Contemporary Views and Theories on Motivation Essay

What is human resource management? Human resource management is the function within an organization that mainly focuses on recruiting managers, supervisors, lower level staffs and providing direction for the people who work in the organization by dealing issues related to staff such as hiring, performances, motivating, disciplinary procedures ,staff turnovers, training and monitoring performances, appraisal, counseling, compensation, safety, wellness and benefits to fill those needs. *Explain how HRM can enhance performance in an organization?

Organizations need resources such as material, men, money, machines, methods, time and information to attain the goals of the organization. Out of all resources Human resources are the most vital resources in an organization. Employees are not just people who are employed, but a resource like human can be developed. To develop the power of the organization Human resource management play the vital role and style in an organization. Human resources function today is far different to what was referred to as the personnel management function in the olden days.

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Organizations are now consider that the human resource as a resource that could be developed rather than managed. So not like olden days personnel management Human resource management have more responsibility to developed the resources in an organization. To develop the power of an organization Human Resources management has to organized function of planning for human resource needs such as, Recruitment and selection, induction training and development, Compensation benefits, succession planning, employee welfare health and safety, Grievance handling, employee relations and industrial relations Evaluation of performance to fill those needs.

By putting these function in practice human resources can be developed very skillfully in an organization. One of the main functions of Human Resource management is hiring right person to the right position by doing this organization can reduce employee turnovers . Its very important to select right person to the right position to do that human resource management can internally trained staff and promote them or they can advertise in various newspapers, job banks and online etc… when they advertising they need to advertise the position with the job descriptions and personnel specifications and source of recruitment.

Once they received the applications they need to select the persons who suits to the position with the qualification and call them for an interview. The selection process can be done by various type of interviews like formal interview, informal interview, individual interview, group interview or panel interviews and compiling shortlists and examination. but employee should select meritocracy manner not by recommendation or other various influence to avoid employee turnovers and other complications.

Once the right staff selected to the positions it’s very important to give an effective induction programme to new employees it’s also refer as orientation. Effective induction is the first impression to the new employee about the organization and it’s very helpful to motivate them. induction can be done by two levels one general induction and other one department induction.

In the induction day inductor need to give all kind of information about the organization such as owner, top, middle, first line managers, mission and vision of the organization, company rules, working hours, handbook, disciplinary and grievance procedures, employee benefits and other various informations to get thorough knowledge about the organization to new employees. Induction by the department also help employee to feel at home introduction to the new work place environment, colleagues and initial instruction on the job this make new employees very comfortable in new work place. 99 One of the crucial areas of an organization is its performance. It’s clear that organizational success lies in the hand of the employees who put in their best efforts to be effective in their area of work. Although it’s individual or group performance finally it’s lead to organizational performance. To get high performance employees should trained regular basis and training emphasizes immediate improvement in job performance.

Job training can increase the employees skills, responsibility and career development. Well trained employee show a greater increase in and higher quality of work output and a systematic training programme helps to reduce the learning time and less supervision. Proper training will reduce the wastage and improve quality, increase employee morale, work can be standardized, develop the motivation, benefits the health and safety, better management and lesser staff turnover.

Training should carry out systematically by develop a training policy, identify training needs, plan training, carry out training and evaluate training by doing this cycle of training can improve the performance and productivity. Disciplinary procedures and grievance procedures also very important to an organization to maintain their quality and standard. Human resources management should develop a proper policy of discipline according to the organization need and staff benefit.

These policies can trained in the time of induction day and on the job. Disciplinary and Grievance terms specifically stated verbally or in writing in regard to the contract of employment. Encouraging employees to maintain self-discipline is the responsibility of the human resource management and they are responsibility to create the atmosphere for the employees to maintain the self-discipline by informing or educating all employees on rules, regulation and standards of the organization.

Educating employees on objectives expected from these rules, regulation and standards. Regulation in positive approach rather than in orders like Placing proper sign boards ex- Danger zone, make sure you wearing safety devices these make emplyees to keep maintain the company rules, regulation and standards. The employee who violate the company rules need to be punished to prevent other staffs this can done by giving warning by verbally, in writing or termination.

Human resources management also need to consider about the health and safety of the employees. Its very important to prevent high risk and danger caused during the working condition and always need to give safe working condition to all the employees because if they healthy and fit only they can produce high quality performance. To prevent accident and health problem human resources management need to implement safety policies, enforcing safety rules and giving proper training to all the employees’ regular basis.

It is the responsibility of the human resources department to maintain records of its employees. They need to maintain personnel records are such as employees application (CV), letter of appointment, all certificates, copy of NIC, photograph, police report, promotions, transfers, disciplinary actions, service agreement, medical and etc.. By doing the above mentioned facts in a proper way human resources management can enhance their performance in an organization .


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