Critical Movie Review Psychology: Girl, Interrupted Essay

Critical Movie Review “Girl. Interrupted”
This film revolves around a immature adult female named Susanna in the sixtiess who is sing mental issues and ends up in a mental establishment. Her journey focuses on her relationship with several of the other patients and nurses. At first she doesn’t believe she is ill. and resists her intervention. alternatively befriending another patient. Lisa. who takes her on many escapades inside and outside of the infirmary. Lisa leads her down the incorrect way which ends in the decease of a former patient. This event leads Susanna down the right way and she dives into concentrating on doing herself good.

The lead characters include Susanna. a immature adult female with marginal personality upset. She doesn’t cognize what she wants to make or where to travel in life. She finds herself admitted into a mental establishment after taking a bottle of acetylsalicylic acid and imbibing a bottle of vodka. Lisa is a “lifer” patient in the ward. and she clearly has some major personality. societal and mental issues. It was ne’er clearly spoken what her diagnosing was. nevertheless. some of the other misss on the ward reference psychopath. and reprehensively insane. She has no empathy for others around her unless it benefits her. She is manipulative and conniving. She uses the failing of the heads in her circle to acquire what she wants. This intrigues Susanna. who befriends Lisa. to Susanna. she personifies freedom. Another character is Valerie. a black adult female. and head nurse of Susannas ward. She doesn’t take any lip. and is a really strong female parent figure in the narrative. Valerie is a individual female parent. and I believe this adds to her strength with covering with the misss in the ward.

There are several mental upsets depicted in Girl. Interrupted. Susanna has borderline personality upset. This was portrayed really good. sing the clinical description of the upset. She feels that clip can travel rearward and frontward. she often has flashbacks. is by and large pessimistic. tends toward the company of work forces. whereas she is rather promiscuous. Susanna besides made a lame effort at self-destruction by taking acetylsalicylic acid and vodka. which is what landed her in the infirmary. Our book states that one thing boundary line upset sick persons do is menaces or efforts at wounding themselves for attending. I believe that the talk and efforts at decease are more a call for aid than a desire to wound oneself.

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Lisa. good. she is casebook sociopathic. She is classically brainsick. and portrayed good. Lisa has no empathy or feelings unless she can be benefited. She latches herself onto Susanna because she sees that Susanna can be manipulated. Lisa shows a batch of force and false menaces to Acts of the Apostless of force. I besides believe that Lisa loves the attending. and craves it. She besides gets off on forcing peoples buttons. to see how far she can force a individual. This was absolutely shown when she and Susanna run off and remain with a former patient. Daisy. Lisa pushes Daisy’s buttons to a point that she hangs herself. This was a turning point in the film where Susanna realizes that she needs and wants to acquire better. every bit good as being able to see Lisa for who she truly is.

Susanna ab initio has issues get bying with her diagnosing. She believes that her being in the mental infirmary is a gambit and a manner to conceal her by her parents. She doesn’t truly understand why she is the manner she is. or why she thinks the manner she thinks. Befriending Lisa. is her manner of arising in a little manner. She struggles with her diagnosing but after Daisy’s decease. she becomes committed to acquiring better. She uses the resources of the infirmary to acquire everything off her thorax. which makes her experience more normal.

Wynona Rider and Angelina Jolie did a antic occupation portraying Susanna and Lisa. Ms Rider has ever been a antic actress and her expression is perfect in portraying the unease of Susanna. You truly get down to believe and experience what Susanna feels. One begins to understand the hurting and agony that Susanna is traveling through. She wants to suit in. possibly excessively much. Yet she does non desire to be like her female parent. She wants to be different. She is ambivalent. Ms Jolie. good. she gets the Academy award for being able to demo how smart a brainsick individual can be. Sometimes we think of a individual with a mental issue as salivating and caput banging. Lisa is really smart. She sees the universe like no other individual can see it. Lisa believes this is an advantage. that she can see the existent truth. Ms Jolie put you right in the center of that image and about made one afraid to open their door to a alien.

I love this film. It has been in my aggregation for old ages and I have watched in many times. This clip through though. I was truly focused on the girls’ behaviour and the symptoms they displayed. I’ve ever thought this film applied to me a batch. assisting me to stamp down some of the feelings I have sometimes. and uncovering that I need to remain on my Master of Educations every bit good. It besides helps me know that “crazy” isn’t ever “crazy” and that there is a manner to acquire good. and remain good.


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