Cultural Autobiography Essay

My name is Hanan Hassan. and I was born in September 21. 1992 in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia. I am the firstborn of nine kids that consist of four misss including me and five male childs. To most people I am an ordinary twenty- one twelvemonth old who works and goes to school. but what most people don’t know is that I’m fundamentally the 2nd female parent of my family. Even though my female parent is alive and good. I was taught at a immature age to take duty and to be responsible like an grownup. Not merely do I take attention of my siblings. but I cook and clean and do everything my female parent does. because I was raised to make those things easy without complain. Anyone who isn’t portion of my family/friends would look at my life and think I have no freedom. But the manner I was raised taught me to be an grownup. yet act my age. When I look back at the past old ages. I was raised in three different civilizations. My whole life consists of being raised in three different civilizations. but most significantly. the civilization I was born into is the 1 that I identify with the most. I say that because that’s who I am. and I am a Somali indigen. Although I have a different nationally. my ethnicity is who I am.

Largely. people presents can non distinguish between the two. My nationality is where I was born in. and my ethnicity is who I am. As a kid I struggled with both. I grew up in a town full of Arabs. and the lone Somalians I really interacted with were my household. In any event. if you don’t cognize much about your individuality. you go into this crisis manner. Until I came to America. all I knew was that I was a Muslim and Somalian. There’s this demand to cognize who you are. and where you come from. and every twenty-four hours you learn something new about your individuality. When I came to America. there was a immense civilization daze. For case sacredly. I grew up in states where there was a mosque in every twosome of blocks. and here the antonym were churches. Everywhere I looked was a church. It was a complete different ambiance. In the Muslim states. when it was clip for supplication. you would be able to hear the full mosques at one time naming everyone to pray.

And it was really eldritch non being able to hear the call for supplication clip. But as month and old ages passed. I’ve gotten used to non hearing that. Not merely was non hearing the call to prayer different. but holidays didn’t have the same consequence as they used to. In the United States. when it’s turns winter. the celebrations of the vacations begin. I don’t even celebrate Christmas. but when everyplace you look at is lit up for Christmas. you feel portion of a community. Since everyone around you is observing all these vacations. you feel as though you’re portion of it. Whenever Eid comes about. it doesn’t experience the same manner as it did as to when I was a kid. For case. when it was Ramadan clip in Saudi Arabia. everyone used to acquire together to hold large banquets. Peoples would ever remain up tardily and wait for the call of supplication. so that everyone can get down fasting once more. Besides. stores would shut early when it was clip to eat. Families and friends would observe the whole month together. and travel to the mosque together. Not merely was everyone up. the whole metropolis would be decorated and kids would acquire gifts and monies from the seniors. and it was merely a beautiful clip to be a child.

When you compare the American civilization and the 1s I grew up in as a kid. they are wholly different. The manner we dress here. eat. household. faith. and everything else is different. For case. in Saudi Arabia. the civilization there is for adult females to cover up. Womans are covered from caput to toe. Majority of it is because the Saudi civilization is influenced by faith. whereas in America everything is by pick. Our adult females in America have the pick to cover or non. and in Saudi Arabia. if adult females are non covered. there are effects to pay. As kid. I was able to have on whatever I wanted. because I was non a adult female yet. I remember adult females non being able to drive. merely for the fact that they’re adult females. Work forces were able to make anything they wanted. whereas adult females largely stayed place. Largely. adult females stayed place and took attention of the household members. They did all the cleansing and cookery. whereas the adult male went to work and did all of the outside work. Not merely did adult females remain home. they were besides non allowed to drive. which was a civilization daze when I saw adult females driving in America and Egypt.

I ne’er truly understood as to why adult females couldn’t drive a auto. but it was illegal for them to make that. Women don’t have much say at that place. because the Saudi authorities uses faith as an alibi to minimise all of the rights adult females have. They say a adult female shouldn’t thrust. because her hubby should be able to take her to wherever she pleases. but world is no 1 is willing to make that. Additionally the job wasn’t merely the covering portion ; the job was women’s rights being oppressed. And when you’ve lived in an environment like that it’s difficult to acquire used to a new civilization that established freedom among every person. In add-on. the civilizations I was raised in required me to cover up and to esteem myself and the others around me. Both of my civilizations are two civilizations that to a great extent rely on faith. Sometimes it’s difficult to divide what the faith requires and what your civilization requires. Although. now some think both are one in the same. but people interpret each one otherwise. In other words. people put faith and civilization in the same class. For illustration. my household is really conservative.

Both of my parents come from rigorous households who take faith really earnestly. Back in the 1980s and 1990s. faith was get downing to develop in Somalia. When my female parent was 13 old ages old. people used to have on thin stuffs that practically show cased their whole organic structure. And my grandma used to hold her hair out in an Afro every bit wells as have oning bloomerss. At that clip. people didn’t criticize adult females for hanging out with their male friends. It was non a large trade in the civilization. For this undertaking I interviewed my female parent. who as I got older. helped me larn more about my civilization. Whenever my female parent would state me narratives of her adolescent old ages. I would ever kick about why she was so judgmental of how I dressed. In the interview. she explained to me that people didn’t cognize much about faith back when my grandma was immature. So at that place weren’t that many regulations to implement upon them. unlike us who are really much educated about faith.

As my female parent continued and talked more about our civilization. I realized that my civilization is influenced a batch by faith. but that doesn’t needfully mean that every facet about the civilization comes from faith. Similarly. the school I went to. my neighbours. and everything that surrounded me consisted of faith. For case. during the weekdays I went to school. and during the weekends I went to another school that was a spiritual survey. Other than the American civilization. the thing that ties a batch of people to their civilization is faith. because I’ve learned over the old ages that a batch of civilizations are rigorous because they mix their faith and civilization together ; so that it becomes easier for them to manage. Above all. when I came to America. I rapidly learned to steer between the civilization I was raised in and the civilization that surrounded me. I’ve learned to pull off between both. so that I don’t bury my roots. yet still pull off to remain in the 1 I came into.

It’s tough maintaining between both. because they’re both so wholly different. In the American civilization. I learned to be independent and to voice my sentiments. so that I can populate the life I want. In contrast. in my civilization. I wouldn’t be able to voice out my sentiment so easy and openly. In kernel. looking back in my life. I realized that the civilizations I was raised in rich person shaped my life and made me the individual I am today. Although there are many things that I personally don’t agree with in each civilization. at the terminal at that place the ground I have grown into the unfastened mined human being I am. Each civilization has its positives and negatives. In the Saudi civilization. I learned duty at a immature age. but it was a lesson good learned. because you don’t see a batch of twenty- one twelvemonth olds who are so cognizant of their life and the picks they make. Furthermore. I learned that being multicultural Teachs you and gives you the chance to look at life otherwise.

Most people grow up in one civilization. and they merely have the positions they’re presented to them. But traveling about. learn me that there are other ways to look at this universe. Every civilization has an sentiment on how this universe should work. and being able to stand for few civilizations gives me the chance to voice out an sentiment that has some background roots to it. I non merely represent the civilization I was born into. but I represent that 1s I was raised into. I’m non merely multicultural educated. but I’m besides multilingual. Being raised and researching other civilizations besides gave me the opportunity to talk more than one linguistic communication. In add-on. I speak three linguistic communications: Arabic. English. and Somali. Over the old ages. I’ve struggled with calculating out who I am. because unlike everyone else I didn’t turn up in one topographic point.

That may look like a downside. but I gained values and lessons that I can transport throughout my life. I gained cultural experience between the civilizations. and I gained spiritual cognition. and in conclusion I gained how to pass on with persons outside my civilization. With all of that. I gained the cognition of cognizing who I am. and where I’m from. We don’t cognize how trussed where are to our roots and ethnicities until you learn to research other civilizations around you. There are people around us that are so near minded of the universe. and what it offers that they continue to purse being nescient of others around them. If we pursue our surrounding and environments. we begin to travel on a route full of fulfilment that leads to detect more about our interior egos.


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