Cultural Diversity and Literacy Essay

The pupil organic structure of academic establishments for higher acquisition is going more and more diverse in civilization and societal groups through the past coevalss ( Koester & A ; Lustig.

1991 ; Powell & A ; Collier. 1990 ) . Therefore. pedagogues must bear in head this diverseness factor and modify instruction processs consequently. I am a Korean intending to efficaciously learn piano lessons to high school pupils. I should be able to assist my pupils appreciate the piano. play the piano magnificently and do them go extremely literate in music.

In a paper presented at the Central States Communication Association Convention in Oklahoma City in 1994. Goulden suggests that the primary end of academicians and pedagogues in confronting cultural diverseness should be to “provide an chance for larning that is good for pupils ( 1994 5 ) . This primary end is supported by more straightforward aims. Goulden besides states that the pupils must be prepared for life after graduation ( 1994 5 ) .Therefore. the terminal end should be to assist the pupils. nevertheless diverse their civilizations are.

to stand proud for his civilization and for what he has learned. As a piano instructor. I think that aside from learning my pupils to merely play the piano.

I must besides leave on them the value of cultural pride. every bit good as the importance of understanding people on other civilizations that will besides be portion of their audience in playing the piano. Even as music is considered a cosmopolitan linguistic communication. it will assist my pupils to play with passion to be able to exceed cultural differences.It is my end as a instructor to assist them accomplish that degree of effectivity.

Of class. in consequence. I intend to learn piano lessons to my pupils to assist them accomplish high literacy in music. Literacy is a much broader construct than most people think. While others believe that literacy is all about larning to read and compose. other academicians believe that literacy means deep apprehension of capable affairs. such as music.

To contrast. literacy is what broadens a person’s universe. while illiteracy psychiatrists it down ( Needlman. 2001 ) .

I think a person’s imaginativeness has a batch to make with literacy. For illustration. if my pupils could larn to read the notes and play the piano efficaciously. I will be happy as a instructor. However. if my pupils will play the piano and experiment with musical notes on their ain. so. I will be happier ; because it means that I am leaving high litereacy to my pupils.

If my pupils can utilize their imaginativeness and intensify their grasp and involvement in music. I will state they are extremely literate in music.As a piano instructor. I think I need to cognize more than merely my students’ degree of accomplishments. For case. I need to cognize more than merely the notes that they can or can non read. or the music pieces that they can or can non play.

To be able to make their head and assist them go inventive. productive and extremely literate in music. I must be able to get the better of any possible barrier in making their head.

I think my pupils must hold merriment while larning with me. Culture can be a barrier to literacy. if there is no connexion between instructors and pupils.For case. some of my pupils might be intimidated by the fact that we Koreans.

are extremely interested in music. and it is an built-in portion of our life style. I. as the instructor. should state my pupils.

that even if a certain civilization appreciates music more than a certain other civilization. it does non intend that the others can non larn. In fact. on the contrary. we would be really happy to portion our passion with the remainder of the universe. I think that as a instructor. I must understand my pupils. every bit good as their households and their communities so I can assist them to make a high degree of literacy.

Through apprehension. I can break relate to my pupils and set up a connexion with them so they will experience that they are a portion of me. and I am a portion of them. and we must observe our cultural diverseness because it is beautiful to see that we are different.

and yet the same. We have different civilizations. but we besides have the same involvement and the same ends.

Between my pupils and me. our chief similarities should be our involvement in larning together. larning from each other. and larning about music.For me to hold a better apprehension of the implicit in effects of the increased cultural diverseness of my pupils. I should look into the manners in which pupils from diverse societal and cultural units experience music. I think I should educate myself and fit myself with cognition about my pupils varied civilization before I can go genuinely effectual in making out to them. to do them first-class piano participants.

Culture is non a inactive phenomenon passed precisely as it is down from one coevals to another ; in fact. civilization is a dynamic. flexible. take a breathing environment to which every individual makes a part.In this instance.

instruction. specifically music instruction must be about assisting every pupil happen his passion in music. and assist him nurture that passion so he could be prepared to do his ain part to his ain civilization ( Shuler. 2001 ) . If I could assist a pupil with a civilization different from mine develop a part to his ain civilization. so it will besides be my accomplishment as a instructor.

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