Core biology practicals Essay

Professional Development and Training advancing learning, changing lives AH External Units ; Unit 7: Meeting Individual Needs – Synoptic unit ; Unit 12: Understanding Human Behavior AH H&SC (UPS/EYE) Professional Development and Training from Deduced March 2006 copyright Deduced Ltd Unit 7: Meeting Individual Needs This unit focuses on: ; How health and social care services are provided ; How services meet needs ; How accountability within care organizations is maintained Unit 12: Understanding HumanBehavior ; Influences on behavior and their effects ; Theories of human behavior – behavioral approaches cognitive approaches psychodrama approaches humanistic approaches ; Human behavior and care values in care situations Format of the papers ; Stimulus response papers which link to the pathways ; Questions will relate to the case studies ; Candidates will be given the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and application of principles and concepts – Issue 1 ; Papers will be 1 mourn and 30 minutes long Papers will be marked out of 90 Frequently asked questions – 1 IQ: Do I have to cover all of the material in the specification? Yes as this is good practice, but the paper set by the principal examiner may not cover all of the unit in the specification.

In the course of time all of the content will be covered in the paper. Q: Can candidates sit the exam more than once? Yes the candidate can sit the paper more that once, as many times as the centre wishes. Frequently asked questions – 2 Q: What is the best form of delivery? Short/fat or long/thin?This is essentially a centre specific decision which will depend on the resources available within each centre and the tutors experience in delivering the unit. Q: Do I teach both externally tested units in year one or spread it over two years? Again this will be centre specific and dependent on the teaching resources available. It will also depend on the ability of the student cohort at that time. Frequently asked questions – 3 Q: Does the candidate have to pass all the units? No.

Q: How is the qualification awarded? The qualification, like VICE, is cumulative, but it is awarded in a similar format to the GEESE. That is, internal and external units will be awarded Jointly so that there is comparability across units.Frequently asked questions – 4 Q: If I opt for the single award ICE (six units) can the candidates complete it in one year and can they complete it in two years? It will depend entirely on your student cohort and their ability, as well as the teaching resources available. As Witt any new programmer you would be advised to plan your delivery with your team, prior to its announcement. Take it slowly so that you do not feel pressurized or stressed. Frequently asked questions – 5 Q: Will support material be continually developed to assist my delivery? Yes the Senior Team are currently in the process of producing teacher resources in addition to the textbooks.


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