Controlled assesement for music video Essay

We chose to do Riverside-Sidney Samson, for our music video. We chose this because we wanted our video to be fun and upbeat. We wanted the finished product to be abstract, we didn’t want a story to it, and didn’t really have a message to put across. Our target audience was teenagers because this type of music appeals to them.

The genre of Riverside, is house/electro, this is an upbeat, dance genre, and used mostly in nightclubs. The conventions of this genre is that it is made on a computer. Using instrument sounds, the main one being drums. The artists project a fun, carefree manner, and present themselves as being fun loving, party animals, and their songs and videos are never serious. The original video was filmed using sexy ladies, then lots of different colour, cartoons and animations to make it sexy.

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We wanted to take the idea of the abstract, random video, but put it in a different context. The subject matter in house/electro songs, is young people being free, living life and having fun. The genre gets you in the mood to party, its the sort of song you play when your drinking and dancing, generally having a good time, which is why they play it in clubs. Some songs from the same genre are:

* Basshunter-Now your gone

* H20 ft platinum- what we gona do?

* Kid Cudi- Day n night

Sidney Samson is a fairly new artist to the house genre, and riverside was his first major hit, but he has had a few least popular songs in the past including:

* Shut up and let it go

* Emporium

* Pump up the stereo

Our video is an abstract video, we did this because we wanted our video to be different, we thought just telling a story is like same old, same old, and we wanted ours to be more fun. Our video represents young people doing normal things, like going to school etc, but just having fun. The video shows messing around, dancing, and just generally being teenagers. The actors look happy because they look like there just doing what they want, and not taking life to seriously. Not taking life to serious is the message we wanted to get across.

In our video we are just wearing school uniforms, this is to show that fact that the teenagers are just at school. We used different gender, race, age and stereotype because this reinforces the fact that it doesn’t matter who or what you are, its about being an indivual, and being who you want to be. Our video represents teenagers in a good way, because we are often stereotyped as being trouble makers, and we wanted to prove different through the use of our video.

The video could be shown on the internet, music shops, or TV. I think the internet would be the best choice, because lots of people use it. We could have pop ups on facebook, because facebook is so popular, or we could upload videos to you tube. I think it could be shown on the TV about 6, when teenagers are home from school, and just chilling. We could also advertise are new video using radio adverts. I don’t think this would be a very succesfull method though, as not many teenagers listen to the radio. I think the best way would be on the internet, because this is the source that most people use.

Self regulatory means that the producers are responsible for their own videos, but OFCOM have the power to withdraw or censor your video, or refuse to play it until after nine. OFCOM is the body which deals with complaints from viewers. If necessary they can take action. They are the ones responsible for maintaining standards of decency. A number of famous pop videos have been banned due to indecency:

* Come together- the beatles- banned because it contained what could have been a coca cola advert.

* God save the queen- sex pistols- banned for indecent lyrics

* Relax-frankie goes to Hollywood-contained lyrics that could have been linked to sex.

I think the strengths of our video is that we used a catchy song, and at the time we filmed it, it was quite new, so lots of people knew it. The weaknesses was that it was filmed in the same place, and quite a lot of the video looked the same, so it was good at the beginning, but towards the end started to drag and become boring. We wanted to achieve a fun video and get the message across to people to just let loose and have fun. I don’t think the video would appeal to adults, as they probably wouldn’t understand teenage humour, or the genre of music we chose. I think if we had of had a story to our video, and filmed it in different, more interesting places, this would have improved our vide.


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