a calamity but besides broadens it including the common adult male. All of these features are seen in the dramas Julius Caesar. Death of a Salesman. and Oedipus Rex. Although the rubric of the drama Julius Caesar focuses on Caesar. the drama itself is truly based on Brutus. ‘Brutus had instead be a villager than to think of himself a boy of Rome. ‘ ( Act I. scene II. line 172 ) . This was said by Brutus after Cassius told him how Caesar had become a eminent figure over Rome and how Caesar controls Rome. Notice the good in Brutus. and the extremes he will travel to in order to protect democracy in Rome even if it means killing the 1 he loves. Caesar. Brutus possesses one of the most tragic defects. He is excessively nice of a individual and hence he gets taken advantage of. He lets Cassius persuade him into killing Caesar for the good of Rome.

Because he does for others more than himself he makes a fatal error. he lets Antony live. Brutus says to the plotters. ‘For Antony is but a limb of Caesar ‘ ( Act II scene I line 165 ) significance that if Caesar is killed Antony will decease off excessively. Brutus clearly does non see Antony as being a menace. but small does Brutus cognize that Antony will stir up the town to seek retaliation after the blackwash of Caesar. This error will be him his ain life. When he dies he becomes a premier illustration of calamity because non merely did he convey about his ain decease he dies by his ain manus. In Death of a Salesman. Willy Lowman’s tragic defect is that he is a dreamer who is unable to confront the worlds of a modern twenty-four hours society. Willy builds his whole life around the doctrine that if a individual is good liked and good looking so he will be successful. Willy says to Biff. ‘I thank Almighty God that you are both are built like Adonises. ‘ ( Act I page 33 ) Subsequently. Willy makes the remark. ‘Be liked and you will ne’er desire. ‘ ( Act I page 33 )

His demand to be good liked is so strong that he frequently lies about his success ; at times he even believes his ain prevarications. Willy ever thinks his boies will ever be successful because they are good looking and good at athleticss. but in world they are failures merely like Willy. At the terminal when Biff tries to state Willy that he is merely a common man and that he can non populate up to his father’s outlooks. that they are ‘a dime a twelve. ’ Willy thinks he is merely stating this to hurt him. Willy says. ‘I am non a dime a twelve! I am Willy Loman and you are Biff Loman! ‘ ( act II page 132 ) . After this Willy decides to perpetrate suicide so Biff can acquire the 20 thousand dollar insurance money and he will eventually do something of himself. ‘He had the incorrect dreams ‘ ( requiem page 138 ) provinces Biff at Willy’s funeral. but Charley. Willy’s best friend. says ‘A salesman is got to woolgather. male child. It comes with the district. ‘ ( requiem page 138 ) Unfortunately. Willy ne’er realized that his dreams and values were flawed and he died for it. In Oedipus Rex Oedipus has a defect that is ineluctable and besides unmanageable. His defect is fate. The secret plan juxtaposes Oedipus’s ignorance to his ain individuality with his tragic desperation as he learns that he has killed his male parent and married his female parent.

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Oedipus refuses to believe all of the prognostications until his prophesier eventually discloses the truth. He knows that he is the 1 who killed his male parent because he is the 1 who murdered Laius who in fact turned out to be his male parent that tried to acquire rid of him. After his married woman. Jocasta. finds out that Oedipus knows the truth she commits suicide. ‘How could I bear to see when all my sight was horror everyplace? ‘ ( ode 4 line 1289 ) This is said after Oedipus punishes himself by delving his eyes out. Oedipus so wanders the land a mendicant guided by his girl. Antigone. Clearly. so. all of these narratives represent a great illustration of calamity. They follow the regulations preset by Aristotle and besides the regulations of Arthur Miller. We have sympathy for the supporter in each drama but at the same clip we know that their down autumn is brought approximately by their ain ignorance. Even though the character is tragic he is besides a great adult male because they suffer for the well being of others.


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