Critical Analysis of Business Process Change Essay

Critical Analysis of Business Process Change Jo Anna Wilson Kaplan University GB 560-01N Designing, Improving and Implementing Processes Dr. Jimmie Flores April 2013 Critical Analysis of Business Process Change By understanding the Business Process Change my possibilities for the future are more promising. When working in any business field, you need to fully understand how business plans operate. When changes need to be made it is necessary to understand how to do this.

By having a strong grasp on this information I will be better informed to make stronger decisions. This relates to my future because no matter the business field, you need to understand how to make a change to a business process. When thinking about my future plans to employment, I have realized that for my success, I need to know how to competently make a change without relying on someone else to make the change for me. These business process changes are also useful for changing personal plans as well. It is important to know where your personal plans are heading.

When you have a vision of what you want, you will lead yourself in that direction, and work harder than you expected to achieve your mission and vision. When looking at what a business plan holds, you see that we have worked with key performance indicators, these are important in future employment efforts as well. If you know what your personal performance indicators are, you can make the changes in your plans as necessary. If you do not make changes to your personal plans, you cannot adapt to the changes in the industry you are aspiring to work in, when the industry changes.

The theories of the business process can be a great way to improve your plans and efforts as well. If you look at your life in the same aspect as an organization, you can apply the Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, and Measure Process Performance in ways to adjust your professionalism. This requires some creativity to link the two thoughts, but it can bring great rewards. By fully understanding the way a business process change relates to my professional life, I can apply myself to be intellectual, professional, and driven.

These are aspects many employers look for when interviewing prospective candidates. Holding these values and making them clearer than other candidates have, gives me more of a chance in the industry I am choosing to work in, that is already male lead and driven, giving me as a woman a fighting chance to work my way in. A formal process change is necessary in many industries today. With how quickly the industries change and advance, their ways many not work tomorrow even though they work today.

Harmon (2007) says what worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. It is also stated that much of the corporate interest in business process change can be dated from the business process engineering (BPR) movement; this movement began in 1990 with the publication of two papers. These papers were Michael Hammer’s “Reengineering Work: Don’t Automate, Obliterate” and Thomas Davenport and James Short’s “The New Industrial Engineering: Information Technology and Business Process Redesign” (Harmon, 2007).

These process changes helped systems become more systematic, assured higher quality documents, and gave each employee the opportunity to work with the same document templates and advancements. The business process changes that are available can vary greatly. Some are created to advocate a more formal change approach, while others are created for a more informal approach. Some argue that the world, and industries, is changing so quickly that organizations must depend on the nature of senior executives, and make up new ideas, changes and positions on the go, as the industry changes around them (Harmon, 2007).

These business process changes have been studied, created, and changed to offer easy changes in organizations and give smooth transition of changes for those who may not easily accept change. Many companies use business process changes to implement a change in process design. Wal-Mart Stores Inc, the company studied for my Business Process Change, uses the same ideals as others in their industry. They focus on customer service, offering multiple types of products, and industry growth. The one thing Wal-Mart Stores Inc focuses on that others do not is dollar values.

They work to save customers money; “Always Low Prices. Always” (azcentral. com, 2007 ) “Save Money. Live Better” (Circular Logic, 2011) “Low Prices. Every day. On Everything. ” (Circular Logic, 2011). By looking at what many people complained about when discussing Wal-Mart Stores Inc. , it was found that customer service was lacking, merchandising of products was lacking, and management was not playing an active role in consumer’s experiences. This led the decision to make the business process change about the customer experiences.

Rummler-Brache’s methodology explains that a mature organization must master certain aspects of business delivery. These aspects are on an organizational level, a process level, and a job or performer level (Harmon, 207). According to this methodology, it was suggested that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. made changes to their customer service aspects. I believe the document sufficiently covered the necessary changes for improving Wal-Mart Stores Inc. customer service needs. There are other methods that could have been used in evaluating Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s customer service changes.

Strategic management, competitive advantage processes, and value-chain management could have been used in conjunction with the used processes to delve deeper into the change of the customer service needs. By evaluating the overall process of the company, the delivery needs for current products to reduce customer wait, and the change of Wal-Mart’s competitive strategy could help improve what the organization currently does for its consumers. I do not believe my process is complete, nor is any other process. All processes are evolving, changing, fluid.

They require constant maintenance to make the necessary changes as the industries change and evolve. My performance in this class was not up to par. I lacked in going above and beyond. I was preoccupied with outside events that consumed my time. I do not believe this will be acceptable in the business world. Because I am aspirin to work in a mainly male-driven industry, I know my work effort needs to be 210% at all times. Tara Kelly, of the Huffington Post (2012) reports that women still make 77 cents to every dollar a man makes in the US.

She reports that stockbrokers are among the highest paid workers, yet they still have the greatest gender inequality among all sales worker jobs in the US. It was found after a study that the workers were not subjected to performance reviews to determine pay; this was not the cause of the inequality. The inequality was due to women being given less training and support, and inferior accounts (Kelly, 2012). Because of these findings, it is so important for me to find an employer that I can impress with my drive and stamina.

I need to prove my willingness to work harder than my male counterparts, and prove my ability to hold my own in the market. My initial response to the course work was with full understanding. We are working on Master level degrees, and we must work harder than in previous degrees. As the semester went on, I began to fear the assignments as I was feeling that I was not grasping the material as thoroughly as many others. I felt I was spending too much time reading, and re-reading, and not enough of the information was being successfully retained.

I have not had this problem previously, but I realized I was having an issue as I was working with all business process, and business theories, and I am more of a mathematical processor. I work better when there are numbers and math processes to work with and change. I overcame this issue by the fourth unit by looking at the material differently. I took it slowly, and worked it out in my notes to understand it in words that I could personally process. If I were to give future students some advice, I would say not to put off the readings. You cannot skim through the material, or fluff your way through understanding it.

It must be thoroughly read and understood in order to actively participate in the discussion boards, successfully complete the assignments, and have a grasp on what other students use for engaging questions. Also, I would suggest when starting your business process change plan; it is better to begin your work with a simple process. The Business Process Change you are going to submit will make any simple process a detailed and complicated one, so if you chose a process that is already too complicated, you will drown yourself in stress and work through this class. References

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