Cost Leadership Essay

Scheme and StructureThe intent of business-level schemes is to make differences between the firm’s place and those of its rivals.

To place itself otherwise from rivals. a house must make up one’s mind whether it intends to “perform activities differently” or to “perform different activities” .Cost leading schemeTiger airways has chosen the former it working a cott leading scheme. It has an integrated set of actions taken to bring forth services with characteristics that are acceptable to client at the lowest cost relation to that of rivals. Tiger’s costs construction foolows the shirt-haul low-priced theoretical account of Ryanair. It targets a wide client section and dressed ores on happening ways to take down its costs relative to rivals by invariably rethinking how to finish its primary ( inbound and outbound logistics ) and support activities to cut down costs even further. Like most other bearers.

Tiger airways uses a figure of method to cut down costs.Keeping labour cost lowTiger airways does non pass much on advertisement or selling. Its flight engagement is all through its on-line portal or name centre. It does non prosecute bureau in ticket distibution in order to minimise the cost particularly that of labour.Tiger air passages besides reduces labour costs by utilizing a streamline fleet that reduces the preparation and retraining disbursals.

Employees are by and large paid harmonizing to their public presentation and by and large less than traditional air hoses. Tiger airways besides tries to maintain its employee size at a minimal demand. Retraining chances are limited. This leads to shortage of qualified pilots in high-demand periods. Furthermore. the company does non hold a “cadet pilot programme” ( CCP ) like many other air hoses such as SIA ; therefore tiger air passages does non hold grapevine of pilots for the close hereafter.

No frills services and grosssTiger airways has managed to monetary value its tickets at comprtitive monetary values by supplying no frills services. That means. tiger air passages besides recognizes that the willingness to pass might change among its consumer base and actively tap onto that. In the fiscal twelvemonth ended 31 March 2010. 26 % of tiger air passages group’s grosss comes from accessory gross.

which was at $ 127. 6 million as compared to the entire gross of $ 494. 6 million. Tiger airways charges for many optional supernumeraries. These excess can related to alternative services like method of payment when purchasing ticket. It besides charges for excess services like luggage fee and place fee.

Tiger airways besides offers nutrient and drink for purchase as portion of the “tiger bites” buy-on-board programme at above-market monetary values.


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