Complexity Measurement of Solving Sudoku Problem Through Creating Solver Softwaree Essay

Logical puzzles has come in a wide range of variety as of today.

Different ages has been playing puzzles to reduce stress or even for entertainment. Playing logical puzzles will help in focusing on reasoning and sequencing. This benefit of play will improve a person’s solving abilities, concentrating on numbers and patterns, logic and sequencing. One of these puzzles is Sudoku. Sudoku, or Su Doku, is the name for a maddeningly addictive Japanese number logic puzzle which has become a bona fide craze in the United States during the past few months.

La Monica, CNN, 2005) The puzzle was designed by Howard Garns in 1979. ( http://www. spiritustemporis. com/sudoku/history. html, 2008) Su Doku comes in varying levels of difficulty. Complexity measurement is used to determine the complexity of a problem. The difficulty of a sudoku puzzle can be determine by the number of given number and their arrangement. Sudoku problems with lesser number are easier to solve than those with more given numbers.

It must have only one solution.The goal is to fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every box contains the digits one to nine. Sudoku is mainly published in newspaper and in books. As the puzzle gets worse people are trying to find a way to solve puzzles not by human but by computer. To fasten the solving time of a puzzles, algorithms are used to create a software which will automatically solves it. A puzzle solver will lessen the time of solving and will accurately check the correctness of the entered puzzle.Also, the measurement of complexity in sudoku will be determine. Objectives The general objective of the study is to develop a software which will measure the complexity of Sudoku.

It specifically aims to: 1. identify and analyze the time consuming problem in solving the manual version of Sudoku; 2. analyze and specify the requirements needed to develop the software ; 3.

design and develop the software that will make use of Visual Basic. NET; and 4. creating a solver software to measure the complexity of Sudoku problem


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