Courtesy: Education and Courteous Means Essay

Kathleen Courtesy is showing politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others. Courtesy Is an Important key to living your life. Everyone should be courtesy to themselves and everyone else around them. Being courteous should come from Just pure respect for yourself and others. When you are courteous to others, you get a good reputation and people respect you more then they did. I expect myself to be courtesy to everyone that I know and everyone that I am round in public.

Being courteous to other people make me feel better about myself because I know I am doing a nice gesture towards someone. By being courteous, I might help someone out when they look Like they are struggling. It could be as simply as telling someone please and thank you or to have a nice day. Also, being courteous means to be respectful. With that said, I would respect the laws and my teachers’ rules. I like to believe that if I am kind and courteous towards other people, they will be he same towards me.

Others should be courteous to the people around them and their teachers, Just like I should be. Being courteous has its advantages. You make new friends from being kind. Who knows, you could have simply told them who you were and It sparked a conversation that later turned Into a friendship. Another advantage is that if you continue to be kind and courteous to someone that has always been mean to you, then you look like the better person. Teachers as well as all of us should be courteous.

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If their students are being courteous to them, then they have no right to be mean to the students. Even when the students are being rude and disrespectful, they should still be courteous. They are authorities, students look up to them and practice what they have learned from them. Teachers need to be courteous to show the students that even when someone is mean and disrespectful to you, you still need to be kind and respectful to them. Everyone knows courteous teachers teach students to be courteous also.


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