Corporation and Sole Proprietorship Sample Essay

Write a 350 to 700 word account of how each concern construction might and might non be advantageous. Business constructions: Sole Proprietorship. partnership. or corporation Sole proprietary allows people with limited financess to run their ain concern. It’s cheap to acquire started. It besides allows people to hold absolute authorization over all concern determinations. A exclusive proprietary has complete control and decision-making power over the concern. Sale or reassign can take topographic point at the discretion of the exclusive proprietary. There are no corporate revenue enhancement payments and there are few formal concern demands ( “Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships” . ( 1999-2014 ) ) . Easiest legal construction to prosecute besides the easiest to obtain a licence for. A exclusive proprietary may non be advantageous because the exclusive owner of the concern can be held responsible for the debts every bit good as the duties of the organisation ( “Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorships” . ( 1999-2014 ) ) . There are two different types of partnerships. general partnership and a limited partnership. General partnership can be every bit simple as a written understanding between two people.

General partnerships require a really little sum of paperwork. Unlike corporations. partnerships can run in many provinces without acquiring a new license for each province the organisation is run in. General partnerships abide by less ordinances and are under less authorities supervising than corporations. Since persons form partnerships. they are taxed like a exclusive proprietary. Each spouse has to include her concern income on their personal revenue enhancement return and they can subtract concern losingss on their single return every bit good ( “The Advantages of General Partnerships” . ( 2014 ) ) . General partnerships might non be advantageous because partnerships are limited to a little figure of proprietors which makes it an impractical manner to manage an organisation with 100s of proprietors ( “The Advantages of General Partnerships” . ( 2014 ) ) . A limited partnership limits the personal liability of each spouse to their capital investing. Limited partnerships are formed by two or more people. with at least one individual moving as the general spouse who has direction authorization and personal liability. and at least one individual in the function of limited spouse who is a inactive investor with no direction authorization.

All spouses. both general and limited. must come in into limited partnership by either unwritten or written understanding ( “Limited Partnership” . ( 2012 ) ) . A disadvantage of limited partnerships is the legal duty. As a spouse. he or she is lawfully responsible for the actions of each of your concern spouses. A limited partner’s liability for the partnership’s debt is limited to the sum of money or the belongings that single spouse contributed to the partnership. This is non true of the general partnership. where any money or belongings contributed becomes an plus for each spouse ( “Pros and Cons of Limited Partnerships” . ( 1999-2014 ) ) . Corporation is the most complex concern construction. There are General Corporations. Subchapter S Corporations. and Limited Liability Corporations. A general corporation is the most common construction. In this instance the company would be a separate legal entity and owned by shareholders. The company is allowed to hold an limitless figure of shareholders and these shareholders are protected from concern creditors.

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An advantage is the company’s personal assets are protected from concern debt or liability. The disadvantage of a general corporation is how expensive it is to organize than proprietaries and partnerships ( “Different Types of Corporations: Advantages/ Disadvantages of Corporations” . ( 1998-2011 ) ) . Subchapter S Corporation is a general corporation and has a particular IRS revenue enhancement position. This type of corporation is largely used by little concerns. It provides a manner to unite the revenue enhancement advantages of a exclusive proprietary or partnership with the limited liability and digesting life of a corporate construction.

The advantages of a S Corporation is the revenue enhancement nest eggs. concern disbursal revenue enhancement credits. and it allows these corporations to hold an independent life separate from its stockholders this means if a stockholder leaves the company the concern is non disrupted much. A disadvantage for Subchapter S Corporations would be less flexibleness in apportioning income and loss. and closer IRS examination. A Limited Liability Company is non a corporation but it has many similar advantages to an S Corporation with added flexibleness for pull offing the concern and with fewer S Corporation ownership limitations. LLC now-a-days is a penchant because it is easy to obtain and there is a small spot of protection for the organisation.


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