Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Essay

Ryan Campbell R. Campbell 1 Mrs. Hawkins ENG 3UI 7 May 2013 ”Composed Upon Westminster Bridge” effective use of poetic devices explaining how William Wordsworth sees true beauty within nature In the poem ”composed upon Westminster bridge”, William Wordsworth illustrates and observes the calm early morning view he has from his special viewing point off Westminster Bridge.

He has a unique way of describing it with simple language, reflecting in the simplest way his own personal first person perspective and thoughts on the scene from the bridge.Wordsworth uses great imagery and personification to really strike the scene across as truly amazing. He also uses metaphors very well to help compare the true beauty in nature to the man made structures and objects people see all the time and think of as astonishing. The happy and over joyful images portrayed in the poem really excite people about Wordsworth’s point of view and helps get the point across that true beauty is not made necessarily its all around us in nature itself.The poetic devices used in his poem help show that beauty is not always made by hand but that it is formed throughout nature on calm, peaceful mornings or afternoons. Just look at nature around and view how beautiful it can be. Imagery is a huge poetic device used throughout the poem to really help the reader visualize what is actually happening through each descriptive scene.

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The imagery allows a clear image and really helps the point wordsworth is trying to put across. His imagery describes through a visual presentation how nice the scenery is“All bright and glittering in the smokeless air”[8].


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