Corrpuption Spain Essay

Corruption scandals have left few among the Spanish ruling class untainted, engulfing politicians on the left and right of the spectrum, as well as businesses, unions, football clubs and even the king’s sister Dozens of public officials, bureaucrats and business leaders have been arrested across Spain as part of a wide- ranging corruption Investigation, Just a day after the prime minister, Marino Rajah, downplayed the scale of graft In the country.Spanish police have arrested 51 people s part of a graft investigation Involving local government construction contracts, the anta-corruption prosecutor’s office said on Monday. The Investigation, “Operation ” centered around town halls mainly In the regions of Madrid, Marcia, Leon Punch and Valiance Is one of numerous corruption scandals that have hit Spain’s mainstream political parties and many bankers In recent months. The collusion between local councilors and civil servants, with builders and energy service companies, and the corruption of middle-men and key companies, has helped them o secure contracts worth around 250 million euros ($300 million) in the last two years alone,” the prosecutor said in a statement. A Judicial source said one of those arrested was Francisco Granddads, a former conservative deputy president of the Madrid region who resigned in February after it was revealed he had millions of euros in a Swiss bank account.Information from Switzerland has helped Operation Punic, and investigators have issued search warrants on 259 properties, 400 banks, companies and insurers, blocked current accounts and assets and embargoed 30 icicles.

The raid is the latest in a series of scandals that have entangled Spanish politicians and bankers.An investigation into the misuse of company credit cards by more than 80 officials connected to savings bank Coca Madrid has dominated headlines in recent weeks. The bill for Roding Rata, a former head of the International Monetary Fund and a former UP finance minister, came to more than ?54,800.

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