Converse Case Essay

Understanding needs as states of felt deprivation, not created by marketers but basic parts of the human makeup, I can say that converse customers demonstrate the individual need of self-expression, authenticity, creativity, empowerment, choice, individuality, freedom. They also demonstrate the underlying need that people have to entertain themselves Although converse clients need to find a way to self-express and entertain themselves, they want to step around an assembly line comprised of clearly labeled work stations, where they can choose shoes from a bin, embroidered them, include colors, stitch them.This example is aligned with the idea that wants are the form human needs take as shaped by culture and individual personality. Giving their wants and resources, Converse customers demand specific products that add up to the most valuable and satisfaction.

Among the most relevant examples we can mention are new accessories. Professional sport venues are also specific ideas that were interpreted as customers’ demands by the company. Implication of each need, wants, and demands on converse actions. We should consider how wants differ from these fundamental needs.Basically, they may need to belong, but could fulfill hat need through any number of outlets.

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Based on cultural and personality factors, they develop a specific desire to belong. 2. 3. Converse uses Marketing concept from the five market management concepts, because marketing concept is the idea in which achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of the target markets by delivering the desired satisfaction better than the competitor do. Converse achieved its success by knowing the needs and wants of customers.

They focus on customer’s needs and pay their full attention toward satisfying customer’s needs and wants.


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