Consumers are often connecting with one another and discussing everything from books to travel and everything in between

Consumers are often connecting with one another and discussing everything from books to travel and everything in between. While doing this, they are reinforcing marketing efforts or directly sharing their own experiences on the social web (Evans, 2012). There has become an increase in attraction to social media and an increase in frustration to the consumer with traditional media. Before you begin your marketing plan, you should build a solid base and knowledge of the tools available for marketing using social media. Perhaps the most important part is the understanding of and adherence to etiquette when using social media-based marketing. This can make or break the effectiveness of the campaign you are trying to create (Evans, 2012). “Social media contributes to informed choices by aggregating and making available to an interested individual the collective experience and resultant conversation” (Evans, 2012, p. 57).
The traditional media techniques used for marketing made customers, or target population, a passive beneficiary for the message or marketing stimuli, whereas, social media brings the interactivity part in. The interactivity feature focuses on customers as product makers rather than product takers. The main idea is to identify their taste, have their real time feedback, bring in changes and focus marketing efforts toward the features that customers are most sensitive to. In addition, the time and space constraints are broken via social media marketing. People can share their views and experiences without any hesitation or limitations placed. The firsthand information through the users of the product/service or brand makes it easier for the empowered customers to navigate through information and choose the best among the alternatives available to them. With such a wide-spread shift towards social media, marketing becomes indispensable via the same medium to exploit the opportunities that exist. The interactive nature of social media marketing further engages the customer with the product or brand as they feel involved and engaged in the process of product development and improvement (Hill & Moran, 2011).
Social media is a great way to connect to your customers and find out what they think about your products. If a company intends to grow its connections within its business, social media will connect them to more people. Social media provides a great opportunity to learn from those around as well as discovering new information by expanding your network. Social media offers an extended virtual network that offers the chance to progress a business using a wider set of connections. It opens the opportunity to find a business mentor, advertise your company, or build relationships that can help close deals (Brown, 2012). “Using social software inside an organization will also help you achieve an increase in productivity and a reduction in your long term costs” (Brown, 2012).


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