Creating Game In Application Format Computer Science Essay

In this undertaking, we develop game called Monopoly.

The game designed in a manner to ease interaction between participant and game interface. Monopoly is based on original board game regulations. Furthermore, our Monopoly contains educational character for kids. The methods for this undertaking include the stairss of game development. The Monopoly game is running on Java linguistic communication and NetBeans platform.

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Chapter 1: Introduction


1 Introduction

Computer engineering is important for any facet of our day-to-day life. Work done by utilizing computing machine facilitates attempts done by homo for a same undertaking. Normally it leads to faster determination devising and action pickings. Comparing to older types of games computing machine games are more entertaining, synergistic and support faster information processing and informations analysing. Therefore computing machine based games are really popular. Since release of first computing machine games in 1960s the game industry became field of contraption of most late engineerings. And it accounts 1000000s of game participants from all around the Earth without any age boundaries. One of the most popular and at the same clip old game is monopoly.

Monopoly is a board game named after construct of domination of market by individual entity. It was intended to exemplify the negative facets of concentrating land in private monopolies ( ) . Monopoly teaches how to pull off belongings and where to put financess in order to win. There are 1000s editions of monopoly but the chief thought remains same. For 60 old ages, over 480 million participants from around the Earth have played this extraordinary game. But it takes more than merely playing an occasional unit of ammunition to maintain up on all the facts that surround the universe ‘s most popular game. Furthermore it will be shown and described how really it will be implemented and developed. Uniting monopoly regulations with programming issues such as synergistic interface we get the end of undertaking to make free Monopoly game.

Games have been around for 1000s of old ages. It is more of import to play games now than of all time before. Playing games is non a waste of clip, they are non all unproductive and the benefits they bring are eternal.

1.2 Project scenario

This undertaking aims to construct game called monopoly. The intent is to develop advanced game with customized design, user friendly interface. Furthermore, the game will enable immature users with instruction. The engineering for this undertaking based on game design and execution of game logic.

The game can be used for personal usage, kids instruction and in entertaining centres. The game is defined as incarnation of board Monopoly for computing machine users.Nowadays game industry grows really quickly. And package and analytic attacks move at the same velocity. Therefore, in undertaking we besides hold latest attacks as a chief factor in making the monopoly game.

1.3 Undertaking aims

These are the aims of the undertaking:To develop user friendly and synergistic monopoly gameTo enable game with customized designPopularize game for kids instruction

1.4 Project range

The undertaking range is based on job statement which will be provided.

The proposed game specializes in country of amusement and instruction. We have scope the undertaking to Monopoly Junior game for kids. Our Monopoly will implement regulations of Monopoly board game. Additional to original regulations some proficient characteristics will be added such as synergistic interface and customized design.

The game will be free and done by utilizing Java linguistic communication and NetBeans platform.

1.5 Undertaking statement

As it antecedently mentioned modern computing machine engineering moves towards more advanced thoughts highly bettering hardware and package. Due to latest methods in package development bing games may non be every bit competitory as they are now. Therefore, it is really of import to maintain maintain fight of game in order to accomplish desired touchable or intangible ends.

And it is already good known attack called game updating. Almost every game is being updated in a defined clip period. Monopoly is a popular game it has assorted benefits for participant particularly for early age kidsOver 480 million participants have already played monopoly.

Furthermore monopoly it is non merely an entertaining game for clip maltreatment but besides learning tool it help to develop kids logic and believing. In order to popularise monopoly I am traveling to lend my ain thoughts sing game design and game regulations every bit good as foregrounding concealed thought of the game. In order to make that game will be provided free and unfastened beginning so that any participant can alter the codification and do it more customized. The game should be synergistic in manner that participant without IT background will be able to play no affair what age is he or she.


2.1 Introduction to games.

Games surely serve some of import intent or they would non be every bit popular as they are.

The obvious intent they serve is as amusement. But this is non all there is to the affair.Bet on it is a structural activity, normally undertaken for enjoyment or educational intent. Games are distinguishable from work or art. However the differentiation is non distinct and some games possibly considered as a profession such as tournament games with awards or athletics games. Cardinal constituents of any existing game are nonsubjective, regulations, challenge and interaction.

There are three chief types of games:SportsTabletop gamesVideo gamesSport it is organized, competitory physical activity with a defined set of regulations or imposts. The chief factor in any types of athletics is physical capableness of participant, but it ‘s still requires believing procedure. Football, hoops, tennis and mounting are illustrations of athleticss.Tabletop game is general term used to board games, card games, die games, illuminations war games and others games usually played on a tabular array or other level surface. Comparing to athleticss tabletop games require less physical attempts instead than mental.

Some board games are really old such as cheat and cards but some similar monopoly, Domino more related to modern universe.Video games are digital games enabled to supply interaction between participant and user interface to bring forth ocular respond on exposing device. As a consequence of rapid development of computing machine engineerings and globalisation picture games became really popular particularly in developed and developing states, so that mean computing machine game participant in U.S.A is 35 old ages old and playing already for 12 old ages. And every good game becomes really popular particularly among kids of immature ages.

Term picture games incorporate arcade games, console games, computing machine games, hand-held games, nomadic games, on-line games and brassy games (, 2010 ) .No affair what type of games people play it has many benefits. Games are a preparation land for existent life competition in private relationship and concern.

Educational games help kids to develop logic and believing. Scientists are developing games and theories refering games for 100s old ages and they have reached many accomplishments in countries of sociology, biological science and economic sciences.

2.2 History of monopoly board game

The game was first mass produced by Charles B. Darrow in 1934 after the biggest economic recession in history of USA and so sold to Parker Brothers in 1935. Before that in 1903 a adult female named Elizabeth Maggie came up with a great thought for a board game she called The Landlords Game.

The board for a game was rectangular and designed of 40 infinites arranged 10 per side. The four corner board squares were Mother Earth collect $ 100, Go to Gail, Go and Public Park. Comparing to Monopoly The Landlord ‘s Game has railroad go throughing center of the slide. Rest of the infinites was made up by belongingss to be purchased and mulcts that had to be paid, about like in nowadays Monopoly.

The Landlords Game was granted a patent by in 1904 and launched in 1906 ( mention to Figure 1 ) . After a piece most games were handmade and some participants changed the regulations. These participants besides added a touch of place to the game by custom-making the streets names.

In 1921 patent for Landlord ‘s Game and Ms Maggie inspired from old alterations made by participants decided to add some new characteristics to the regulations of game and she was granted a new patent in 1924. The new game had two sets of regulations: one for the Landlords Game and one for Prosperity, which is really similar to Monopoly.In a following few old ages new game called auction monopoly or merely monopoly became really popular in U.S.A. There were few people who even copyrighted their ain sets of regulations. Those like Dan Layman became rich by selling their versions of game. Layman ‘s monopoly was the first version of auction monopoly to be mass produced for state market.

However, by that clip there were no fixed monetary values for the belongingss, everything was auctioned to the highest bidder.Charles Darrow another individual copyrighted his ain sets of game regulations and granted patent ( refer to Figure 2 ) . Darrow designed board with extra colour chevrons and sketchs. This was the existent monopoly which people playing until today.

Figure 1.Landlord ‘s game patentFigure 2. Darrow ‘s Monopoly patentAs new game become popular the demand was increasing so that Darrow couldnA?t manage it. And in 1934 Charles decided to engage Patterson and White ( P & A ; W ) to publish the black portion of the boards. Darrow doubled production of boards but still could n’t cover the turning demand. There for Darrow offered to both Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley contract for monopoly production and distribution. Both houses refused to finance him. With rejections in manus discoverer determined to remain the class and ordered another 5900 sets from P & A ; W.

Retailers demanded for a alteration due to big size of white box it took up excessively much infinite. Darrow came out with thought to set 5900 sets into a really little black box with a separate board. This version is now known as the Darrow Black Box edition.As gross revenues of Monopoly continued to lift in late 1934 and early 1935 Parker Brothers became interested to finance game. They contacted Darrow and made a trade. The lone job was Darrow sold them a game that wasnA?t truly his to sell.With aid of attorney Parker Brothers made up a patent application claiming Charles Darrow as the exclusive discoverer of Monopoly, nevertheless the 1924 Landlords game patent was still in consequence. After a piece George Parker purchased patent from Mrs.

Maggie for $ 500 and cover understanding to print a few of her games. With this patent in manus Parker Brothers started traveling after the competition for Monopoly production. ( www.worldofmonopoly., 2005 )

2.3 Rules of Monopoly

The object of the Monopoly is to go the wealthiest participant through purchasing, leasing and selling belongings.

Harmonizing to ( 2006 ) these are official regulations for game:

2.3.1 Equipment

The equipment consists of a board, 2 die, items, 32 houses and 12 hotels. There are Chance and Community Chest cards, a Title Deed card for each belongings and play money.


2 Preparation

Topographic point the board on a tabular array and put the Chance and Community Chest cards face down on their allotted infinites on the board. Each participant chooses one item to stand for him/her while going around the board.Each participant is given $ 1500 divided as follows: 2 each of $ 500 ‘s, $ 100 ‘s and $ 50 ‘s ; 6 $ 20 ‘s ; 5 each of $ 10 ‘s, $ 5 ‘s and $ 1 ‘s. All staying money and other equipment go to the Bank.

2.3.3 Banker

Select as Banker a participant who will besides do a good Auctioneer. A Banker who plays in the game must maintain his/her personal financess separate from those of the Bank.

When more than five individuals drama, the Banker may elect to move merely as Banker and Auctioneer. In computing machine based monopoly no banker involved.


4 The bank

Besides the Bank ‘s money, the Bank holds the Title Deed cards and houses and hotels prior to buy and utilize by the participants. The Bank pays wages and fillips. It sells and auctions belongingss and custodies out their proper Title Deed cards ; it sells houses and hotels to the participants and loans money when required on mortgages. The Bank collects all revenue enhancements, mulcts, loans and involvement, and the monetary value of all belongingss which it sells and auctions.The Bank ne’er “ goes broke.

” If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may publish as much more as may be needed by composing on any ordinary paper.

2.3.5 The drama

Get downing with the Banker, each participant in bend throws the die.

The participant with the highest entire starts the drama: Put your item on the corner marked “ GO, ” throw the die and travel your item in the way of the pointer the figure of infinites indicated by the dies. After you have completed your drama, the bend passes to the left. The items remain on the infinites occupied and continue from that point on the participant ‘s following bend. Two or more items may rest on the same infinite at the same clip.Harmonizing to the infinite your item ranges, you may be entitled to purchase existent estate or other belongingss or obliged to pay rent, wage revenue enhancements, pull a Opportunity or Community Chest card, “ Travel to Jail ” , etc. If you throw doubles, you move your item as usual, the amount of the two die, and are capable to any privileges or punishments refering to the infinite on which you land.

Retaining the die, throw once more and travel your item as earlier. If you throw doubles three times in sequence, travel your item instantly to the infinite marked “ In Jail ” ( see JAIL ) .

2.3.6 Go

Each clip a participant ‘s nominal lands on or base on ballss over GO, whether by throwing the die or pulling a card, the Banker pays him/her a $ 200 wage.The $ 200 is paid merely one time each clip around the board. However, if a participant go throughing GO on the throw of the dice lands 2 infinites beyond it on Community Chest, or 7 infinites beyond it on Chance, and draws the “ Advance to Travel ” card, he/she collects $ 200 for go throughing GO the first clip and another $ 200 for making it the 2nd clip by instructions on the card.


3.7 Buying belongings

Whenever you land on an ownerless belongings you may purchase that belongings from the Bank at its printed monetary value. You receive the Title Deed card demoing ownership ; topographic point it face up in forepart of you.If you do non wish to purchase the belongings, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder. The purchaser pays the Bank the sum of the command in hard currency and receives the Title Deed card for that belongings. Any participant, including the 1 who declined the option to purchase it at the printed monetary value, may offer. Bidding may get down at any monetary value.

2.3.8 Paying rent

When you land on belongings owned by another participant, the proprietor collects rent from you in conformity with the list printed on its Title Deed card.If the belongings is mortgaged, no rent can be collected. When a belongings is mortgaged, its Title Deed card is placed face down in forepart of the proprietor.It is an advantage to keep all the Title Deed cards in a color-group ( e.g. , Boardwalk and Park Place ; or Connecticut, Vermont and Oriental Avenues ) because the proprietor may so bear down dual rent for unimproved belongingss in that color-group.

This regulation applies to unmortgaged belongingss even if another belongings in that color-group is mortgaged.It is even more advantageous to hold houses or hotels on belongingss because rents are much higher than for unimproved belongingss. The proprietor may non roll up the rent if he/she fails to inquire for it before the 2nd participant following throws the die.

2.3.9 “ Chance ” and “ Comunity Chest ”

When you land on either of these infinites, take the top card from the deck indicated, follow the instructions and return the card face down to the underside of the deck.The “ Get Out of Jail Free ” card is held until used and so returned to the underside of the deck.

If the participant who draws it does non wish to utilize it, he/she may sell it, at any clip, to another participant at a monetary value agreeable to both.

2.3.10 “ Income revenue enhancement ”

If you land here you have two options: You may gauge your revenue enhancement at $ 200 and pay the Bank, or you may pay 10 % of your entire worth to the Bank. Your entire worth is all your hard currency on manus, printed monetary values of mortgaged and clear belongingss and cost monetary value of all edifices you own.

You must make up one’s mind which option you will take before you add up your entire worth.

2.3.11 “ Jail ”

You land in Jail when:your nominal lands on the infinite marked “ Travel to Jail ” ;you draw a card marked “ Travel to Jail ” ; oryou throw doubles three times in sequence.When you are sent to Jail you can non roll up your $ 200 wage in that move since, irrespective of where your item is on the board, you must travel it straight into Jail.

Yours turn ends when you are sent to Jail. If you are non sent to Jail but in the ordinary class of drama land on that infinite, you are “ Merely Visiting ” , you incur no punishment, and you move in front in the usual mode on your following bend.You get out of Jail by:throwing doubles on any of your following three bends ; if you win in making this you instantly travel frontward the figure of infinites shown by your doubles throw ; even though you had thrown doubles, you do non take another bend ;utilizing the “ Get Out of Jail Free ” card if you have it ;buying the “ Get Out of Jail Free ” card from another participant and playing it ; ( 4 ) paying a mulct of $ 50 before you roll the die on either of your following two bends.If you do non throw doubles by your 3rd bend, you must pay the $ 50 mulct. You so acquire out of Jail and instantly travel frontward the figure of infinites shown by your throw.Even though you are in Jail, you may purchase and sell belongings, purchase and sell houses and hotels and cod rents.


3.12 Free parking

A participant set downing on this topographic point does non have any money, belongings or wages of any sort. This is merely a free resting topographic point.


3.13 Houses

When you own all the belongingss in a color-group you may purchase houses from the Bank and raise them on those belongingss. If you buy one house, you may set it on any one of those belongingss. The following house you buy must be erected on one of the unimproved belongingss of this or any other complete color-group you may have.

The monetary value you must pay the Bank for each house is shown on your Title Deed card for the belongings on which you erect the house. The proprietor still collects dual rent from an opposition who lands on the unimproved belongingss of his/her complete color-group. Following the above regulations, you may purchase and raise at any clip as many houses as your judgement and fiscal standing will let. But you must construct equally, i.e. , you can non raise more than one house on any one belongings of any color-group until you have built one house on every belongings of that group.

You may so get down on the 2nd row of houses, and so on, up to a bound of four houses to a belongings. For illustration, you can non construct three houses on one belongings if you have merely one house on another belongings of that group.As you build equally, you must besides interrupt down equally if you sell houses back to the Bank ( see Selling belongings ) .

2.3.14 Hotels

When a participant has four houses on each belongings of a complete color-group, he/she may purchase a hotel from the Bank and raise it on any belongings of the color-group. He/she returns the four houses from that belongings to the Bank and pays the monetary value for the hotel as shown on the Title Deed card. Merely one hotel may be erected on any one belongings.

2.3.15 Building Deficits

When the Bank has no houses to sell, participants wishing to construct must wait for some participant to return or sell his/her houses to the Bank before edifice. If there are a limited figure of houses and hotels available and two or more participants wish to purchase more than the Bank has, the houses or hotels must be sold at auction to the highest bidder.


16 Selling belongings

Unimproved belongingss, railwaies and public-service corporations ( but non edifices ) may be sold to any participant as a private dealing for any sum the proprietor can acquire ; nevertheless, no belongings can be sold to another participant if edifices are standing on any belongingss of that color-group. Any edifices so located must be sold back to the Bank before the proprietor can sell any belongings of that color-group. Houses and hotels may be sold back to the Bank at any clip for one-half the monetary value paid for them.All houses on one color-group must be sold one by one, equally, in contrary of the mode in which they were erected. All hotels on one color-group may be sold at one time, or they may be sold one house at a clip ( one hotel peers five houses ) , equally, in contrary of the mode in which they were erected.

2.3.17 Selling belongings

Unimproved belongingss can be mortgaged through the Bank at any clip.

Before an improved belongings can be mortgaged, all the edifices on all the belongingss of its color-group must be sold back to the Bank at half monetary value. The mortgage value is printed on each Title Deed card.No rent can be collected on mortgaged belongingss or public-service corporations, but rent can be collected on clear belongingss in the same group. In order to raise the mortgage, the proprietor must pay the Bank the sum of the mortgage plus 10 % involvement. When all the belongingss of a color-group are no longer mortgaged, the proprietor may get down to purchase back houses at full monetary value.The participant who mortgages belongings retains ownership of it and no other participant may procure it by raising the mortgage from the Bank. However, the proprietor may sell this mortgaged belongings to another participant at any in agreement monetary value. If you are the new proprietor, you may raise the mortgage at one time if you wish by paying off the mortgage plus 10 % involvement to the Bank.

If the mortgage is non lifted at one time, you must pay the Bank 10 % involvement when you buy the belongings and if you lift the mortgage subsequently you must pay the Bank an extra 10 % involvement every bit good as the sum of the mortgage.


18 Bankruptcy

You are declared bankrupt if you owe more than you can pay either to another participant or to the Bank. If your debt is to another participant, you must turn over to that participant all that you have of value and retire from the game. In doing this colony, if you own houses or hotels, you must return these to the Bank in exchange for money to the extent of one-half the sum paid for them ; this hard currency is given to the creditor. If you have mortgaged belongings you besides turn this belongings over to your creditor but the new proprietor must at one time pay the Bank the sum of involvement on the loan, which is 10 % of the value of the belongings. The new proprietor who does this may so, at his/her option, pay the principal or keep the belongings until some ulterior bend, so lift the mortgage. If he/she holds belongings in this manner until a ulterior bend, he/she must pay the involvement once more upon raising the mortgage.Should you owe the Bank, alternatively of another participant, more than you can pay ( because of revenue enhancements or punishments ) even by selling off edifices and mortgaging belongings, you must turn over all assets to the Bank. In this instance, the Bank instantly sells by auction all belongings so taken, except edifices.

A belly-up participant must instantly retire from the game. The last participant left in the game wins.

2.3.19 Assorted

Money can be loaned to a participant merely by the Bank and so merely by mortgaging belongings. No participant may borrow from or impart money to another participant.


3.20 Rules for a Short game ( 60 to 90 proceedingss )

There are five changed regulations for this first Short Game.During PREPARATION, the Banker shufflings so trades three Title Deed cards to each participant. These are free no payment to the Bank is required.You need merely three houses ( alternatively of four ) on each batch of a complete color-group before you may purchase a hotel. Hotel rent remains the same.

The turn-in value is still one-half the purchase monetary value, which in this game is one house less than in the regular game.If you land in Jail you must go out on your following bend byutilizing a “ Get Out of Jail Free ” card if you have ( or can purchase ) one ; orturn overing doubles ; orpaying $ 50. Unlike the criterion regulations, you may seek to turn over doubles and, neglecting to make so, pay the $ 50 on the same bend.The punishment for set downing on “ Income Tax ” is a level $ 200.End OF GAME: The game ends when one participant goes bankrupt. The staying participants value their belongings:

2.3.21 Time bound game

Before get downing, agree upon a definite hr of expiration, when the richest participant will be declared the victor.

Before get downing, the Banker shufflings and cuts the Title Deed cards and trades two to each participant. Players instantly pay the Bank the monetary value of the belongingss dealt to them.

2.4 Monopoly Junior V Monopoly

Monopoly Junior is a merchandise of Hasbro Company. This edition aimed for kids audience and some regulations are changed in order to do it more apprehensible. Early age kids may happen original Monopoly sophisticated and lose willingness to play it. They besides may non sit every bit much as grownup can while playing of Monopoly. Therefore, Hasbro came out with thought to alter design and regulations of Monopoly to do it more attractive and participant friendly ( wikipedia.

com, 2010 ) .The following table illustrates differences between Monopoly and Monopoly Junior:Table 1. Monopoly and Monopoly JuniorMonopolyMonopoly JuniorPlayers start with $ 1,500.Players start with $ 31 ( $ 1A-5, $ 2A-4, $ 3A-3, $ 4A-1 and $ 5A-1 )Buying belongingss is optional.

Buying Amusements is mandatory.Properties can be improved with houses and hotels.Amusements can non be improved.

Color groups have 2 or 3 belongingss.Color groups have 2 Amusements.Denominations of money are $ 1 ( white ) , $ 5 ( pink ) , $ 10 ( yellow ) , $ 20 ( green ) , $ 50 ( blue ) , $ 100 ( ecru ) , and $ 500 ( orange ) notes.Denominations of money are $ 1 ( white ) , $ 2 ( yellow ) , $ 3 ( blue ) , $ 4 ( green ) , and $ 5 ( pink ) notes.Ownership of belongings marked by Title Deed.Ownership of Amusement marked by Ticket Booth.The participant has to travel to Jail.

The participant has to travel to the Cafe, which he or she has to pay for.The participant has to throw doubles to travel out of Jail.The participant can travel farther the following bend without paying.Card games are Chance and Community Chest.

All cards are Chance cards.Game ends when one participant owns everything.Game ends when first participant runs out of money.


4 Benefits of monopoly for kids development

Harmonizing to Dr. Gary Chapman, writer of The Five Love Languages of Children “ the most of import factor in quality clip is non the event itself but that you are making something together. ”In fact games are a fun manner for households to turn and bond. However this peculiar game has other benefits, playing games have other benefits, and Monopoly Jr. ( Junior ) is a good attack for promoting kids with:Basic mathCompleting simple minutessSharing

2.4.1 Basic math

Comparing to original version Monopoly Jr.

has merely one dice. When turn overing to progress, pre-school kids will be encouraged to number out Numberss loud so as to add another behaviour to the acquisition procedure. Obviously little kids will larn acknowledgment of Numberss by numbering points on die surface and Numberss which are written on money of which denomination scope from $ 1 to $ 5.Finally after few games, kids will be able to acknowledge and number Numberss without any aid. That will fix them for a acquisition greater Numberss and more advanced games.

2.4.2 Completing Simple Minutess

Many kids do non hold a clear apprehension on how minutess work, how does money comes.

Playing a game that involves hard currency exchanges for belongings or service can assist give a simple image of the construct that one can non acquire something for nil or without paying.Monopoly Junior is Monopoly game designed for early age kids it does non incorporate existent estate, alternatively Monopoly Jr. embodied as amusement park. Players are non paying rent, but runing ticket booths for drives, and paying to travel on them. Children will of course desire to put their ticket booths on every infinite, so will happen that there must be vacant square and so interchange the right sum of money for it.


4.3 Games learn how to play good with others

Young kids are frequently do non command themselves while playing group games and do believe with dolls or action figures.Since that group game with regulations involve learning procedure of acting with others.

Those kids who do non follow common regulations may be excluded from engagement while others will bask merriment.Group games is a important attack for instruction of pre-schooler ‘s, moreover it will ease passage of kids from place to school. Games like monopoly teaches how to interact with other participants this gives opportunity for early kids to make relationships with other kids.Games of all sorts are great for kids and grownups to bask together.

Family activities that addition clip together besides promote physical intimacy that can non be made up for elsewhere. Playing Monopoly is non merely a cost effectual signifier of amusement, but it is besides easy to larn, educational, and merriment. ( Christopher Pascale, 2009 )


5 Monopoly synergism

Popularity of Monopoly game keep turning even game is really old. And 100s of editions are available presents. For case, there are “ Spongebob Monopoly, ” “ Cat lovers Monopoly, ” and “ Udubopoly ” . Besides available is Monopoly, Junior for kids under 8 old ages of age, Monopoly Express and Mega-Monopoly ( refer to Figure 3 ) .

Furthermore, companies such as McDonald ‘s and Google developed trade name new editions of Monopoly.Figure 3. Monopoly Junior game board layout by HasbroUncle Pennybag ‘s Loose ChangeOpportunityVideo Arcade$ 3Haunted House$ 3OpportunityBlue Line Railway ( Roll Again )Helicopter Ride$ 4Pony Ride$ 4Pay $ 2 To See The Water ShowOpportunityPay $ 3 To Take The Bus To The CafeMini Golf$ 3MONOPOLY JuniorBumper cars$ 4Water Slide$ 3Large Wheel$ 4Green Line Railway ( Roll Again )Red Line Railway ( Roll Again )Paddle Boats$ 2Loop The Loop$ 5Merry-go-round$ 2Roller Coaster$ 5CafeOpportunityPay $ 2 To See The FireworksMagic Show$ 2Puppet Show$ 2Yellow Line Railway ( Roll Again )OpportunityCandy Floss$ 1Balloon Stand$ 1Opportunity


( roll up $ 2 pocket Monday1.

5.1 Monopoly and McDonald ‘sMcDonald ‘s eating houses have a selling run based on Monopoly. Peoples buying fast nutrient acquire opportunities to win free nutrient, or they can roll up pieces matching to belongingss around the Monopoly board. Like most competitions, no purchase is necessary, so when the game is in drama, you can bespeak playing pieces by mail.

This has been so popular that McDonald ‘s runs the competition each twelvemonth. In 2004, McDonald ‘s introduced an on-line opposite number to its traditional game. In add-on to the traditional “ spine ” game, participants can play on-line. Each game piece lists a codification which can be entered on-line, to a upper limit of 10 entries per 24 hours. Each codification entered grants the user one axial rotation on a practical Monopoly game board, indistinguishable to the board game ‘s board. Rolling “ doubles ” ( two die sharing the same figure ) , as with the existent board game, allows the user to travel once more.Landing on Electric Company, Income Tax, Jail/Just Visiting, Go to Jail, Water Works, or Luxury Tax does non number towards any award. If a participant lands on an ownerless belongings ( non landed upon by the participant in a old bend ) , the user will “ roll up ” that belongings.

When all belongingss of a coloured set are collected, the user wins a award, with award values similar to those of the spine game. In add-on to roll uping belongings sets, users can besides win by set downing on certain “ instant win ” infinites, including Go, Chance, Community Chest, and Free Parking. Landing on Go ( but non merely go throughing it ) gives the participant a codification worth one free hr of WiFi entree at take parting McDonald ‘s eating houses. Landing on Chance is deserving money to pass at The Foot Locker. Landing on Community Chest allows the user to be given a codification worth 25 My Coke Rewards points. Landing on Free Parking is a award of a $ 50 refillable gas card from Shell, or instead 25 complimentary apple pies.In 2009, the awards became two hours of WiFi and a $ 25 Arch Card for set downing on Go, an entry into a on-line axial rotation for $ 1,000,000 for set downing on Chance, 25 My Coke Rewards points for set downing on Community Chest, and a $ 50 refillable Shell gift card for set downing on Free Parking.The values of the dies are non random.

As stated in the competition regulations, one belongings in each set is “ rare, ” similar to the spine game. These rare belongingss will merely be landed on when the game waiter “ seeds ” a winning axial rotation. Wining axial rotations are seeded at specific times on specific day of the months, and the first user to turn over the die one time a win has been seeded will set down on a winning piece. This allows McDonald ‘s to declare the odds of winning certain awards, a legal demand for competitions in most legal powers. ( wikipedia.

com )

1.5.2 Monopoly and Google

Google has teamed up with boardgame shaper Hasbro to make Monopoly City Streets, a planetary game of Monopoly that uses Google Maps as its playing board.The game will let users to purchase belongingss anyplace in the Earth, and construct football bowls and more in add-on to the traditional houses and hotels. Players start out with 3 million practical monopoly dollars to buy belongingss and edifices.

A participant ‘s wealth additions daily by having rent from the belongingss and edifices he or she owns. Rent is merely paid at 12:00 AM UTC on each twenty-four hours that a participant logs in, making an inducement for day-to-day drama. If a participant does non log in for two hebdomads, the bank will reclaim all of the participant ‘s belongingss and edifices.The monetary value of a street is dependent on the length of the street, due to longer streets being able to house more edifices, therefore holding a greater possible value than a street that can merely house a few edifices. In add-on, rent is taxed at 3 % per street for each street over five owned. Owning 38 streets, the revenue enhancement rate is 100 % and the participant will non roll up any rent.Harmonizing to the Guardian, if you ‘re beaten to a belongings, “ you can do the proprietor an offer. If they do n’t answer in seven yearss, this offer is automatically accepted, no affair how contemptible it may be.

” Each belongings besides instantly receives rent, so in theory you ‘d merely maintain on purchasing belongings as the money becomes available.

Chapter 3: Methodology

The purpose of the undertaking is to implement Monopoly game utilizing Java scheduling linguistic communication. In order to make it and successfully run this application with multiplayer characteristic requires a batch of cognition every bit good as pattern. In theoretical portion I had to analyze and more focal point on game development and their construct and construction, because I ‘ve ne’er met with the games before this undertaking, but design portion which is doing usage of Java 2D and Java GUI it is related to my major in MMU. In order to decently understand game logic related to Monopoly I ‘ve read through text books, diary articles other Internet resources. In order to continue to programming portion I ‘ve practiced in tutorials to acquire some experience with scheduling.

`I have n’t spent my clip in vain, I ‘ve found resources in Internet and some books which were really utile for me and I gained indispensable cognition to continue to game execution in programming portion utilizing Java linguistic communication and NetBeans IDE to put to death Monopoly ‘s codification.

3.1 Tools

3.1.1 J2SE 5.0

One of the most dynamic scheduling linguistic communications widely used by coders presents is Java.

Chiefly in the instance of waiters and mainframes and big-picture systems, Java makes concern procedures happen. Java is developed and created by Sun Microsystems. This revered computing machine company produces both hardware and package, and Java is one of its kids.

Other companies now create Java applications, but Sun has created foremost.Java 2 Standard Edition ( J2SE ) is a platform which is widely used for programming in the Java linguistic communication. It is the Java Platform used to deploy portable applications for general usage.

In practical footings, there is practical machine in Java SE, which should be used to run Java applications, at the same time with a set of libraries bundles needed to let the usage of file systems, webs, graphical interfaces, and etc, from within those applications. J2SE is the following major alteration to the Java platform and linguistic communication. It contains at present 15 constituent JSRs with about 100 other of import updates developed through the Java Community Process.J2SE was developed by Sun Microsystems and it is perfectly free package.

3.1.3 Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor is a beginning codification editor for professionals. This package takes short clip burden and besides takes little topographic point on difficult disc.

The size of given package is less than 1 Mb. It besides supports a batch of powerful characteristics for programming linguistic communications like HTML, C++ and Java.Main characteristics of Crimson Editor:- Edit several paperss- Syntax highlighting- Multiple undo / redo- Search & A ; Replace map- Grammar checker- User tools and macrosCrimson Editor is free soft.


1.4 NetBeans

TheA NetBeans PlatformA is a reusableA frameworkA for simplifying the development of Java Swing desktop applications. The NetBeans IDE package for Java SE contains what is needed to get down developing NetBeans plugins and NetBeans Platform based applications ; no extra SDK is required. ( Wikipedia 2010 )Applications can put in faculties dynamically. Any application can include the Update Center faculty to let users of the application to downloadA digitally-signedA ascents and new characteristics straight into the running application. Reinstalling an ascent or a new release does non coerce users to download the full application once more.

The platform offers reclaimable services common to desktop applications, leting developers to concentrate on the logic particular to their application. Among the characteristics of the platform are:User interface directionUser scenes directionStorage directionWindow directionWizard model ( supports step-by-step duologues )NetBeans Ocular Library

3.2 Measure by measure analyzing of undertaking execution

In order to develop proposed game with a scheduled work program, a method has been found to show the undertaking ‘s system development life rhythm method that adapted from System Analysis and Design talk notes. The chosen attack falls to waterfall theoretical account.To demo certain overall methodological analysis of Monopoly game there are given four stairss which are:Table 2.Measure 1: Preliminary SurveyD Detailed survey of Monopoly game and its logic.

Analyzing more about game regulations and programming T techniques.Measure 2: AnalysisAnalyze game regulations, and public presentation bing Monopoly games. Analyzing of tools and techniques that will be applied to make game.Measure 3: Discussions and comparingsDiscuss about bing versions of Monopoly, comparison which of them can be used as a footing for development of undertaking.Measure 4: Design and execution programPlaning the proposed solution and suggest ain Monopoly game.

3.3 Measure 1: Preliminary survey

Table 3.

Input signalChiefly the input for this measure was the information provided by the game web sites, books, programming linguistic communications stuffs and theoretical information.ProcessingReview and apprehension of the current province of the art of the job. Review and understand of possible betterment.Specifying the game specifications.End productA comprehensive apprehension of the Monopoly board game history, logic and tendencies.


4 Measure 2: Analysis

Table 4.Input signalAn apprehension of the Monopoly regulations and characteristics.ProcessingAnalyze game development tools, and public presentation of bing computing machine based Monopoly games.

End productAnalyzing of tools and techniques that will be applied to game.Analysis of picks of tools and techniques.

3.5 Measure 3: Discussions and comparings

Table 5.Input signalDiscuss of tools and techniques that will be applied to game.

Review of picks of tools and techniques.ProcessingDiscuss about Java linguistic communication, advantages of Java linguistic communication comparison to the others.Discuss about making multiplayer for Java game.End productDiscuss about Java SDK and NetBeans platform.

3.6 Measure 4: Design and execution program

Table 6.Input signalExecution program for Java linguistic communication.

ProcessingPlaning and planing of game utilizing NetBeans.End productDiscuss about undertakings game, comparison which of them are better and more interesting to utilize.

Chapter 4: Execution Plan AND DESIGN

In order to explicate the future game there are shown most appropriate diagrams on following pages, such as Context diagram to demo a basic flows within game, Use Case diagram to depict “ who ” can make “ what ” in the game, Sequence diagram gives how procedures operate with one another and in what order, State passage diagram to depict the behaviour of game.

4.1 Context diagram

Figure 4. Context diagram

4.2 Data flow diagram degree 0.

Figure 5.

DFD degree 0

4.3 Data flow diagram degree 1 for procedure 2.0

Table 6.

DFD degree 1

4.4 Data flow diagram degree 2 for procedure 2.3

4.5 Use instance diagram

Figure 5. Use instance diagram


6 Sequence diagram

Figure 6. Sequence diagram

4.7 Project direction

Project direction is really of import particularly when a making a undertaking in a short clip. As to find the effectivity of the undertaking, a Gantt Chart is an of import demand to demo the work advancement and single undertakings. The Gant Chart becomes a major tool to name down all the undertakings and activities, mileposts, and continuance consequently to the undertaking development program.

Figure 7. Gantt Chart


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