Could WWII have been Prevented? Sample Essay

During the early 1940’s many European. states and the United States. were retrieving from World War I and the depression. Due to the fact that no 1 ab initio could or wanted to command Hitler’s dictatorial power his utmost racism got out of control and he was able to butcher 1000000s of Jews.

Though finally Hitler brought devastation upon himself. if other states would hold stopped him in the early phases. World War II may hold ne’er happened. Though states might hold wanted to halt Hitler in Germany ; they had their ain county and people to worry approximately.

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The economic problems prevented England and other European states from taking portion in international issues. and Hitler took full advantage of their weak conditions.This deficiency of involvement signifier European powers proved lifelessly in the long term. Hitler got stronger as clip went on and his racism against Jews was pushed farther with the start of Concentration Camps. Some might claim that even if the major European Powers did interfere Hitler could non hold been stopped.

this was because of the strong support he had of his people. All the states in Europe were stronger than Germany as a whole so they could hold stopped Hitler and his racialist attack.Because of WWI other states in Europe were chiefly focused on the recovery of their ain states. and hence ; paid small attending to Hitler’s rise in power.

Hitler went directly to the large powers of Europe to acquire the go-ahead to take over different parts of neighbouring states which had contained big native German populations. On September 15th. 1938. Hitler demanded the ceding to Germany of the Sudetenland.

the cragged northwesterly boundary line country for Czechoslovakia that was home to 3. 5 million cultural Germans. He expressed his strong willingness to put on the line “world war” to accomplish his aim. the British. Gallic. Germans. and Italians- hurriedly arranged conference at Munich.

and they reached an understanding that basically met most if non all of Hitler’s demands. Rather than acknowledging or analyzing why Hitler wanted these lands they really went along with Hitler. Therefore. they contributed to the escalation of a World War and the eventual mass race murder of the Judaic race. Hitler had all his war programs “And so we National Socialists … take up where we broke off six hundred old ages ago.

We stop the eternal German motion to the South and West. and turn our regard toward the land in the east… If we speak of dirt in Europe today. we can chiefly hold in head merely Russia and her liege boundary line states” Hitler’s decision was evident: Germany must fix for its inevitable war with the Soviet Union. During this clip a large job was the ignorance of Hitler. Hitler’s thoughts were by no agency secret. He had spelled them out in the Mein Kampf.

a book readily available to anyone who wished to read it. The ignorance was really dearly-won because it led to World War II. Once the war had started many states were still loath to let Jews in their county. “American visas were non easy to set up. The United States had a quota system- it would acknowledge merely a certain figure of immigrants from each state.

In 1941. the U. S. authorities tightened up even further.

It said “no” to a plan that would hold admitted 20. 000 Germany-Jewish kids. ” Because of the effects of the great depression the United States did non desire big sums of immigrants to come in the state. The occupations were still limited and the U.

S. wanted theses minimum occupations for the citizens. Since the United States rejected the plan that would hold allowed 1000s of more Hebrews in the U. S. there were many Hebrews that were forced to stay in Europe expecting their deceases. The economic depression of other states aided Hitler’s cause. It made it easier for him to roll up all the Jews.

Even the United States in the early phases did non take Hitler earnestly. They did non allow the Jews enter the United States in big sums. which made it easier for Hitler to kill Jews in Europe. All major European powers and the United States did non acknowledge the true menace that was posed by Hitler.

which finally hurt the Judaic race the most.Since Hitler was permitted to sharply go on his fascist inclinations. in consequence the other states aided him in put ining his racialist plan of race murder. As the war progressed. Hitler was able to get down up concentration cantonments.

and subsequently decease cantonments to extinguish Jews. and increase land for his Aryan Race. He was able to do the concentration cantonments because of the many easy triumphs earlier in the war.

With the concentration cantonments in topographic point Hitler’s foremost measure to his Final Solution was completed. Many Jews were killed on their manner to concentration cantonments. “I can non state how many people in our auto entirely died on this trip. Everything was so confusing. and ever there was shouting. The pandemonium was incredible. Her Germans created it on intent to upset us.

and so used our behaviour as an alibi for whipping or hiting us. It didn’t take long for us to see the full truth of our state of affairs. No on pretended any more.We had been brought here to decease.

” Hitler’s racism was out of control. The fact that he exterminated Jews was flagitious. but the manner he had it done was even worse.

“Close to it. a immense chimney smoked invariably. That edifice was the gas chamber where many people. largely Jews. were killed with toxicant gas.

24 hours a twenty-four hours. When I asked him the instead stupid inquiry. “How do we acquire off from here? ” he told me bluffly. “There is NO manner out for any of us but through the chimney. We call this our journey to heaven. ” Jews were killed with no clemency.

They were gassed all twenty-four hours every twenty-four hours at record rates. Hitler’s racism was a consequence of his bumptiousness. which came to him because he was able to take over states with small problem.

The Jews had lost all hope and the best they could wish for was their speedy decease.The worst was the humiliation that the adult females had to populate through. “Females were told to deprive bare and parade in forepart of him.

weaponries outstretched. frocks held over their right weaponries. While he hummed classical music. he would indicate to the right or to the left with his pollex.

make up one’s minding whether each one was to populate or decease. ” Temperatures were below stop deading many times. Womans were treated merely every bit rough as the work forces at the concentration cantonments. All this was caused by the mere ignorance of Hitler’s thoughts before by other European states.Though some might state that Hitler was excessively strong to be stopped even in the early phases of war.

they do non acknowledge the fact that the World War could hold been prevented by taking Hitler from power. They would state that World War was inevitable because of the sum of support Hitler had gained in such a short period of clip. He was able to convert the people that he was the right individual to do them a stronger state as a whole.

Hitler besides brainwashed the people into believing that Jews were to fault for everything. Therefore his people supported his cruel behaviour towards the Jews. “All across Germany. the destiny of the Jews was get downing to look more and more bleak. Headlines like this one screamed off the pages of the Volkischer Beobachter. the Nazi party Newspaper: Jews.

Abandon All Hope! Our Internet is so All right That There is Not a Hole. Through Which You Can Steal. ” With this type of awful propaganda the Nazis were able to convert many Germans that annihilate Jews was the right thing to make.

Though Hitler acted malicious towards the Judaic race this could hold been fixed with some attempt put in by the other states. If they would hold ousted Hitler out of power they could hold made the German population recognize how horrific of a adult male he was. Another point to see is if states like England would hold stepped in earlier Hitler started occupying neighbouring states they might hold lowered the decease count of the Holocaust. They would hold prevented Hitler from acquiring the excess land he needed to construct concentration cantonments. Without the concentration cantonments he would non be able to kill Jews at record rates. which would ensue in fewer deceases. If the right stairss were taken so World War II would hold been less of a catastrophe.In decision World War II was a catastrophe non merely in the sense that 1000000s of people were killed but in the sense that many states did non take the enterprise to maintain peace.

World War II taught us to take dictators really earnestly and since so the whole universe has learned. Many states have learned from their errors in the yesteryear and will non do a serious error like this in the hereafter.


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