Creative writing – The Warehouse Essay

It was silent as if a murder hung in the air.

The only noise was the creaking of the burnt metal of the caravan, wafting in the breeze. I froze; the image of what had happened the night before freaked me out. It had been burgled in the night then torched. Who knows if any one was in there asleep, dreaming their last dream.

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I froze again; maybe I should stay in tonight. No I couldn’t be a wimp I had to go. I carried on; mist started settling at my feet. I squinted trying to see. The cold wind bit at the bare flesh of my nose and face.

I jolted around; I heard a faint ghostly like scream. I was positive I did. I caught up speed thinking that something was following me. I began jogging, almost running.I stared at my watch it read 5 to 10. I had 5 minutes to get to the warehouse. My mates would be there by now.

They lived closer than me .Just a short walk for them. My walk was much longer. I had for some reason on Friday 13th said to meet my mates.

The walk there was terrifying enough for me. Up the hill where there was the rumour of the girl who was murdered 13 years to this day. I said I never believed in rumours but tonight I was making an exception. You may say it was just a coincidence, yeah right.The girl was heard screaming on the 13th minute of the 13th hour (24 hour clock of course!) On the 13th day of October and I, just a regular teenager, had decided to walk through the abandoned part of the caravan site. I was walking straight over the place where her body had been cut into 13 pieces and buried 13 feet from the surface. I guess she was a very unlucky girl. I had to stop thinking like this.

I was creeping myself out. I gathered up speed just wanting to be inside, to be with my friends. I seemed to be looking around and to peer across my shoulder, too scared to turn around and look to see who or ..


what was following me.Eventually I arrived. I panted for breath I glanced at my watch 10:15 pm.

I woke up from my daydream that I had on the way here, well that can’t be right. I shook my head vigorously, shaking the evil and terrifying images out of my mind, forgetting everything I had thought about. I looked intently. Focusing on the digits was proving to be a difficult task. I blinked continuously.

Finally I could see the digits 10:03. I walked into the abandoned warehouse. The doors were broken.

We (me and my mates) liked it. The flapping of the corrugated Tin and plastic on the roof talking to the whistle of the wind. It was silent not like usual. I was now talking to myself in my head.

My train of thought steamed ahead on its mysterious journey.”Now that’s more like it,” I thought. As a final look at my watch was correct.I looked around I couldn’t see anything or any of my mates.I thought a saw a hand move but when I looked again it was gone .Vanished in a blink, in the shadows of the building.

I carried on walking just thought my friends were playing a joke on me. They always are playing a little joke here and there.”Hey guys, where are you, come on my curfew 1 ‘o’ clock,” I shouted, listening to the echo of my voice in the big room. As I shouted a piece of wood fell.The warehouse smelt odd, not like normal. The dampness hit you and engulfed your lungs in the 1st two breaths inside this death trap.

I began scanning each dark corner thinking they were hiding in the shadows of the warehouse. I pulled a crate up and slowly lowered myself down. I began feeling uneasy a sense of terror filled my mind.BANG!! I jumped 20 feet leaving my body and colour behind me. The door slammed open shattering the one glass panel that was left.Maria walked in; I only saw her expressionless, white, pale face. It read blank, sallow as if a spectre had entered her .



..then left, not leaving a trace. She edged herself over toward me.

Glancing over her shoulders every 2 seconds, as if she was been followed or watched, exactly how I felt all the way here. She pulled up a crate and sat rather quickly. She stared at me. All was silent in the gloom of the warehouse. We sat in the silence and darkness of the warehouse.Eventully to my relief the silence was broken by Maria.”So how long have you been here for? Where’s everyone else?” she whispered cautiously edged slightly closer as if someone was listening…..watching….waiting.


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