Contribution of feminist research to our understanding of society Sample Essay

Feminist research has become really popular over the past 30 old ages.

which has helped our understanding society. This besides means that adult females are seen as more of import than earlier. Ray Pawson’s research has helped our apprehension of society as it describes the weak thesis. Eichler’s non-sexist research has besides helped our apprehension of society. Ann Oakley and post-modern women’s rightists perspective on society have besides helped our apprehension of society.

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Although feminist positions have helped our apprehension of society it is utile to look at different positions such as functionalism and Marxism.Ray Pawson’s research has helped our apprehension of society as he distinguishes between the weak thesis and the strong thesis of feminist research methods. In footings of the weak thesis.

research methods in sociology are basically sound. But there is a job. this is that in pattern they are shot through with sexism. Eichler’s non-sexist research methods is an illustration of the attack to purge them of sexism.

She identifies major countries of sexism which infuse the research procedure. What they include are ; Androcentricity. which is the screening of the universe from a traditional male position.

The 2nd is overgeneralisation. this is when surveies deal with lone work forces but present their findings as though they applied to both work forces and adult females. For illustration until late societal mobility surveies in Britain were based entirely on work forces.Ann Oakley’s position on society has contributed a batch to our apprehension of society. She argues that the standard attack to interviewing has the undermentioned features ; a ) it’s position as a mechanical instrument of data-collection.

B ) it’s map as a specialized signifier of conversation in which one individual asks the inquiries and another gives the replies. degree Celsius ) it’s word picture of persons and vitamin D ) it’s decrease of interviewers to a inquiry inquiring and rapport-promoting function. Oakley finds this attack as clinical.

manipulative. exploitative and hierarchical. Feminist methodological analysis would replace this by a non-hierarchal relationship. with the research worker giving every bit good as having.

This argues for a alteration in research methods. a new type of questioning. instead than merely cleansing bing methods of sexism. It argues that research techniques are so full of male premises and patterns. that they must be changed. These alterations are non merely morally correct. they will besides ensue in better information.Post-modern feminism has besides helped our apprehension of society.

Postmodernists believe that feminism is non a individual position. In its early yearss. things were reasonably simple. Womans were the oppressed. work forces were the oppressors. the mark was patriarchy and the purpose was to emancipate adult females. There was a inclination to see adult females as a individual uniform class.

Groups of adult females objected to this attack. for illustration black adult females and sapphic adult females. They were adult females. although they argued their experiences and societal state of affairs distinguished them from adult females in general. As a consequence many of the generalizations about adult females did non use or merely partially applied to them.

Post-modern feminism takes this statement a measure farther. It rejects the standard women’s rightist ‘grand story’ of adult females as a homogenous uniform class. faced with an oppressive patriarchal system.It even rejects classs which subdivide the class adult females. such as black adult females. sapphic adult females and working category adult females. Post-modern women’s rightists emphasise diverseness and fluctuation.

They argue that research should be unfastened to this diverseness instead than nearing it with pre-set classs. Although this attack has helped our apprehension of society it has been criticised by a figure of women’s rightists. Interrupting down or rejecting the class ‘women’ prevents the possibility of doing generalizations which apply to most or all adult females. It besides blunts the force of feminist protest and threatens the integrity of adult females as a group. Underscoring fluctuation and singularity may take to split and suppress. so functioning male laterality.There are other positions that have helped our understanding such as Karl Marx’s position. There are three chief characteristics of his thoughts these are ; material conditions of production.

which is a production of goods and services. the 2nd thought is motor of societal alteration is category struggle. this means that category struggle ‘forces’ alteration in society. the 3rd thought is that people can scientifically place the conditions in which society will alter.

in this thought Marx explains that a classless society would come approximately. For understanding society Marx describes his first thought about material conditions of production. In this thought he explains why we need production to remain alive. such as the production of vesture. nutrient and shelter.

Marx besides states that there is a differentiation between the base and superstructure in society. He describes the base as the force of production. which has all the things needed to do goods.The base consists of dealingss of production and the mean of production which leads to mode of production. In this thought he besides describes the superstructure. which is where all of societal construction comes out of the system of male monarchs. Godheads.

knights and that the church justifies this system. This means that God decides peoples place in society. Marx’s 2nd thought for understanding society is motor of societal alteration is category struggle. He distinguished four chief manners of production that have succeeded each other. these are ; crude communism. ancient society. feudal system and capitalist economy.

The crude communism was the basic society where everyone was equal. Ancient society. feudal system and capitalist economy all had differences within the society.

there was ever one group of people that were working another group this means that there is struggle between them.The concluding thought of Marx gives a better apprehension of society. This is because it explains the theories of disaffection. crisis and contradiction. category polarization and radical alteration.

Marx believed that capitalist economy merely had two categories these were the people who own capitalist economy. who he called the middle class and the 2nd category were the people that did non ain agencies of production. who he called the labor. Marx believed that the middle class exploit the labor and that this development would take to disaffection which is a state of affairs where they have been forced into a state of affairs when made to experience different.

The labor felt alienated because they are forced to work to carry through their demands such as feeding. vesture and holding a house. Marx said that if they were non forced to travel to work they wouldn’t. In today’s society people that win the bingo frequently avoid working because they have adequate money to carry through their demands. As capitalist economy develops contradictions would originate.

as the middle class are driven to do net income they have to follow more sophisticated engineering which creates the possibility for the population as a whole to bask a high criterion of life and for its members to carry through themselves.However this is non possible because the middle class continue to do more money and maintain the difference of relationship between the middle class and the labor as an ‘us and them’ relationship. Capitalism becomes more concentrated which makes it easier for production to be centrally coordinated and orientated to peoples demands. However this is non possible because the middle class are go oning to vie with each other to do net incomes. Marx’s thoughts are utile for understanding society. nevertheless his position of how capitalist economy would develop did non go on.

The communist society did come around. but non in the manner that Marx thought. In the20th century it had witnessed the constitution of communist province after a revolution although these occurred in non-capitalist society and failed to carry through Marx’s vision of freedom and equality.There is besides Emile Durkheim’s position for understanding society. To assist understand society Durkheim described societal facts. These societal facts are characterised by two things. the first is that they must be external to the person and secondly they must exert restraint over the person. He explained that linguistic communication is a societal fact.

this is because it is external to the person because it exists before we are born and it will be when we die and it is something that people would portion in a societal group. Language exercises restraint over an person because if people want to speak they need to speak the same linguistic communication. we are constrained because we have to utilize one linguistic communication. The words besides cause restraint because people need to utilize the correct words.

Another of import statement from Durkheim is that in explicating societal facts it is necessary to separate between their cause and their societal map.To understand this we need to see his ‘organismic analogy’ which is the thought that societies are like populating beings. In this thought he explains that there are many parts of society that all work together for the overall well-being of society.

and if one portion did non work decently the whole of society would non work decently. Durkheim argued that merely by analyzing the part which each of a societies parts makes to its overall operation can hold a complete apprehension of these parts. This can besides be called holistic theory. ‘the whole is greater than the amount of its parts. ’ The survey of any societal facts maps must be different from the survey of its cause. The effects can non do a phenomenon to come into being because the functional effects come into being after the phenomenon has come into being. Durkheim hence claimed that the cause of societal facts which occurred at an earlier point in clip.

Durkheim besides explains the division of labor to assist understand society. In this he focuses on morality which is a societal fact. Moral codifications are external to persons they besides are restraining over persons because they influence our behavior. Morality is indispensable for understanding societal order. Durkheim argued that human felicity.

societal order and societal solidarity could merely be achieved by ordinance of human desires to within come-at-able bounds. In Durkheim’s book. ‘Division of labor in society’ he showed how little graduated table societies developed to a modern industrial society. the footing of moral ordinance and societal solidarity besides underwent alteration. Durkheim argued that in the former type of society. societal order was achieved by what he called mechanical solidarity. In these societies the extent to which different persons performed different undertakings were really limited.

so a individual set of moral regulations were sufficient to steer them.This position is helpful for understanding society because it describes and explains societal facts being facets of society which are external to the person and restrain their behavior. Durkheim’s positions besides explain holistic theory.

which is a position that states that the whole is greater than the amount of its parts. His thoughts besides explain map and societal map as the part made by societal fact to the operation of society as a whole. Mechanical solidarity is besides explained as a signifier of moral ordinance based on shared values.

The corporate scruples which unites members of society. However there are restrictions of Durkheim’s thoughts because it has been argued that his position of human nature is unrealistically pessimistic. His statement about human existences need to be morally regulated by society is the direct antonym of Marx’s position that human nature is in fact corrupted by the societal dealingss of production in capitalist societies.Feminist research has been really utile for our apprehension of society. Although to derive a wider position and a better apprehension of society it is best to look at a assortment of different positions.

This is because where some positions have disadvantages the others would hold advantages.


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