Corrections Accreditation and Privatization Essay

“Corrections accreditation is intended to better installation operations through attachment to clear criterions relevant to all areas/operations of the installation. including safety. security. order.

inmate attention. plans. justness. and administration” ( “American Correctional Association” . n.

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d. ) . Traveling through these types of procedures can be really good to a corrections officer’s development. Traveling through these processs.

the experience will help them in maintaining and keeping a professional mentality in any state of affairs. Correctional installations are equipped with officers who are trained to non merely maintain everybody safe in the environment. but to keep security and order at all times.

These officers need to be professional merely as anybody else would in any place within a occupation.Their development lies in bettering their idea procedure and their accomplishment at the occupation when necessary and alterations occur about every twenty-four hours. Industry leaders can do good alterations when engaging corrections officers. A good manner merely being when engaging staff. there is no tolerance for illegal activities. Making betterments in their preparation plans. if need be. In add-on to those.

upgrading the installation with better steps every bit far as security. All of the things covered when being audited can do a difference to be aftering for better hereafter results. Prisons for some clip have been covering with non merely major fiscal state of affairss in local. province. and federal authoritiess. but overcrowding every bit good is a immense concern.“Privatization as it refers to prisons is to both the coup d’etat of bing public installations by private operators. and to the edifice and operation of new and extra prisons by for-profit prison companies” ( Cheung.

2004 ) . Due to the lifting in province and federal population it is a concern to see the all-around costs of captivity. operation and direction. It seems as though province and federal prisons have more of a professional pattern.

whereas a private establishment might endure because of demands. lifting costs. conditions ( depending on location ) .



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