Continuities and Change over Time in the Silk Road Sample Essay

The Silk Route is a convenient name for the Trans Asia trade paths. At one point it was viewed as a route along which silk from China was brought to Turkey and sold to Europeans. That is an overly simplistic and non awfully realistic position. It was non a individual route but a figure of complecting Caravan Routes over which trade was conducted. The Silk path dates back at least 5500 old ages where as silk merely dates back about three thousand old ages. The early trade on the path was for stone salt. Salt isn’t necessary for life and has a figure of utilizations.

Salt can assist continue meat and shepherds would salt their herds ( no. of animate beings feeding or going together ) to acquire them to take on H2O so that they might last mountain eatage or desert crossings without H2O for longer than they could otherwise. The Silk Routes ( jointly known as the ‘Silk Road’ ) were of import waies for cultural commercial and technological exchange between bargainers. merchandisers.

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pilgrims. missionaries. soldiers. nomads and urban inhabitants from Ancient China.

Ancient India. Ancient Tibet. Persia and Mediterranean states for about 3. 000 old ages.It gets its name from the moneymaking Chinese silk trade.

which began during the Han Dynasty ( 206 BC-220 BC ) . Widening 4. 000miles. the paths enabled people to transport goods. particularly luxuries such as slaves.

silk. satin. and other all right cloths.

musk. other aromas. spices. medical specialties. gems. glasswork and even rhubarb ( works of which the fleshy chaffs are cooked and used as fruit ) .

every bit good every bit functioning as a conduit ( channel ) for the spread cognition. thoughts. civilizations and diseases between different parts of the universe ( Ancient China. Ancient India [ Indus vale. now Pakistan ] . Asia Minor.

and the Mediterranean ) . Although the term the Silk Road implies a uninterrupted journey. really few who traveled the path traversed it from terminal to stop. For the most portion. goods were transported by a series of agents on…


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