Creating a Student Portal for Bataan Peninsula State University Essay

IntroductionThe undertaking is to make a Student Portal for Bataan Peninsula State University. Its intent is to raise the handiness of certain students’ records like the classs. finances/billing. and curriculum checklist. Along with. is the procedure of encoding students’ concluding classs and the forming of the dean’s list.

Using the pupil portal. informations can be accessible at any clip and location over the Internet.
Background of the StudyThe Bataan Peninsula State University was established by virtuousness of Republic Act 9403.

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signed into jurisprudence on 22nd of March 2007. It is a conglobation of all right taking higher instruction establishments in Bataan seeking to lend to the national and regional development through supplying first-class quality of services in direction. research. production and extension.

Guided by one Vision of going a university of excellence acknowledged non merely in the state but besides in the Asia-Pacific Region. BPSU shall go on to pitch toward the realisation of its mission of supplying quality and relevant instruction in order to lend to the national and regional development. Before the transition. BPSU used to hold three campuses ; two are located in the City of Balanga while the 3rd is situated in Orani. The transition of RA 9403 resulted to the enlargement of BPSU’s campuses as the said Act punctually integrated the Bataan State College in Dinalupihan and its orbiter campus in Abucay ( once Bataan National Agricultural School ) .

The five campuses of the university have really low beginnings and yet they all emerged with glorious histories to be proud of. More authorization is expected to be bestowed to each campus as their strengths shall be utilized for the success of the 111 plans and other services of the university. On June 2008. the University made instruction more accessible to the occupants of the towns of Bagac and Morong by set uping an extension in the Municipality of Bagac.

The extension offers some of the most in demand classs in the state like BS Entrepreneurship. BS Hotel and Restaurant Management. foremost two old ages of Nursing.

and General Engineering classs. Lending to national development has ever been the topmost precedence of the university ; hence BPSU unrelentingly keeps itself updated on the recent tendencies to be antiphonal to the present and future demands of the community. At present university has three plans granted with Level 1 Accreditation from AACCUP.

Fifty-six ( 56 ) plans are scheduled for accreditation from 2008 to 2012.Furthermore. the university continues to fit itself with module and employees who have singular accomplishments and cognition in order to continue academic excellence and keep its capacity of bring forthing quality alumnuss. At present.

6 per centum of its module have Doctorate grades and 31 per centum have master’s grades. The remainder are still working on their post-baccalaureate surveies. It is non surprising that the registration continues to increase over the old ages as the university has proven its capableness to fit and even to excel the public presentation of other reputable universities in the state in assorted competitions and besides in the licensure test. Other than this. low tuition fee rates.

and pollution-free and safe environment farther promote the Bataenos and those from other nearby states to sponsor BPSU. For BPSU. a life without challenges to suppress would be futile as the university ever stretches the bound to accommodate to the alterations and to turn tests into chances.Even cuts in the budget will non hinder BPSU from achieving its ends. Aside from trusting on its several IGPs to augment the budget and prolong its plans. the university continues to beef up and to set up partnerships with local and international bureaus that are more than willing to work side by side BPSU as it continues its journey towards a more dignified hereafter. [ bpsu.

edu. pH ] Every educational establishment has its exclusive precedence to give the best larning out from their best public presentations of instructions. procedures and resources to their pupils.

And. BPSU which is one of these establishments had already proven that they can perfectly give it. In the University’s existent operation. there are tonss of offices and sections that are responsible on bring forthing. keeping and maintaining every student’s records.Two of these are the Registrar’s section and the Finance’s section. Along the Registrar’s section is where the student’s paperss are piled.

Student’s paperss dwelling of personal informations and academic information from their old schools and from BPSU itself which are produced due to the span of old ages of the student’s admittance in the University. for case. are the classs.Another section mentioned is the Finance’s section ; this besides conducts one of the chief undertakings required for tracking the admittance of the pupil every school twelvemonth. That undertaking is to maintain files with respects to all of their fundss.

including all of the payments that are made. balances and other fiscal issues. These certain information of a pupil can besides be found in the registration system that was used by the Registrar’s Office. it is how the Registrar has the authorization to see the fiscal position of a pupil.Students must cognize every dealing that was made in the University particularly when it has to make with their ain concerns. They must ever be informed of all the latest records that were kept and reported to the offices responsible for their stay-in within the establishment.

On the registrar’s portion. a pupil is non allowed to hold an update or a expression within their record every clip they desired. Sing that the registrar is besides busy for other major plants assigned to him. Apparently. it will merely devour clip and attempt for happening a peculiar record in their depositories. A pupil can merely be given the chance. which depends on the state of affairs. Naturally.

classs were available every terminal of the semester in a printed signifier. though. some of the teachers are considerate in informing a pupil of the classs every bit frequently as possible.While on the finance office portion. the records kept are confidential. In order for a pupil to be informed of the balances staying on their history.

the pupil should inquire the finance officer. But it’s non that simple. as the officer is non free to reply every student’s inquiries or uncertainnesss at anytime. At some point in a semester. the finance’s section issues the statement of history of each pupil that still has staying balances that must be paid in order to be given a license that is a demand before taking an scrutinyOn chew overing on these unwanted state of affairss experienced by the pupils. the idea of holding a medium that will allow entree to student’s history every bit frequently as they want sprung up.

The medium is what we called a Students’ Portal. A portal or a web portal. besides known as a links page. nowadayss information from diverse beginnings in a incorporate manner. Apart from the standard hunt engine characteristic. web portals offer other services such as electronic mail. intelligence.

stock monetary values. information. databases and amusement. Portals provide a manner for endeavors to supply a consistent expression and feel with entree control and processs for multiple applications and databases. which otherwise would hold been different entities wholly.Some related surveies are researched and included on the certification for farther comprehension of the proposed system.

Orani Water District Intranet Based Public Information KioskThis thesis is made by the IPiK Group. BSIT pupils of Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Bataan that aims to make an incorporate public entree information system to be used by employees and visitants of Orani Water District that will better the current procedure of airing of information. Besides.

the developers target the replacing of old bulletin boards with digital 1s. All the information contained and posted on a bulletin board will be encoded and displayed in a public entree computing machine. with a web-based interface to entree the information.

The public entree computing machine will be implemented in a client-server environment.
A sphere accountant will be used to use entree control and policies to the public entree computing machine. The officer-in-charge merely has to encode the information on the system instead than publishing it and so posting it on the bulletin board. The system will merely be updated by an decision maker. The company’s system decision maker will manage the updates and backups.

The backups will be made utilizing MS SQL Server 2005’s automatic backup service. The backup files will be stored on a backup DVD-ROM. The system will non be available online. merely through the intranet.

It will be available merely from 8 AM to 5 PM.The proposed system named as Letran-Abucay Students’ Portal has the same aim with the IPik Group thesis that is to render information for the users. The chief users of the Orani Water District Intranet-based Public Information Kiosk are the clients. while for the Students’ Portal are seemingly the pupils.

What will be the difference of the two is that the Students’ Portal will be a web-based application and is accessible utilizing a web browser which is opposed to the public information booth that is a window-based application. Bataan Information SystemThis thesis is made by the STI-Bataan pupils under the advisory of Ms. Cristina de Leon. who is now a Letran IT Professor. It is about the designing and development of a Bataan Information System in a multimedia signifier and to work out the jobs encountered by the provincial authorities in advancing Bataan.

The Information System will be easy to entree and directed to the end-user and will back up an synergistic environment with a user-friendly characteristic in advancing the state of Bataan. Information system is often used to mention to the interaction between people. procedures. informations and engineering.In this sense.

the term is used to mention non merely to the information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) an organisation uses. but besides to the manner in which people interact with this engineering in support of concern procedures ( Wikipedia ) Giving information is how the two systems. which are the Bataan Information System and the proposed students’ portal. are similar. Both render Numberss of information that are accessible by an authorised user in a computerized procedure. Campus Portals a Model for Development Accommodating End-users’ Online Activities ( an International Thesis )This thesis is about the development of a campus portal created for the University of Wollongong ; therefore was prepared by Tharitpong Fuangvut on 2005. A Campus Portal is an exciting recent phenomenon organizing portion of the new coevals of online services for all stakeholders in establishments of higher instruction.

Conceptually the general impression of a Portal should be to be distinguished from that of other Web- based applications and the traditional Intranet of the establishment. The major aim of this research is to suggest a development methodological analysis specifically suited for Campus Portal undertakings. While there are many recognized development methodological analysiss for traditional and Web-based Information Systems. no clear organic structure of cognition on the development of Campus Portals has yet been recognized. Additionally. as this is a new country.

the definitions. footings. constructs and of import issues agreed to by academic research workers and practicians. are still germinating.This research. hence. demands to clear up and place some of import issues sing Campus Portals and their development. prior to composing the development methodological analysis.

In the 2nd and 3rd stages of the research. two surveies were carried out. a preliminary survey and a instance survey. These generated more understanding of the issues and extended the organic structure of cognition on Campus Portals. particularly refering their development.

The preliminary survey explored and investigated the online services and Campus Portals of 40 higher instruction institutions’ sites in Australia. New Zealand. the USA. the UK and Canada. The findings of the preliminary survey show that there are no standard forms in the map of personalization and customization in Campus Portals. The instance survey was conducted in an Australian university among the major stakeholder groups. viz.

. the development squad and the end-users ( pupils and academic staff ) . Students were the primary focal point of the end-user survey. from which information was collected utilizing a study to construct up usage forms of their on-line activities.Statement of GoalsDue to the informations assemblages that the research worker had conducted many ideas lead the advocate to cognize and analyze more of the certain quandary and inefficiencies that taking topographic point within the procedure wherein the people affected possibly are non cognizant.
Presently. pupils are given bounds on sing their ain records kept by the University due to several uncertainnesss it will be. uncertainnesss that include deficiency of clip and extended work of the people involved.

Furthermore. the advocate had besides studied anterior concerns which will profit everyone that are included on the procedure one time implemented on the system:Security of information that will guarantee a protected system that hints and prevents unauthorised entree ; Encoding of the concluding classs that is one of the undertakings of the module every terminal of a semester ; Downloadable and printable paperss such as the Grades Slip coming from the Registrar’s office and a assortment of signifiers coming from the Dean’s office. Handiness of students’ list with concluding classs which will assist the Dean to bring forth the Dean’s list.The undermentioned ends are made and collected by the advocate through the purpose of deciding the concerns mentioned.

The ends are as follow:General GoalTo develop a Student’s Portal for Bataan Peninsula State University that will enable pupils to entree their personal. academic and fiscal records.
Specific GoalTo implement an hallmark of users through the usage of ID no and watchword. as to forestall interlopers and to guarantee the safety of all the informations transmitted over the web.

To integrate a faculty for encoding the concluding classs of pupils every semester that the module uses.To supply downloadable and printable signifiers those are being retrieved from the Dean’s. Registrar’s and Finance office.

To include a faculty that will enable the Dean to see the academic position of the pupils that she can utilize as footing for recovering the Dean’s list.Significance of the StudyFor the StudentsStudents are the 1s that have a great benefit on the students’ portal because it will supply them speedy entree of their taken topics prior to the course of study they had enrolled with the corresponding concluding classs for each. Besides. the system ensures the confidentiality and the update of records for each semester every bit long as new classs are issued to assist the pupils be informed of their academic public presentation in the University. Aside from classs and topics that can be viewed. a pupil will besides hold the privilege to see some his or her fiscal information that was managed by the finance office.
For the Dean’s officeUsing the students’ portal. the Dean is able to see the academic position of the pupils that include item such as the concluding classs and to garner the names of those that are included on the Dean’s list.

And besides. as the portal offers a faculty for downloadable signifiers that are coming from the office. the undertaking for publishing these certain signifiers will be eliminated therefore cut downing the work load of the Dean.
For the Registrar’s OfficeAs the pupils will be provided of options on finding their academic records. whether to merely see it on the portal or to still inquire for a printed transcript coming from the Registrar’s office.

somehow there will be a decrease of undertaking on the Registrar’s portion.
For the Finance OfficeThe Finance office can derive benefit from the students’ portal since the pupils can already look into over their fiscal records online cut downing the printing of paperss such as the statement of histories if permitted.
For the Future ResearchersThe hereafter research workers can get cardinal cognition from and be able to utilize this thesis certification as footing of their ain research survey if it’s all about developing a students’ portal.
For the DeveloperTo the developer. this will besides supply better comprehension of her proposed system that will take her to the farther apprehension of the full survey that certainly they can utilize on readying of a brighter hereafter that awaits her as IT professional.
Scope and RestrictionsThis survey will concentrate on making a students’ portal for Bataan Peninsula State University which is web-based where pupil records are the anterior concern and accessible online.

Student records that include: Student’s personal informationCurriculum checklist that comprises all the topics taken and to be taken by the pupil based on the University’s course of study and the concluding classs for each Grades records that consist of all the classs of the pupil for all his topics that he can question through provision of a school twelvemonth or semester. Fiscal information that comprises the tuition fee with assorted fees and price reduction fee. if there’s any. of a pupil. Capable offering that pertains to the agenda of each topic that a pupil had enrolled belongs. The pupil can utilize this nexus to program for his agenda for the approaching semester. Class Agenda encloses all the capable agendas of a pupil.

As portion of the hallmark that was implemented on the portal. the users must supply an authorised username and watchword. On the system there will be four types of user’s history: the pupil the module.

the dean. the registrar and the decision maker.In the Student history. the authorised undertakings that users can make are: Screening of their records in through selecting from the following links: myProfile ; myGrades that contains sub links such as Semester Grades. Curriculum Checklist. Collection of Grades ; myFinance. mySubjectOffering and mySchedule.

Sing other student’s or module staff’s records through choosing mySearch nexus. sending and receiving of messages through myInbox which is a signifier of messaging. And. printing and downloading of signifiers such as Grades faux pas. curriculum checklist and signifiers issued by the Dean and Registrar ( eg. Change of Grade Form ) Second. in the Faculty history.

the authorised undertakings that users can make are: Entering student’s concluding classs for a peculiar topic. subdivision school twelvemonth and semester through the usage of myClassRecord. Sing other student’s or module staff’s records through mySearch. Uploading of lessons for the pupilsThird. in the Dean history.

the authorised undertakings that Dean can make are: Screening of the Dean’s list for the current and the old school twelvemonth and semester. Searching pupils to reexamine their academic public presentation from the first twelvemonth of his admittance up to the present. Searching category agendas by come ining the assigned beginning and stoping clip of a category. in order for the Dean to be informed of what peculiar category is was traveling on for a minute.

Sing module capable tonss and agendas.
Fourth. in the Registrar history. the authorised undertakings that Registrar can make are: Screening of student’s general weighted norm.Updating the classs of a pupil that obtained a INC comments from the past school twelvemonth.

And. choosing the pupils that will organize the Dean’s List. Last. the Administrator history. the authorised undertakings that Registrar can make are: Conversion of tabular arraies of records from MS Foxpro format to MS SQL. Puting the current school twelvemonth and semester.
Uploading of downloadable signifiers.

And. reset users’ watchwords.The followers are the restrictions of the Students’ Portal: Merely the “Other Information” portion and the watchword are the lone records in the student’s page that can be altered. Merely the decision maker can change over the tabular arraies from MS Foxpro format to SQL/simply add records on the database. can put the school twelvemonth and can upload signifiers. Merely concluding classs are to be encoded by the module. Faculty can non redact any longer the classs of the pupils that belong to the old school twelvemonth and semester.

Merely the module user and pupil users can interchange messages. Merely the Registrar can update the INC comments of pupils that completed the topic. Last.

merely the registrar can organize the dean’s list.

Definition of FootingsTransaction – a dealing normally means a sequence of information exchange and related work. A dealing is a unit of work that you want to handle as “a whole” . It has to either go on in full. or non at all. Records – In computing machine informations processing.

a record is a aggregation of informations points arranged for processing by a plan. Multiple records are contained in a file or information set. The organisation of informations in the record is normally prescribed by the scheduling linguistic communication that defines the record’s organisation and/or by the application that processes it.

Portal – a term. by and large synonymous with gateway. for a World Wide Web site that is or proposes to be a major get downing site for users when they get connected to the Web or that users tend to see as an ground tackle site. Web Portal – besides known as a links page. nowadayss information from diverse beginnings in a incorporate manner.Apart from the standard hunt engine characteristic. web portals offer other services such as electronic mail.

intelligence. stock monetary values. information. databases and amusement.

Links – Using hypertext. a nexus is a selectable connexion from one word. image. or information object to another. In a multimedia environment such as the World Wide Web.

such objects can include sound and gesture picture sequences. Search Engine – designed to seek for information on the World Wide Web. The hunt consequences are normally presented in a list of consequences and are normally called hits.

The information may dwell of web pages. images. information and other types of files. Database – is a aggregation of information that is organized so that it can easy be accessed. managed. and updated. In one position.

databases can be classified harmonizing to types of content: bibliographic. full-text. numeral. and images.

Client-server – describes the relationship between two computing machine plans in which one plan. the client. makes a service petition from another plan.

the waiter. which fulfills the petition.Web-based – refers to those applications or services that are resident on a waiter that is accessible utilizing a Web browser and is hence accessible from anyplace in the universe via the Web. Technology – the use and cognition of tools. techniques. and trades.

or is systems or methods of organisation. or is a material merchandise ( such as vesture ) of these things. The word engineering comes from the Greek technologia techne ‘craft’ and -logia. the survey of something. or the subdivision of cognition of a subject. The term can either be applied by and large or to specific countries: illustrations include “construction technology” . “medical technology” . or “state-of-the-art technology” .

Application – plan or group of plans designed for terminal users. Software can be divided into two general categories: systems package and applications packageMethodologyMicrosoft Solutions Framework ( MSF ) provides a set of theoretical accounts. rules. and guidelines for planing and developing enterprise solutions in a manner that ensures that all elements of a undertaking. such as people.

procedures and tools. can be successfully managed. MSF besides provides proved patterns for be aftering. planing. developing. and deploying successful endeavor solutions.The research worker had intended to utilize MSF for her methodological analysiss particularly because they are in usage of Microsoft solution tools such as the Microsoft.

NET Framework and the Microsoft SQL Server.MSF has five stages these are the: Picturing. Planning. Developing. Stabilizing and Deploying.Visualizing Phase – This stage loosely describes the ends and restraints of the survey. During this stage.

the reseacher gathered necessary information and resources for developing a students’ portal. One of the activities that were conducted is an interview with BPSU’s database decision maker to farther find what are the things and minutess necessary to set on the portal to fulfill the demands of the University and the predicted users. Some of the sanctioned minutess are the screening of student’s profile including the personal. academic and fiscal information ; encryption of concluding classs and forming of the Dean’s list.Risk appraisal sing the development of the system is besides accomplished.

On the procedure. the impact of the effect is learned by finding the likeliness of its happening and the badness of the result relation to established undertaking aims. The visualizing stage culminates in the vision approved milepost. This milepost is the first point at which the undertaking squad and client agree on the overall way for the undertaking.

including what the merchandise will and will non include.Planing Phase – This stage determines what to develop and how to develop it. The procedure of information is modified.

gathered and undergoes three design processes viz. conceptual. logical and physical position. During this stage. the research worker planned how to develop the Bataan Peninsula State University students’ portal on the manner its functionality can accomplish the demands of the educational establishment. For conceptual design procedure. the outlooks of the users or donee of the survey must be achieved like the proposal that pupils by utilizing the portal can easy see their ain records.

For the logical design procedure. this meet the developer’s stairss and demands on how to develop the said system. like in an case the system package solution will be developed utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server Management studio.

This solution is able to interact and pass on with other dealing procedures. applications and informations beginning. Last for the Physical design procedure. with the developer’s position. the development of the system will be a great aid and ease non merely for the pupils but besides for the offices of the University that handles student’s information maintaining sing the volumes of users and minutess. There would be a web-based execution of a portal which will be used as the primary agencies for airing of the student’s profiles and information.

The planning stage culminates in the Undertaking program approved milestone. This milepost is the point at which the undertaking squad. the client. and cardinal undertaking stakeholders agree on the characteristic set and the design of the application. The Undertaking program approved milepost is basically the contract with the client to continue with the undertaking.Developing Phase – During this stage.

the solution is developed and optimized until it is deemed ready for production usage. On this stage. the student’s portal is developed. The research worker experienced several alterations on the design.

the basic functionalities and on the nucleus dealing in order to follow the demands of the identified users. The development stage culminates in the Scope Complete milepost. At this milepost. all characteristics are complete.

and the merchandise is ready for external testing and stabilisation. This milepost is the chance for clients and terminal users. operations and support forces. and cardinal undertaking stakeholders to measure the merchandise and place any staying issues they need to turn to before it ships.Stabilizing Phase – This stage conducts proving of the complete solution. During this stage. the research worker focuses on deciding and prioritising bugs and fixing the solution for release. The stabilisation stage culminates with the release of the merchandise.

The Release milepost occurs when the squad has addressed all outstanding issues and shipped the merchandise or placed it in service. At the Release milepost. duty for ongoing direction and support of the merchandise officially transportations from the undertaking squad to the operations and support organisation.Deploying stage – the developer deploys the nucleus engineering and site constituents.

stabilizes the deployment. passages the undertaking to operations and support. and obtains concluding client blessing of the undertaking.

After the deployment. the developer conducts a undertaking reappraisal and a client satisfaction study. During this stage. the developer tested the serviceability of the students’ portal and determined whether it has achieved the demands of the University that are identified during the visualizing phase by allowing some selected individuals from the proposed users/customers. The deployment complete milepost culminates the deploying stage.


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