Constitution Rights Essay

“In the United States. due procedure refers to a set of constituted legal rules. derived from the Constitution. that seek to protect the rights of citizens. ” Inga Johannsen was put in a state of affairs in which she was discriminated invidiously. Citizens of the United States were treated unevenly. stoping in a really unjust consequence for Johannsen. The survey that was found in Utopia was said to be excessively new to be to the full evaluated. significance. Inga should non hold been fired until at least farther grounds of this survey was said to be accurate. if anything.

If the state of affairs was different. for illustration. Inga had merely been hired by the school territory ; the consequences may non hold been such favoritism towards her personally. However. being said that she has been working for four old ages and 364 yearss. the scenario is 100 % unjust and self-discriminating. The clip Inga has been with this territory is a proved fact that she is so a really good teacher for 2nd graders. or she wouldn’t still be working. I believe that to fire person who’s been so dedicated to their occupation and has offered the school territory itself so much of their clip over a hair colour is merely incorrect.

This is a new survey that was merely found through the think armored combat vehicle and should merely be in affect for those whom are seeking to be placed as a instructor in the hereafter. Inga wasn’t given the opportunity to see if this peculiar survey was found to be accurate. which could hold resulted in her altering her hair colour immediately. The due procedure isn’t supplying Inga with any just processs. which is wholly why it is traveling against itself in this state of affairs. The 2nd she said she wouldn’t be altering her hair colour. the lone solution the school took was to fire her.

Something could hold been easy worked out for her sing her experience and history. Inga was an single whom was unmistakably acted against on as an person. In my point of position she has been neglected her of “life. autonomy or belongings. ” The authorities has every right to prohibit Billy Barroner’s advertizement for his saloon. Yes. he is advancing intoxicant to minor pupils. nevertheless ; Barroner is besides traveling against legal or moral ownership rights. This rights were failed to be mentioned in the scenario but could hold been brought up by the authorities if Billy tried to reason the instance.

Underage imbibing is a serious mode in many colleges. Binge imbibing can take to serious wellness issues and in some instances. future alcohol addiction. To advance this on a campus isn’t morally right and is traveling against the imbibing age jurisprudence. Other actions could hold been put into affect for Billy’s concern. One action Billy could hold taken would hold been to advance his concern elsewhere. which would hold resulted in about the same traffic flow. He could hold attempted to publicize his particular in town. where it would be targeted towards people off age. but college pupils would still be able to see every bit good.

It would hold been good for him due to the fact that pupils don’t remain on campus. they do travel into town every bit good. Some may reason that the authorities went against his rights. sing it’s a free state and we are granted the freedom of address ; nevertheless there are Torahs and rights that Billy didn’t obey. The authorities in this state of affairs was really just and sensible ; Billy merely took the action without thought of the effects and the imbibing age jurisprudence.


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