With reference to theTranstheoretical Model, Mandy is at the “Contemplation” stage of change asMandy has been reprimanded by her boss due to her poor performance at work. Assuch, she is now in ambivalence state which she needs some motivation,encouragement to overcome her current state and move on. In order to help Mandy to moveon to the next stage, I will be starting to use SOLER framework (non-verbal skills)as the approach. It will help me with the rapport building as it will aid inthe development of the counselling relationship with Mandy and also creating asage therapeutic environment throughout the whole counselling session. Next, after building uprapport with Mandy, I will have gained her trust so that she will voice out andtell me what had happened to her. In order for that, I will use the four basicskills in motivational interviewing, OARS (verbal skills). Starting with the firstskill, asking open-ended questions as this will makes her elicit fuller withmore meaningful responses by encouraging Mandy to talk longer.

e.g. “Tell memore about why you had been drinking lately.” Which Mandy will explain what hadhappened to her lately which caused her to be neglecting her duties at work. Wecould ask more open-ended questions for her to voice out in the counselling session.Followed by 2ndskill, affirming responses.

Giving affirming statements is one of the ways tobuild up rapport and knowing their positive behaviours and strengths which alsowill give them confidence for them to change. E.g. “I appreciate that you are werewilling to share your problems with me.

If I were in your position, I might havea hard time dealing with that amount of stress.” Following on, it’s the 3rdskill, reflecting listening skills. It is by paraphrasing what Mandy hascomment in the session which will stimulate a deeper understanding of the issueso that Mandy could examine the problem more objectively. E.g. “This is what Ihearing about your issues that you are facing; please correct me if I am wrong.

”Last skill would besummarizing, in this I will be able to put together the key themes, issues andfeelings which Mandy has spoken about. In this skill, it also can be known as “Self-motivationalstatements”. This will allow Mandy to verbalize and recognize theissues/problems she is dealing with the observations that I have mention andasking whether is there any other further input.So, by applying SOLER(non-verbal)& (ORAS)verbal skills into the motivational interviewing techniques.

Out ofthe five principles, I will be using Expressing Empathy and Develop Discrepancy.Expressing Empathy Develop Discrepancy


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