Conflict happened out early

Conflict happened out early, when the South and the North both did not agree with each other about Henry Clay’s American System.
– Northerners were in support of it because it funded things such as internal development and the national bank – Southerners disagreed because the protective tariffs hurt the import and export of goods, their main source of income.
– South was angry because the balance between goods bought from the South was low compared to the price payed for Northern produced goods.
– Known as the Nullification Crisis of 1832
As new land was acquired, the South wanted more slavery, however with factories in place in the North, Northerners saw the immorality of slavery and no longer had a need for it.
Abolitionists vs Southern residents who were in support of slavery.
Southerners believed that the U.S was just a bunch of states put together and


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