Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) means that a corporation should be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people. their communities. and their environment.

Actually. MTR has been execution of CSR. Since 1993. MTR staff will utilize their trim clip to lend to society. spontaneously organize and take part in voluntary activities.

In 2005. MTR has besides set up a voluntary plan. to supply support for employees. The the MTR at “railway people. railroad Heart” voluntaries plan to take part in 86 community undertakings and take part in voluntary up to 1. 800 people and 12. 000 receivers. The mark includes the aged. low-income households. the physically handicapped. mentally retarded individuals and other people in demand.

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MTR non merely put up a voluntary plan. but besides provide free drives publicities for aged. Furthermore. MTR organized 17 work-life balance seminars and 8 value creative activity seminars.

In add-on. MTR in 2005 to assist set up the first Charter of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR Charter ) . served as one of its laminitis members. It formulates the first MTR corporate societal duty guidelines. every bit good as the constitution of sustainable development and corporate societal duty policy Steering Committee.

You can see that. MTR held accountable for Hong Kongers of its actions. The vision of MTR is that attention services. associating and constructing community to go an internationally recognized concern innovator. And. we think MTR been attempts to implement. However. MTR can make it better.

Some of peoples said that MTR held accountable for Hong Kongers of its actions is inadequacy. Although MTR is Limited Corporation. the largest stockholder still is authorities. Therefore. MTR belong public goods. it must be emphasized that the public public assistance at first. Because of it. parts of public think that MTR should make more to keep or better our public public assistance.

The most people displeasure MTR is the menu should diminish or cut down to supply cheaper ticket for public as MTR earn much money each twelvemonth. It should give some feedback to public. MTR owns along the existent estate development undertakings. the entire assets more than three 100 billion dollar. MTR offer grants to riders. such as short-run menu grants “ten acquire one free” . but this little favours evidently non been accepted by the populace. We think that MTR should believe more about public and to listen to the positions of the populace. and do the appropriate action or respond. MTR is a big public company ; it should non merely concentrate on economic net income and ought to look out the demands of populace. If non. public will procession to show their dissatisfaction because MTR do non held accountable for Hong Kongers of its actions.

The impact of CSR on the company’s economic net income is really little. or non even. The most popular argument of CSR is that CSR will do the company lowers economic efficiency and net income as the concern demand to utilize excess resources for societal intents. But. it is non be applicable on MTR. It is because MTR non merely supply conveyance services. it besides have other concern. such as investing in lodging. Therefore. the net income of MTR is really big. Even though it use some resource to implement CSR. it will non impact its net income. Conversely. it will aroused public discontent if MTR have non implement its CSR as MTR is a large company and gain a batch of money from public. it should make something for public.

On the other manus. it may impact its image as public think that MTR merely concentrate on economic net income without their public public assistance. Although MTR ever construct its image via Television. but parts of people think that it is non plenty. They do non merely desire the publicity and they want the existent action. like lessening the menu. Peoples are non easy to lead on. If MTR non listen and better its actions. program or behaviour. it will increase the displeasure of public and impact its image. Peoples will follow a more extremist behaviour to show their dissatisfaction when it does non hold any better. And. it will impact its repute.


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