Constrastive analysis and translation studies are interconnected

HOW CONTRASTIVE LINGUISTICS AND TRANSLATION STUDIES ARE INTERCONNECTEDContrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies are connected each other. Contrastive Linguistics is one of linguistics branch which is concern or focus on comparing two different language but still cultural linked in order to Identified the similarities and differences in two different language. In other hand, translation studies is a discipline that concern or focus on rendering the meaning from one language to anoher language whether it is spoken or written.

here are shown that both Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies have a similarity which is both of them are dealing with two different language.Contrastive Linguistics are very usefull for a translator. As a study that focus on comparing two different languages to fing the similarities and differences, the data result of this theory can be used by a translator as a guide while doing translating activity, while a translator translating one language to another language.

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So that, the works or the translation products can be produced as close as possible from source text (ST) to target text (TT). While Translation Studies can become a tools for Constrastive Linguistics to recognized the differences and similarities of two language. By doing translating activity the differences and similarities can be seen.

Corpus is a tool for lingking both studies. According to (Siclair 1995:17), corpus is a set of some aspects of a languages: lexical, syntatic, etc, in order to be used as a sample of the language that gonna be analyze. Multilingual corpus or a corpus with one text of a language and  the translation version of some language is the tools that use as the source of contrastive linguitics that later can be used in Translation Studies. The student can observe the differences of two languages from compare the data in multilingual corpus and the transaltor can use the data from the student to translating a text. The relationship between Constrastive Linguitics and Translation Studies is interdependent one another.

Translation product (text) which is part of Translation Studies can be the source that provide data for Constrastive Linguistics. While Contrastive Linguistics may provide explanations of difficulty that find in Translation. While Corpora as a tools that help Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies in analysing the languages. 


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