consistency in result production

consistency in result production .According to Mbwesa (2006),it can also be considered as the degree to which instruments used for data collection are free from errors and thus produce consistent results .To ensure that the instruments used for this study were reliable ,the researcher used piloting which involved using the same measure to the selected respondents twice a week .For this study ,a period of 3 weeks was used .
A pilot study entails conducting a minor study prior to the main study .It ensures that the questions are set clear, provoke answer and do not bear researcher bias (Orodho, 2009).In simpler terms, piloting enables to establish if the instruments to be used in a study will work as expected therefore coming in handy to establish the validity and reliability of the instruments. Instruments for this study were piloted in Moi university town (pioneer) campus because it’s students were not included in the sample population.
Since the study was both quantitative and qualitative, the researcher used questionnaires and observation for additional information .The qualitative and quantitative data was primary data. A good rapport was established between the researcher and the students .Before issuing questionnaires respondents were made aware of a research. This ensured respondents did not shy away or lie .They were also made aware that there were no correct/incorrect answers and the researcher simply would like to get their views and an insight on whether they were aware that Facebook usage had created icons of models on their lifestyles. Their identities would not be revealed and profession ( if any) would not be affected as it will only be an exercise for research purpose and their responses would be kept strictly confidential and bearing the objectives of the study to identity and describe the extent to which Facebook usage has influenced student’s lifestyle in relation to their icons of models.
To free them from boredom and consumption of their time .The respondents were given a period of at least 5 days to have the questionnaire. Since the respondents were obtained through stratified purposive sampling it was assumed that sampling produced a sample whose findings would be used for statistical analysis then contribute to generasibility .This happened at both pre-testing and the main study .The research also looked at reviews of other peoples research in this area .
Finally, the purpose of sampling was to come up with elements that descriptively define a population and accurately portray characteristics that can be assigned to the general population, prior a sampling one must select the limit of analysis Nachmias (1994) .
Sampling began with the description of the target population whose characteristics would be generalized for the whole population .This ensured a complete and correct sampling frame. Bearing the statement of the problem in mind, related variables were easily identified. For sampling to be feasible, the target population was defined by objective criteria that clearly indicated its limits of inclusions .Singleton and Bruce(1999) Population in this case refers to undergraduate students of Moi University ,main campus .The sample size was 20 that was studied and whose characteristics were generalized to the entire population of the whole university stratified ,purposive sampling was used to select students for the analysis .
This research method was appropriate for assessing the use of Facebook in creating icons of models .According to Mbwesa (2006) data analysis is the variety of activities and processes that a researcher applies to a database so as to draw conclusions as well as make decisions regarding data collected from the field ,it involves summarizing categorizing and organizing raw data ,For this study ,the researcher went through the questionnaires and observational results to establish that the items had been responded to .The data was analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively .Qualitatively data was presented in themes and quantitative data presented using descriptive statistics by use of SPSS(statistical package for social sciences ).


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