Computer Games Addiction Essay

Computer Games nowadays are very popular especially here in the Philippines. Computer games evolved from video games.

These are games that are designed or programmed on a machine with a screen and a controller ( joystick, mouse, keyboard ) that controls the game’s action. There different types of games played professionally. These games are divided into four classifications: Fighting games, Real- time strategy, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and First person shooter. Fighting games were the earliest games to be played professionally. These games are played with joystick.

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These games can played either 1on 1 or 2on 2. Some of the popular fighting games are Street Fighter series and Mortal Kombat. Real-time strategy games are played by a player against another player. Some of the popular Real-time strategy games are Starcraft and Warcraft In South Korea , top Starcraft players are seen as celebrities. MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena are games that are played online. Examples are DOTA or Defense of the Ancients, DOTA 2 and League of Legends which was inspired by DOTA.

In the Philippines DOTA is considered as one of the most popular online games in the country.First Person Shooter are games that are played team vs team. The game is played with the player holding a gun and weapons through a First-person perspective. In the Phiippines, League of Legends , Counter- Strike and DOTA are the most played games. Due to the poor law and policies implementation, computer shops and cyber cafes allow students to pay during class hours. These students are more likely to be from Fourth Grade to College. Factors that Make Computer Games Addicting Computer Games are growing , Gaming industry is developing , more games are invented and E-sports continues to spread all over the world.

According to the site ”Video Game Addiction” ,there are five major factors that make computer games addicting: High score, Beating the game, Role-playing, Discovery, and Relationship. High scores make computer games addicting. Run is a good example , the player tends to beat the high score even if the high score is his own high score. This factor can keep the player playing for several hours. Beating the game means completing the tasks or the missions of the game. In DOTA, the goal is to destroy your opponent’s Frozen Throne or World Tree.Role-playing games get to create the characters in the game and embark on an adventure that’s somewhat unique to that character. Consequently, there’s an emotional attachment to the character, and the story makes it much harder to stop playing.

Discovery, some games especially Warcraft, League of Legends and DOTA have characters that are from imaginary worlds like Medusa and Zeus from Greek Mythology. This allows the players to discover different creatures and different imaginary worlds. Relationship is also another factor. Games that requires team vs another team are the games that build relationship among the players.

DOTA and Counter-strike is a good example. Team work and team synchronization make the players more attach to game. There are other factors that make computer games addicting like emotional factors. Children that are easily-bored or children that have problems, especially family problems tend to look for something that they would be in.

The researcher conducted a survey, the respondents were random students from Makati Science High School. The first question is “Do you play any computer game? ” Out of the 20 respondents, 16 answered Yes and 4 answered No.It is clearly seen in the graph that more than 80% of the 20 respondents play computer games. Based on this question, majority of the students play computer games. The second question is “What computer game/s do you play ? ”. Out of the 20 respondents, 11 answered DOTA, 3 answered LOL and 5 answered Counter-strike. More than 80% of the respondents play DOTA. Less than 40% play counter-strike and more than 20% play League of Legends.

Other games that are played are Assasin’s Creed, Amnesia, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Tetris, Crazy Kart, Ragnarok, Maplestory, Red Alert and SF or Special Force.The last question is “What do you think makes computer games addicting ? ” with the choices, High Score, Beating the Game, Role-playing, Discovery, Relationship, and others. Out of the 20 respondents, 12 answered High Score 11 answered Beating the game, 10 answered role-playing 8 answered Discovery and 3 answered relationship.

70% consider High Score as the main reason of computer games addiction. 64% Beating the Game, 58% Role playing, 47% Discovery and 17% believe it is Relationship. Some of the other answers were emotional factors, like when bored. Another answer is source of income.Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation Computer Games continue to grow and develop because computer games are addicting. There different factors that make computer games addicting.

Based from the survey, DOTA is the most played game, second is Counter-strike. You can also see in the graph the top three answers to the question “What do you think makes computer games addicting ? ” are High Score, Beating the Game and Role- Playing. High score which is found in games such as Tetris, Temple Run, DOTA, Counter-strike and League of Legends.

DOTA and Counter-strike which is the most played games by the students.Beating the game which is also included in DOTA and counter-strike. Role- playing, again is included in DOTA and Counter-strike. Interpretations: All the top three factors that make computer games addicting according to the survey are all found both in DOTA and Counter-strike. DOTA and Counter- strike are the most played games based from the survey. The respondents are students of Makati Science High School which means the respondents are teenagers. Out of the respondents, more than 80% play computer games.

80% of the respondents which are students play computer games.High Score, Beating the Game and Role-playing are the top three factors which are all found in games that are played especially by teenagers, like DOTA, League of Legends and Counter-strike. Today, in the Philippines more than a million teenagers play computer games because of the different factors: high score, beating the game and role-playing. The survey shows why teenagers become addicted to computer games. Because of these factors and the Philippines’ poor law enforcement, teenagers become more addicted to computer games and fail to focus on their studies.Works CitedElectronic Sports. 24 February 2013.

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