Creation myth Essay

Cultures all over the world each have their own unique creation story. Although these stories are perceived as unique, they all tend to follow the same basic format or “formula”. Famous author Larry Fevers, reminds us that Just Like all men, Native Americans rely on creation stones to answer the age old questions of why we are here, how we got here, and how we should behave.

To start off, this basic “formula” or “recipe” that most cultures tend to follow in their creation myths starts off with there being nothing.Either there is absolutely no Earth or Earth is in complete and utter chaos. Then from out of nothing arises either a god, gods, or some type of creator to put everything in place and set up Earth in preparation for humans, Eke putting land and trees down, animals, and everything man needs to survive. Finally man is created, usually male first, to populate the Earth; females are created later to continue population growth. Furthermore, an example of one of these creation myths comes from China, It tarts off with a giant dragon named pan-GU who Is In a large egg with all of the animals In the world. Until pan-GU breaks the egg In two splitting the halves apart. From then on pan-GU continues to grow 10 feet every day for 18,000 years. Once he has created all life except humans he grows weary and dies.

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From his corpse everything on Earth, trees, mountains, and oceans, form. Along with that a humanoid goddess with a genie-like tail forms. Seeing the beautiful creations of pan-GU she sees only one thing wrong, it’s too quiet, and to fix it she creates humans. At first she molded the clay into human shape by hand.But eventually came to Just throwing clay around the Earth, the hand molded ones become leaders everyone else are followers. Later on women were created as companions for men and to populate the Earth further. In addition, our own Native Americans, the Iroquois tribes, follow this “formula”.

In The World on Turtle’s Back the Woman From The Sky had a dream about a tree being uprooted and when she looked through the hole where the tree once was she fall own from the sky.Doves caught her fall but couldn’t put her down because there was no land nothing but water and she didn’t have webbed feet like the animals did. All the animals get together to help her and one by one each animal took his or her turn turning to pull earth up to the surface from under water. Every last animal failed. But it was the muskrat that was determined to the death that she would pull up earth and she did! She came back up to the surface half dead when she realized she had nowhere to put earth.Turtle came in the mix and instructed her to place earth on his back and that he would bare it.

They placed Woman From The Sky on the earth and she began to plant and grow trees, grass, forest, and run rivers and streams alone the earth. This was the beginning of life. In summation, this creation story Just furthermore proves the Idea that all stories have their own uniqueness but, they are all uncannily salary In their basic structure. This just further justifies author Larry Fevers observation about how the Native came to be the way it currently is.


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