Crime Mapping Essay

Stacey Holmes Everest University Introduction of Criminal Justice Crime Mapping and Automated fingerprint Identification System As you know today’s law enforcement agencies fight crime and responding to everyday emergencies calls. Crime mapping help low enforcement agencies for public with valuable information on crime activity prevention trough neighborhood communication and reporting analyzing crime. Crime mapping also looks at where perpetration lives, work as well as victim lives. Crime mapping is an ongoing long-term and outgoing place where if focus on areas that are high crime rates.

Most of the time crime mapping analysis originates from polices dispatch on 911/ calls response center. The information is entering into database that can be queried. When the crime is committed, that goes into the crime management system. Software program that is common use in crime mapping is AR GIS and Map Info as well as other spatial statistic program. There is different type of crime that is color-coded to make it easier for the police to read where the crime mapping allows Occurred.

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Crime mapping technologies has been use for policing for a long time now. A enough type of crime technologies is automated fingerprint Identification system that is a biometric identification methodology that are used for digital imaging technology to obtain, store and analyze fingerprint data which are used to link unsolved crimes. In most case the automated fingerprint is used for United State by the Federal Bureau of Identification for criminal cased. The AFIS is now proven in the practice and is accepted by the courts.

These systems have been around for 25 year and may be very closely method. This technology system this technology system takes the fingerprint of person that have been place in the database system by other employment that have check background and that is used by each state to make a criminal arrest. This tectonically will help crime and this will make it easier for police offers to get evidence from crime scenes when one is committed Reference www. crimemapping. com www. fbi. gov/about-us/cjis/fingerprints… biometric/iafis/


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