Coral Reefs Salt Marshes Mangroves Sample Essay

Salt Marshes• Salt fens are found along low lying coastlines where boggy land is flooded by sea H2O either day-to-day or less often. • Many UK salt fens have been reclaimed for farm land. but those that remain provide valuable home grounds where salt-tolerant workss turn and birds nest. Salt fens besides pay a critical function for coastal protection. they contain brooks which allow tidal Waterss to flux both in and out which reduces the moving ridge energy.

Plants in the fen are besides effectual at cut downing wave energy. Salt fens are one of the most threatened ecosystems today menaces include: • Land renewal – people believe they are a waste of infinite so are drained • Industrial pollution- located in estuaries where rubbish is dumped. • Transporting and boating- invariable activity which leads to decease of marsh wildlife Global heating is besides seting the salt fens at hazard because: Addition of large storms
Rising sea degreeChanging temperatures
MangrovesMangroves are trees and bushs that grow in saline coastal home grounds ( saltwater home grounds ) . Mangroves roots. which are exposed at low tide. trap silt and assist make new land.

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Mangroves are critical for the home grounds of wildlife as they provide critical baby’s rooms for immature sea animals such as fish and crustaceans. Mangrove timber provides fuel and edifice stuff for people populating by the seashore. The greatest value of Rhizophora mangles to the coastal country is its protection against storms and inundation rushs. for illustration in the 2004 Asian tsunami merely 2 people dies in a Sri Lanka small town which had dense Rhizophora mangles in its coastline. nevertheless in a similar small town without Rhizophora mangle protection over 6000 dice.

Coral reefsCoral reefs are produced by populating beings. they are found in shoal. tropical H2O and place to a monolithic scope of animate being and works life. Coral can be easy stressed by increased human activity. if continued for long periods coral Begins to decease. Reefs are under menace from pollution.

over-fishing and increased acid in the ocean. Coral are appreciated because of. biodiversity. coastal protection. fish species and tourist/leisure entreaty.


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