Concert at Grandfather Mountain Campgrounds Essay

The concert was amazing, very chill and relaxed setting. The weather was perfect the entire weekend with mild temperature and plenty of sunshine. The festival was not extremely crowded, bathrooms and tent grounds had plenty of room. Camped on Grandfather Mountain Campgrounds, a truly badass place at the base of the mountain. An icon of Western North Carolina, Grandfather soars to almost 6,000 feet in elevation, a major peak in the Blue Ridge. No problems throughout the festival, ran smoothly.

Railroad Earth killed it every night, great lights and awesome sound. Energy of the crowd was amazing, everybody had high spirits. Nobody at the festival missed Railroad Earth when they came out to play. A band I knew very little about blew me away. One of my favorite bands now from the MOMT 2012. Railroad Earth is the ultimate highlight of the festival, three days of them was almost not enough. Dr. Dog played on friday, awesome band. They started the festival off right giving the crowd great energy.

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One of my favorite bands at the concert, brought plenty of people in front of the stage to dance. Dr. Dog and Futurebirds sounded different than most of the other bands. The other bands had more of a bluegrass sound. Dr. Dog and Futurebirds sounded more rock, both very good. Futurebirds struck me as a little grunge with great sound. The flag hanging off one of Futurebirds guitars was awesome. The food was awesome, pizza and quesadillas become a favorite of mine.

A small amount of food vendors, small tents with clothing and hammocks for sale. Oh yeah, No BEER tent. Strange thing for a music festival to have no alcohol for sale. The mood of the festival was very relaxed and chill. People lounging around on the grass with plenty of room to listen to great music. Cooking and camping outside of the stage area was a fun time. Get to the festival early if you want a secluded camp spot! Great weekend that I will never forget!


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