Cross-Cultural Realities at Work Essay

For my cross-cultural assignment I interviewed Wally who is from The Ivory Coast located in West Africa. Wally moved to America when he was 14 old ages old. He is a association football manager at the Roswell Rd Recreational Center at the current age of 18. which he has been making for 2 old ages now. The typical work twenty-four hours as Wally described is like a party because he is invariably around childs who are full of energy.

I asked Wally what encouraged him to make this line of work and his grounds were for the love that he has in association football which is a large athletics in Africa and for the hard currency that he makes in which he uses for himself and to assist back up his household. To be a manager you must cognize the athletics in which you are training. how to utilize your participants in their best abilities to do the squad flow. and how to really play the athletics. Wally likes being a association football manager because he loves the athletics and likes learning the athletics to immature participants to break their accomplishments.

Even though he loves being a association football manager there are still jobs that he must cover with.Some consist of childs being violent and contending and non playing together as a squad but that’s what you get when you are covering with a younger group of childs. Besides the parents can be a hurting every bit good because when their child does non acquire in the game they feel as if their kid is non acquiring the attending that they deserve.

As Wally explained to me he rotates all participants every game to give every child a opportunity to acquire out at that place and have fun but when the game is near he puts the better participants in to hold a better opportunity of winning and besides said when the game is out of range childs get rotated more frequently. Overall Wally says that the people treat him good they love him being the association football manager and experience that he does great with the childs.Since Wally was already active in association football in The Ivory Coast the occupation he has now is like 2nd nature. Since Wally has been working at the rec. centre he feels like he has the chance to win and possibly travel to college and have an even better paying occupation in the following 5 to 10 old ages. Some of his cultural values are household and to ne’er bury where you come from because you ne’er know when you may hold to travel back.

What Wally likes best about the American civilization is the manner in which we dress. the many chances that we have to win and better ourselves. and the opportunities that we have to turn pro in professional athleticss. What he likes least about America is the nutrient. He say that the nutrient is much better where he is from.

After questioning Wally I learned his love for association football and which him being from West Africa and merely 18 he truly enjoys what he does and has adapt to the American civilization really good. In order to make what Wally does you must first of all like working with childs. love the athletics that you coach. have patients with people and cognize how to convey a group of people together promote them to work as one and make their best in a corporate affair.

Some similarities I seen in Wally that I see in myself were his values. We both put household foremost and are serious about breaking ourselves to a better route of success.Never burying where you come from was a large value that he expressed because I feel that is what keeps the aspiration strong knowing that you deserve better and to do a success out of yourself so if you were to travel back it wouldn’t be for the same grounds but to look back at what it one time was and to assist less fortunate than you. This interview made me recognize that despite our cultural differences we are all truly similar if non in all ways at least some and we should believe about the other person’s positions before we shoot them down because of where they are from but non for who they are.


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